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  1. Game Farms

    I don't believe they've narrowed down the cause of Chronic Wasting Disease in deer/elk. They know it's a prion, but the origin and mode of transmission are still unknown. I think the most recent research points towards direct animal-animal contact or via contaminated feed sources (grass/soil contaminated by urine/feces). There was some thought that it was spread by insects (ticks, mostly), but I think they've largely moved on from that assumption. There is big concern that CWD might become transmissionable (is that a word?) to other animals. It can be found in other animals, cats and hamsters come to mind, but they don't currently transmit it. CWD of elk/deer is not what is commonly referred to as Mad Cow Disease. Same church, different pew :-) I only know this because my brother has published research in the prion field. Not that anyone cares especially, this just stuck in my head LOL
  2. Peep Peep, Who Has Chickens?

    LOL--no kidding! It wouldn't be so bad, but I'm headed to Syracuse for the next couple weeks so the BF is caring for the critters. He doesn't generally notice the number of chickens, but I'm thinking it'll be hard for him to miss a bunch of baby peeps...
  3. I'm In Need Of Some Advice...about Jack

    I'm sorry. It's never an easy decision, no matter the circumstances. Good thoughts for you and Jack ((hugs))
  4. Calm Down. Its Just A Picture...

    My only argument is that it's kind of yucky sitting on a horse wearing next to nothing. But hey..okay..
  5. Boots Off Inside Or Outside?

    As soon as I walk in, boots come off in the mud room and go on the boot tray. New house has very nice wood floors, trying to keep them that way LOL. Dirty clothes I don't worry about, unless dirt is falling off--in that case, the laundry room just off the mud room, so stripping is an option.
  6. Old Style Ranch Bronc Riding

    Always love looking at your pictures--thank you for sharing!
  7. Peep Peep, Who Has Chickens?

    Tracy's right--ducks/chickens/etc will lay for several days before actually sitting on the nest. Otherwise there would be peeps hatching all at different times. Smokum, that's an awesome coop--very nice! I some how brought 6 babies to a friend of mine to raise and came back home with a dozen 6-week olds...
  8. Extruded Horse Feed

    I just switched my older guy to an extruded feed. He was on a textured before that. Two reasons, one he started getting picky about the textured (which generally means he's getting ready to all out refuse to eat it), and I wanted to see if the extruded would help put weight on him. Too early to tell about the weight, he's only been on the extruded for a few weeks now. Time will tell, I guess :-)
  9. Peep Peep, Who Has Chickens?

    HOLY PEEPS!! I had 25 meaties last year, and I thought that was a lot--can't even imagine over 100 LOL Raining here too, so tired of the cold/wet weather.
  10. Peep Peep, Who Has Chickens?

    Sadly, I agree. Thankfully both my dogs learned after one episode of me screaming and chasing them off the birds. Not sure I'd trust them alone with the chickens, but so far everything has been okay. I met the Chicken Chick at Poultry Congress in January! Wicked nice, funny lady.
  11. Peep Peep, Who Has Chickens?

    Mine is nothing special, either. 10x8 (I think, we built it over a year ago), half reserved for the two goats. Peeps on the other side. No curtains, no fancy ventillation system, my poor abused chickies. Burgandy, excited for you! Pictures, please and thank you :-) QH, that's great you were able to narrow it down at least. Crazy how our bodies work sometimes. I have a coworker who has cut sugar and grains from his diet. Lost 40lbs and says he feels 20 years younger. My guys go mad for fermented feed--goats and chickens alike. I haven't done it in awhile, maybe I'll treat them this week. 14 new babies in the brooder. They were supposed to be some Cochins and some Frizzles. Somehow I ended up with at least 2 Silkies. Moral of the story--never trust a guy selling hatching eggs on CraigsList There are a few more in the incubator. One hatched out this AM, another is working his way out and one has been trying for a couple days. I don't think he's going to make it, even though I've been helping :-( Reminds me why I usually use broody hens for this job, much less stressful.
  12. Peep Peep, Who Has Chickens?

    YAY for new coops! Post pictures when it's done. I love seeing diffent coops, it's amazing how fancy some of them are. A friend of mine is going all out--we're talking sky blue ceiling (so they feel like they're outside when they're locked in), to a chandelier (she's a little crazy ahaha) Curious--does your arthritis get worse just from handling the grain, or from the eggs layed by grain-eating chickens? What about seeds like sunflower, pumpkin, etc? My guys love them. I'm still holding out hope for duckie :-)
  13. Peep Peep, Who Has Chickens?

    Mine totally ignore the commerical feed in the spring/summer/fall. They get scraps from the kitchen (including their own eggs, if I get overloaded) and spend their time free ranging. Milo (sorghum) is a grain, I believe.
  14. Peep Peep, Who Has Chickens?

