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  1. A Wierd Idea!

    Forums are internet dinosaurs. Some of us still pop in, perhaps in no small part because we've been doing so for so long (I've been a member here since when?!?) People who are just now deciding they'd like to chit chat with other horse people are finding plenty of that in more user friendly venues, within sites they've long used for other things, like FB. Forums like HC aren't going to ever be like they were in the past unless someone comes up with something fabulous, new and unique to get people interested again. :)
  2. Is Andy Kaufman Still Alive?

    If he is, I bet he's not very pleased that all he's apparently remembered for is Taxi. Lol.
  3. A Wierd Idea!

    Like Heidi said- we're all horse people, so any topic that has "harming a horse" vs. anything else does not make for lively debate. And we beat the more subjective topics to death years ago- whether this or that clinician/trainer is a moron or genius, whether a person on food stamps should own a horse or not, should a person euth dangerous/worthless horses or send 'em to slaughter, and so on and so on.
  4. Need Ideas On Dog Foods

    It sounds more like environmental allergies than food allergies to me. My oeb gets itchy every spring and fall, just enough that his licking and nibbling annoys me, not enough to harm himself. Benadryl and an oatmeal shampoo bath keeps it in check for the 3-ish weeks it lasts.
  5. Spelling Names Differently Big Deal Or No?

    Hehe. Nori is edible seaweed. Cute.
  6. Root Canals

    Tldr. Well, I read for a bit, started seeing some totally illogical statements- like them stating that bacteria with no food supply will somehow thrive- and quit reading. Root canals aren't perfect, no, and sometimes they aren't successful. But when you've got a recurring abscess in a root? There's much greater danger in not treating it- them teeth of ours are pretty close to our brains- it can be deadly when those infections spread. Did they suggest other treatments in there anywhere? Cuz I've really only ever heard "root canal or remove the tooth" as options. Removing teeth as anything short of a last resort has its own set of problems.
  7. Adults Trick Or Treating... I don't see why it gets people in a tizzy, it seems so petty to me. Maybe I'm just not that attached to my candy? Or recognize that parents usually end up eating some of the candy gathered by their kids on Halloween anyway? Heh. Anyway, I will go with my standard liberal viewpoint on this one and say "candy equality now! Candy for all!" Lol!
  8. Wait. Hold the phone. There are gay people. There are Christians. These are not mutually exclusive categories, not at all. Heck, one of my besties, who is as gay as the day is long, has tried to talk me into going to mass with him about a million times- I'm a thoroughly lapsed Catholic, he most definitely is not. You'll find gay people who actively participate in nearly all Christian churches, even the ones that "don't approve" of them- there's a line there, of course, as those that really dwell on the issue aren't attractive to gay folks, but in most churches? It's not something that makes it into the sermon most weeks. They've got more important things to say, and they welcome anyone who wants to come hear it. Being Christian doesn't mean you have to be anti-gay and being gay doesn't mean you have to be anti-Christian. To say otherwise is absurd. The vast majority are in the gray area between those extremes.
  9. Sure, that does happen, but not many gals who drunkenly kiss another girl in a bar to get attention actually identify themselves as gay. Do isolated behaviors define a person's orientation for you, or are you cool with people labeling themselves? Because the silly little gals you're talking about are most definitely not the same women who are out fighting for the right to marry their longtime partners, and thus, those who "choose to be gay"/those who identify as heterosexual but who have participated in homosexual acts on occasion really shouldn't enter into this argument at all. Thinking that they should seems pretty silly to me, kind of like classifying an actress as a lesbian because she played one in a movie once. I gather that you find gals who make out with each other in order to get attention from men to be annoying, and I'm actually with you on that. It's pretty tacky behavior... but it's not tacky behavior that is relevant to this debate. If we take this veiw out of the barroom and look at it from a more somber viewpoint, insisting that isolated homosexual acts define a persons orientation gets ugly quick... that, or you start making exceptions to your rule. Either way shows that it doesn't hold much water as a rule. So let's just leave all the folks who've done homosexual acts but who identify as straight out of this.
  10. What Does Everybody Do For Work?

    I'm in that "if you do what you love, it's not work" camp. I design and make clothes- mostly over the top western things for musicians and such. I just made this one for a customer who wore it when he opened for Dwight Yoakam in Atlanta last Sunday. Love it. :)
  11. The S N A P Card Debacle

    Now, the people aren't without blame, obviously, but there's an old retail adage that says "10% of people will always steal, 10% will never steal, and 80% will steal if you provide them with a good opportunity to". The 80% is what retailers focus on via loss prevention policies. Walmart gave those people a golden opportunity to steal, so they did. It was a stupid thing to do, and the loss should be squarely on their shoulders- at least that's how I see it from a business perspective. From a moral perspective, maybe the people ought to bear it.. but at the same time, I know Walmart is more capable of bearing the loss than individuals on food stamps are, so.. I dunno. I guess I'm pretty anti-Walmart all around here.
  12. The S N A P Card Debacle

    I figured that since the only specific state mentioned anywhere in your post was Louisiana, that my comments were relevant- but it doesn't mean a whole lot to me either way. Conspiracy theories amuse me, but I don't "get" how/why people come to actually believe in most of them.
  13. The S N A P Card Debacle

    Interesting choice focusing on louisiana on this one. We already know what people there will do when they are unable to legally procure foodstuffs via cash or food stamps. It's only been 8 years since Katrina and all that went along with it- and, yeah, part of which was people stealing stuff- the media grossly exaggerated that, but yeah. And people going nuts spending "free" money, all that happened back then. So even if one is inclined to believe the government would "experiment" with this, there was no need to try it out there, the answers were already known. This is a better example of corporations being kinda evil than it is of the government being evil. I'd shop around for a better conspiracy theory, one that focuses things in that direction.
  14. Best Food For A Senior Kitty.

    Bad habit? Did the vet confirm that? Cats often use inappropriate elimination to communicate that something is wrong with them- very very rarely is it just a bad habit. Same thing with increased vocalizations. Seems absolutely horrid to me to send an elderly pet to live in a garage instead of appropriately addressing the issue. Cat is miserable enough to be constantly yelling at you over some part of this- health or garage, whatever. Do right by your cat and it will quit driving you crazy.
  15. We Put An Offer On A House!

    Aw, that's so sad, I know you'll miss them. Maybe their new place will be close to this house your buying and you can keep in touch. Lol!