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  1. Summer Pictures

    The cutest pictures [: Your donkeys are adorable and the flowers/weeds are very nice haha
  2. Riding Pics

    I'm coming to visit you and your gorgeous horses. Tell me when and I'm there, Leecus.
  3. Tattoos

    Hi everybody I'll cut to the chase and try to keep this as short and sweet as possible since I tend to ramble hehe. Hokay so I'm planning on getting a tattoo sometime in the future. I'm banking on getting a small piranha on my lower back but I haven't found "the one" image that I absolutely adore. Sooo I was wondering if anyone wanted to try and draw a piranha design? Here are the two that I really, really like: since I can't link you directly to the image, it's on page three, first row, second image. ^ It's the one in between the shark and octopus. Sorry ): The top one on this You can pretty much do it however you please.. the main thing that I want is big teeth, preferably a small body, but whatever looks best, looks best. (: I just love big teeth ahah. Thank you SO MUCH to anyone who wants to give it go (:
  4. Hi!

    I MISS EVERYONE SO MUCH. Just wanted to stop by and say hello, and that I hope everyone is doing well. You should update me (: Everything with me is going well. Almost done with my junior year of school and the next year I'm dual-enrolling with the local college so that'll be fun. Ponies are very fat and happy, as always haha. They say hello (: And my mom expanded her chicken and duck collection.. we have about 20-30 chickens now? I'll have to get pictures for you guys. But so yeah ahah I love you allll<3
  5. Um.


  7. Boys.

    Hm, well, to keep it short, put it this way: nothing lasts longer than a week. Recently it was two weeks but I believe that was a fluke.

  9. Do You Remember Where You Were?

    I was in fourth grade in class, and we turned the TV on after the announcements informed everyone of what was going on. We all watched the TV but I was really the only one in my class who didn't understand what was going on as I didn't really know the Twin Towers and the World Trade Center were the same thing and I only knew of the Twin Towers. We all sat in a circle and passed around a squishy stress apple to talk about our feelings and such. Still didn't know what was going on until I came home and my mom explained it to me. I remember sitting on the couch, watching the TV, not understanding why my mom was crying. And then she told me of my second-cousin who worked on the 106th floor of the Towers.
  10. Oh Lovely...

    The Mayan calendar gets a lot more fame than this. No one's even mentioned this until you did so I don't think the world will end tomorrow. If it does end, it won't be for another month, I think the article said?, when the neutrons actually collide. It amazes me that they may be able to create black holes. I'm just assuming but last I heard, no one really knew too much about them besides the fact that they suck things up into oblivion? Edited - For real, if the risk is that big, why even go through with it? The results won't have any effect if the earth is gone. And sorry if I sound rude in this, everything I type is coming out wrong ahah
  11. I Need Math Help

    Because I'm an idiot and I can't remember what my teacher says. It's so easy in class but naturally I forget every single word ever said when I get home. Go figure. Anyway, if someone could remind me how to find the y-intercept, I'd seriously devote myself to you forever. Here is the problem: Write an equation of the line that passes through the given points. My coordinates: (2, -1),(3,8) I know I need to find the slope which I did and got 9. And then I don't remember what to do from here on out. I'm getting all mixed up with when to use point-slope form and y=mx+b and blah blah. But thanks in advance if you can help<3
  12. The I Hope You Have A Good Surgery Post

    I love youuu, Eh Milly, and I hope all goes well. <3 Your foot better be fixed so you can get back to stunting. For real though, you'll be in my prayers for a safe and speedy recovery. (: Keep us updated, woman!
  13. Happy Birthday, Gina!

    I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH. <3 Thank you! I had a great day