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  1. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Bull's Mom, are you still in Ontario? Foxie, hi! I'm seeing names on here I haven't seen in ages, this is a nice reunion.
  2. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Oh, my it is so good to see some of these "old" names. Some older than others cough*pokcapocka*cough Annieskeeper! Hi :) Oh, jeez, I have to remember you as a new name now. I am doomed, I tell ya, doomed. millie, you can easily keep your secrets...we won't blackmail you for much. Heh.
  3. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    I had to go look...I joined in 2003.
  4. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Me! Hi :)
  5. Little Cow

    LIKE :)
  6. R I P Sorcia

    Ratts, Notyo, please accept my condolences.
  7. She Is Home!

    Tact was tried, didn't work. And why am I even talking to you about this? Is this your concern? If so, how about you you do the correct, albeit less comfortable thing, and speak up on behalf of the animal; focus your attention where it should be.
  8. She Is Home!

    The Emperor's New Clothes = self explanatory
  9. She Is Home!

    I have fallen down the rabbit hole, that must be what is going on here. Purely from a physics point of view, this equation does not work; smallish, out of shape, medium framed horse + toting around an unbalanced weight that is too heavy for her = not a good outcome no matter how much the horse is loved, nor how pretty. 2 hours of riding vs. 2 minutes? I can't make the discrepancy work no matter how I crunch those numbers. Shoes that stayed on since May? I want that farrier. Limiting her hay so it doesn't upset her tummy? Not good horse husbandry. Anybody who encourages or at least does not try to enlighten, is aiding and abetting the future misery of pretty Piper. As much as my heart aches for the horse, it won't compare to how bad her back and joints are going to feel. I leave this conversation with at least a partially cleared conscience, because I tried to advocate for Piper. The rest of ya? Try carrying around a load that's far too heavy for you and see how you feel after a few minutes. I'm done. I tried. I'm sorry, Piper, I am so sorry, pet.
  10. Just Had To Share

    You should put up that older photo of him,too; you know, the one were you two were galloping along, same type of action photo. He was still pretty black in that one, we could see a side by side comparison! That would be cool :)
  11. She Is Home!

    I would hope the fact that several knowledgeable people are offering appropriate concern for the well being of an animal would be uplifting. Why should it be all about what the human wants to hear? Somebody has to be a voice for the critters who can't verbalize in our language; but if you watch the video, the horse is talking lots. It's not sore feet or bad angles that are causing tail swishing and a hollowed back. I think most people on this thread have been polite, and the ones offering anything other than warm fuzzies are doing so with respect. It's pretty safe to say nobody on here dislikes Eskie, quite the opposite, I would think. She's a great, fun lady and will beat herself up mercilessly if this horse breaks down,especially after all the spot on suggestions and observations. In these situations, I ask myself "what would Buck Brannaman or Ray Hunt say" and they wouldn't be nearly as tactful as the "non warm and fuzzy" HC members have been, of that I can assure you. I personally was on the receiving end of Ray Hunt's brutal honesty. I survived and my then horse and all subsequent horses benefited.
  12. She Is Home!

    Switching from grass to hay doesn't generally cause issues like the other way around, (no exposure to grass and then going onto pasture) so don't inadvertently underfeed out of concern in that area. Riding bareback is not a good idea at this time. The following I'm asking out of genuine confusion; what made you decide a draft cross wasn't the best choice, after that whole other thread discussing the appropriateness of such a decision? And Spunk, when/how did this thread become about you?
  13. Never Give A Hot Horse Water

    Tsk. Why would I read the studies? Science is stooopid. ;)
  14. Just Had To Share

    Wow, he has really greyed out, eh?! But beautiful, as always :)