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  1. Stetson Dressage Saddles

    So I was wondering if any of you have heard of Stetson Dressage saddles and if they are any good? I found one for a decent price and it look like a well balanced saddle but I have never heard of it. Thanks
  2. Why Not Debate This?

    I'd vote for Ron Paul.
  3. Events Planned For 2011?

    Well it is finally starting to warm up, which means one thing, eventing season!! What events are you guys planning on hitting up this year? My list: Spring Bay Maydaze Indiana(?) Midsouth(?) Hunter Oaks ^ the last bit a kinda fuzzy, it all depends where the barn decides to go. I would really like to go to Penny Oaks again this year, I love that event.
  4. Hmmm...

    Flying Cross is a very nice location. Good luck!
  5. Scientists Cure Cancer?

    I believe if you read my post in its entirety you would have understood that I was not saying viruses are the sole cause for cancer. There are many factors like I stated in my original post.
  6. Hmmm...

    If you live in KY there are tons of events at the horse park! Welcome to the fun side!
  7. Events Planned For 2011?

    Good luck! And remember its all about having fun!!
  8. Scientists Cure Cancer?

    The cause of many cancers and mutations is already largely known, with the number being close to 20% being caused by viruses, of course this number is closer to 70% with certain types of cancer. I speculate though that viruses may play a larger role in the development of cancer then we currently believe. Genes, toxins, radiation, and the good ol' oops in cleavage points all play a role as well.
  9. How Much Would You Spend To Save Your Horse?

    Anything that would put me in sever financial despair is too far. I once was a home visiting vet tech for a family, they had a dog that had DDD (degenerative disc disease) the dog had 3 spinal surgeries. The family had to take a second mortgage out on their home, use their child's college fund, and depleted their retirement account. The problem with DDD is it NEVER gets better it only gets worse with time. The dog died 5 months later from a spinal fracture they could not repair. That is too far. To me no animal is worth ruining your life over.
  10. The Rapture On The 21St?

    Does this mean I don't have to repay my student loans?
  11. About Those Aggravating Gas Prices --

    It will be interesting to see how the economy handles a $6 gallon of gas. My predication, is it wont handle it too well. Gas prices effect everything, not just our daily commute. Essentially everything carried by fright will go up in price, including food. It seems every time gas reaches $4 a gallon the oil companies report recored profit margins. Reminds me of Enron.
  12. Should All Horses Be Tested For Eia?

    Oh well thats alarming. I am located in Jackson county. I use Dr. Miles for somethings too... small world.
  13. Should All Horses Be Tested For Eia?

    I am located in Southern IL too, I haven't heard of any reported EIA cases down here? Last I heard there were 2 reported cases from Michigan this year? I also think that horses should be tested yearly for the virus. Note that the disease can not be transmitted through mosquitoes. Its vector are biting flies, primarily the horsefly. The virus can only survive 15-30 minutes in the fly so horses need to be in close proximity for transmission to occur. With this I understand why the test is not mandated for all horses, but I really think that if it was we could reduce the spread of EIA even more.
  14. Tipping

    I have only once never tipped a waitress and I stand by my actions. It was terrible service, and I hope my displeasure was conveyed. Being a college student I never eat at fancy places, about the highest scale I get is the occasional Lone Star or the likes, and I know other students work there so I try to stay in my budget but tip within service. I typically tip around 20% unless the service is terrible. At BWW one server knows some really cool card magic tricks and I have tipped him the price of my meal before.
  15. Judas.

    Thats what I got out of the song as well. A relationship with a lying abusive partner that she keeps forgiving....
  16. Irish Showjumper Charged In Theft Of Horse From Wellington

    Valued at only $28,000? You think he would try and steal a more valuable horse.
  17. Back On Track Saddle Pads

    I have been looking at getting a back on track saddle pad. When ordering it they come in the option of "firm" or "soft". Does anyone know what that means? Is firm like a normal quilt pad and soft like a baby pad?
  18. Suspensory Injury?

    Okay, So to make a long story filled with a little to much emotion short, last Tuesday my mare came up lame after having 4 days off (I was out of town), last time I worked her we just did dressage. Well the vet came out that Thursday and looked her over and came to the conclusion that it was a suspensory injury- hinting maybe a tear. I began to poultice 12hrs on, cold hose 20mins, ice 15 mins, 12hr back on. The swelling went down and today I hand trotted her to see how she was doing, she was completly sound. Here is my predicament: 1) I am not sure I am 100% it is a suspensory injury 2) Tuesday when she was lame that ligament felt fine, it wasnt till wensday night that it swelled 3) She's completly sound now, only 1 week later 4) I dont want to give her 8 weeks off if I dont have to (she tends to hurt herself in her stall when shes not regularly worked) 5) I really dont want it to be a suspensory So I guess I am rambling now, but I thought you guys could help out sense I am sure many of you have been her before. Previous history: Somposivly she had a suspensory about 2 years ago, gave her 8 weeks off polticed, hoses, etc. she was still lame, and turned out there was a bone chip in her coffin joint. I got that removed and she as been sound since. I want to possibly take her to another vet that I know of to get a second opinion. One question I do have though, if it was a suspensory, as bad as the vet was making out, would she be sound only 1 week later after treatment? Her ligaments now are completly tight, there is a little spot at the very top right below the knee that may be a little puffy, but other than that its normal. This has really been buggin me, sorry for the ramble
  19. Clinic Charging For Equine Health Papers

    Agreed. You do realize how much debt vets carry when they graduate and how much they actually make a year? If they are trying to bring in come extra cash flow from recreational animals I see no harm to it. After all they do have to pay someone to sit down and fill out the form.
  20. Good Websites To Find Used Saddles?

    Anyone know of great websites other than ebay to find a used jumping saddle? I have looked at middleburg tack and also pelham, wondering if there are any others anyone can recommended. Thanks!
  21. Good Websites To Find Used Saddles?

    Thanks everyone I am trying to find an 18.5"-19" devoucoux chiberta or something close to it.
  22. Good Websites To Find Used Saddles?

    Thanks! Right now they don't have anything in my seat size =(
  23. The Nature Of Existance

    It is just a documentary that comments on the nature of existence. Thought some of you would enjoy it.
  24. Having A Change Of Heart?

    There is no reason why you can't ride and go to college at the same time. I am applying to vet school this summer and have found time to ride and compete my whole UG career. I have worked at a vet clinic and research lab on campus to pay for my habit as well. You will have plenty of time in UG to fit it all in if it is something you really want to do. I do not compete on the school team, but at a local barn that mainly does eventing (I have my own horse with me). She allows students to work off board and lessons by doing stalls. Look around and investigate the local barns. Nothing is out of reach if you put your mind to it and really desire something.
  25. Some Very Interesting Looking Half Chap Designs...

    Hehe I have to totally agree. I prefer my plan brown cows.