    She's a Muscovy, so she might have a bit more of an advantage--she's huge and has killer claws LOL. No signs of her, BF and I went tromping thru the woods behind the neighbor's house this weekend. I'm starting to feel bad for my other 'Scovy, she wants a ducky friend :-) I love BLRWs--so pretty!! Had a bunch of Cochins and Frizzles start hatching this weekend. Will move them from the incubator to the brooder tonight.
  15. Tooth Problem

    Not to be a complete downer, but this is my experience, and might give some insight as to why the vet is so reluctant to pull the tooth.... I had to have teeth pulled on my horse, it was a nightmare. Tooth infection led to chronic sinusitis. Pulled the offending tooth, and the suspicious one next to it. They tried rocking it out, but just as it loosened, it shattered. They ended up drilling thru his skull to punch the tooth. Month, month and a half of drains, antibiotics, daily flushing followed. Sinusitis never full resolved. Several more "mini surgeries" followed, mostly involving draining the puss from his sinus cavity and more flushing of his sinuses, different abx. Finally I gave up on the local vets (3 or 4 at this point) and trucked him to Rhinebeck Equine Hospital in NY. They did a flap procedure (aka cutting a large "c" shaped from his skull, cleaning out everything, pulling another tooth or two and stitching him back together). He was there about a week and released with an "extremely guarded" prognosis. I guess sinus issues are notoriously difficult to fix. When all was said and done, I could have bought a small house for the what I spent on him. But, the flap procedure was done a few years ago, and so far so good. I still have a minor pain attack when I see snot from his right nostril, other than that, no ill effects :-)
  16. Peep Peep, Who Has Chickens?

    That's what I'm thinking, but so far we haven't been able to find where she might be nesting. She's mostly brown and tends to blend :-/ I'm crossing my fingers she returns to the neighbor's bird feeder--gave him my number and he promised to call as soon as he sees her.
  17. Peep Peep, Who Has Chickens?

    Me! I have a flock of 22 and one duck. One of my other ducks went missing, but neighbor said he spotted her the other day, so I'm still hopeful I can find her. Flock is a mix--EEs, Silver Spangled Hamburg, Salmon Favorelle, Silkies, Marans, Leghorns and some mutts. I have two roosters and they (so far) live in harmony. I was up to 4 roosters, but the poor hens were getting battered, so I rehomed the 2 more aggressive ones.
  18. Clivens Cattle Ranch

    Oh snap LOL Good point and more thanks for serving our country!
  19. Falling Off Means You're A Bad Rider?

    I dunno, I'm pretty much done with the pain. I'm "only" 40 but there isn't a part of me that doesn't ache on a daily basis, from ankles to the bum shoulder. It takes the fun out of life. I could be happy not riding again, or only hacking out Ol' Reliable. That doesn't explain why I picked up a weanling a few years ago *sigh*. Makes the Celebrex investors and the chiro happy, my little way of stimulating the economy haha
  20. Falling Off Means You're A Bad Rider?

    Last time I came off it was off my WB, bucking fit for no apparent reason. We had just started warming up, so I didn't have his face. Sent me flying, broke several ribs. Sucks, especially at my "advanced" age, took forever to breathe again without hurting. Not even joking when I say his bucking would make a PBR man cry. I can usually recover when I have my reins to yank his big dumb head up. He's not usually a jerk right off the bat, so he caught me unprepared. Time before was probably a year earlier. Was on my (then) 22 year old, who've I ridden since he was 10. After a very nice ride I was hacking him out, hands on the buckle, no stirrups, not paying attention to anything. I think he just realized this was his chance--head between his knees, one buck and I went flying over his shoulder. First and only time he'd ever gotten me off. I got up and laughed, no harm, no foul. I was more amazed than anything. I just kind of accept the fact that I'm going to eat dirt once in a while. If Olympic caliber riders can come off, I as a mediocre ammie, hardly stand a chance (especially with something as athletic and loose in his back as the WB is)
  21. Baby Girl Update Post #17

    Glad she's doing so well! I love your pictures, she has such beautiful expressive eyes
  22. Rodeo: Yay Or Nay?

    I feel like I should throw my rodeo thoughts in HAHA I enjoy watching a good rodeo. Not something I especially get all that excited for, but I have no qualms about sanctioned events.
  23. Rodeo: Yay Or Nay?

    Egg layers (usually leghorns) are a different variety than the fast growing Cornish X. Leghorns take way too long to grow out to eating size. Cornish are market ready within a couple months. Putting male chicks in a macerator is an accepted practice by hatcheries. ETA--not to completely disrail this conversation (sorry). But it's a known fact that hatcheries specializing in egg layers will dispose of the male chicks by putting them thru a giant grinder.
  24. Why Do Some Have Horses?

    So you actually thought someone on this board would take the position that it's okay for basic needs not to be met? Alrighty then.
  25. Rodeo: Yay Or Nay?

    Hatcheries do. HyLine, I believe, is the most recent to defend this practice. Male chicks generally don't have a place in our mass-production society.