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  1. Foal Pictures By Request

    Nope, I've always had the same name. And thanks, they are pretty chunky this year.
  2. Foal Pictures By Request

    Was requested to post pictures of our 2009 foals on the Colts vs Fillies thread, so here's some of our babies. Gage - 46 days old Rosie, the lone filly - 35 days old Jhett - 31 days old Bentley - 25 days old Bentley - 22 days old Granger - 4 days old Thanks for looking!
  3. So How Many Babies So Far This Year?

    We have 5 colts and 1 filly with one mare left to foal.
  4. So...who wants to see my surgery incision?

    You have my sympathies! ACL's are not fun to deal with. I tore mine 3 years ago and had the surgery. How long is your scar? That thing looks really long.
  5. Pictures from the AQHA World Show

    Great pictures! I would've loved to have gone to the World Show. We had to resort to watching it online from home instead. Our really good friend's son got 3rd and 8th in Open Ranch Sorting. It was nice to be able to watch him compete even though we couldn't make it down there. I'm envious of you right now!
  6. question about registering

    Double registered horses are horses that had too much white to be AQHA when AQHA's white rule was still in effect, so the APHA allowed the horse to be registered with them. For awhile a horse could have enough white to be registered in both and now AQHA has abolished their white rule so it doesn't matter how much white a horse has. As long as both parents are registered in the AQHA the colt can be registered AQHA as well. Since AQHA doesn't have a white rule, the APHA now requires that horses registered in their registry have 2 paint parents or least 1 paint parent crossed with a thoroughbred or a quarter horse. The AQHA has always required that both parents be registered quarter horse, or else you could breed a quarter horse to a thoroughbred for an Appendix Quarter Horse.
  7. Lets see your face!

    I always end up late on these posts.. My fiance and I on vacation in July, 2007.
  8. What color is my little guy?

    quote: Originally posted by QuarterHorseHunta: quote:Originally posted by Brownie_Cinnamon_my_girlz: I dont know Her color either. as for the Stud he was a bright Sorrel overo paint. very splashy. In that case, he HAS to be a dark bay. I win! lol Why do you say he HAS to be a dark bay out of those color parents? I can't see his coloring on this monitor very well. But I do know that most of our blacks don't exactly look very black when they are that age. I've had blacks that shade, but never bays born that shade, even the ones who turn out very dark when they are all done shedding. Almost looks like he has silver on his legs which usually means black points which would mean bay. Definintely can't wait to see what he looks like older and shed out.
  9. Show off your Hubby

    No more good looking hubbies on these boards?
  10. Show off your Hubby

    Not hubby right now, but soon to be! So I figured I'd jump in on this post too. At work On vacation in July He was trying to model for me.. lol A pic of us...
  11. Heza Fistfula Zip or Vince Dell Supreme

    One of my good friends raised Vince Dell Supreme from a baby. The guy owned Vince Supreme as well but sold him years ago and kept Vince Dell Supreme, AKA Diamond, as a replacement. Diamond died a few years ago. I don't think I have any pictures of him with me, his owner has pictures of him. I do own a mare out of Vince Supreme, who is Diamond's sire. What is the name of the mare you are looking at? If you PM me I can get you more info on the stallion and his offspring and such.
  12. Photos of 07' foals?

    quote: Originally posted by Goldiebabe: FQuarters - Get enough palominos this year?! The question is, can you ever get enough palominos? We sure weren't expecting all of them, but it was a pleasant surprise this year! I love seeing all those little blondes running around the pasture. Paxton is the spitting image of his sire, Wyat.
  13. Photos of 07' foals?

    Elijah AKA Eli - AQHA Palomino Colt, born April 19th. Mare foaled 11 days early. Pic taken at 20 days old. Paris - AQHA Palomino Filly - Born April 25th. Mare foaled 22 days early. Pic taken at 14 days old. Paxton- AQHA Palomino Colt - Born April 29th. Mare foaled 8 days early. Pic taken at 12 days old. Ellie - AQHA Bay Filly - Born May 1st. Mare foaled 11 days early. Pic taken at 10 days old. Mason - AQHA Buckskin Colt - Born May 4th. Mare foaled 4 days early. Pic taken at 7 days old. Ace - AQHA Palomino Colt - Born May 7th. Mare foaled 6 days early. Pic taken at 6 days old. Currently unnamed - AQHA Palomino Filly - Born May 22nd. Mare foaled 6 days early, right in the middle of the afternoon after we stayed up all night checking her. Pic taken at 12 hours old.
  14. Vaga and Apple 2 weeks old Pics pg 19

    Congrats on the new baby! He's a beauty! His face marking kind of reminds me a lot of our new guy who was born yesterday.
  15. Muddy horse Pics!

    He started out a normal cremello that morning... I'm happy to say he looks much better now.