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  1. Dumb Question

    I wouldn't put more than 2 blankets. Is there not a tack store that you can go to to buy a heavyweight? The only time I've ver layered blankets is when we got really wet, heavy snow. I put a rain sheet over my horse's medium weight since it wasn't waterproof. Further into the winter we'll get -40C and none of our horses wear more than 2 blankets.
  2. He's Gone....rip 43

    [Huggy] [Angel]
  3. To My Fellow Canadians

    Happy Turkey Day! We had chicken this year. I've had the dang thing in my freezer forever so I figured it was time I cook it. Now I have about 4 lbs of meat left and 3 large jars of chicken soup in the freezer.
  4. The Trouble With

    Do you at all understand that your daughter is the one being childish by becoming overly defensive and rude when people question her (usually very nicely at first) about certain things? Do you at all see that SHE is the one that drama follows around? Maybe that should tell you something. She is the one who had a hissy fit and deleted her first exchange thread, then opened a new one, then started yet another post about how she will no longer be an active poster. All within 12 hours. And others are the ones causing drama to feel high and mighty? I think not. People act the way they do with her because they are simply fed up with her and she's too hard to ignore because she posts so freakin much!
  5. Weird

    I started coming here when I was 12 and I'm 20. Scary stuff.
  6. Underwear

    La Senza definitely. Lots of choice and decent prices.
  7. As Asked Of Me

    [Question] .... [smiley Wavey]
  8. The New And Improved Ornament Sign Ups

    I think everyone has resorted to fighting fire with fire. Tact has been tried but it goes right over her head.
  9. The New And Improved Ornament Sign Ups

    The point is not that she didn't follow rules. The point is that you handled the situation terribly. I was not part of the exchange but I do remember the incident and I remember many people being very shocked at your lack of tact. I would not want to be part of any exchange where participants were publicly called out for every little wrong doing instead of being contacted privately.
  10. How Do You Make Money?

    I work full time at a call centre. We do teleconferencing. Mostly for banks and other financial institutes as well as insurance companies and that sort of thing. We have had the odd celebrity and sports team too. Oh and lots of law firms, they like their conference calls. It's a fun job, pays well and I like the hours, but definitely not what I want to do forever.
  11. Re-thinking My Future..

    I just want to say that I absolutely disagree with this. I did one year of college and HATED it. Skipped a lot of classes and got less than stellar grades. It's been 2 years since I quit and I decided a couple months ago that I want to go back. So that's what I'll be doing next fall, 3 years after I dropped out. I needed the time to experience the 'real world' and to figure out what I really want to do. At 17/18 I had not the slightest clue, nor was I ready to commit to one career. I was just not ready to continue my education at that point. I've been working a full time job for the past 2 years at a decent salary, and if I stayed, I could move up. While I enjoy my current job, I now realize I want more. Some people do just need time off to figure out what they want to do.
  12. I Just

    That sucks. I totalled my car in an accident last February. Only had the car 6 months. Wasn't my fault and insurance covered everything but it was certainly scary and not a fun situation to deal with. I wasn't hurt, only a bruise from the seatbelt and marks on my arm from the airbag. They had to use the jaws of life to get the girl who hit me out of her car. Guy driving in front of me was fine. All 3 cars were totalled.
  13. Short (3-4 Day) Vacation Ideas....

    Well my vote is Montreal because that's my home and I think it's the best city in the world! But seriously, we've been having some pretty mild winters the last few years and we generally don't have snow that stays until well into December. Plus, since we don't have Thanksgiving at the same time, it won't be very busy up here. The Old Port is gorgeous and you can rent bikes or take a walk along the canal or up Mount Royal. Great museums, restaurants, if you want to go have a drink and listen to some great music I can suggest many great places. It's a beautiful city and one of my favourite things is to just go walk around and explore it. Also thought I'd add that there are some good skiing places around but as I'm not a skiier I really don't know when they open.
  14. Ah, Craigslist Ad

    Haha this reminds me at work when someone calls in and doesn't have the passcode to join their conference call we have to do a 'general permission' to get the passcode and be able to provide it to anyone joining. One day someone stood up and said "I need a genital permission!" [ROTFL] He got spoken to by a team manager later that day :tongue9:
  15. I Was Trying To Come Up With A Funny Title For This

    LOL That it totally something our cats would do if they got into the right cupboard!