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  1. Bo Broke Contract, Can I Leave Early? *update*

    I am already very happy with the move. New BO loves him and is already taking great care of him. She noticed that his stool was a bit loose the first day, likely from the move, but even so asked to start him on probiotics just in case. That never would have been noticed at the old place. He is also now being fed twice a day instead of once, which I'm sure will help to put the weight on quicker. I'm also able to see him just about every day now since he is only about 5 minutes away, it's the next best thing to having him in my back yard again. Heidi- Yep, that was her suggestion. Made no sense at all. He has always been low on the pecking order and things were just made so much worse with the no hay or water thing. I'm just glad we don't have to deal with any of it any more.
  2. Health Question

    My fiance has asthma and yes, what you are describing sounds like what happens to him. His usually only happens when he comes in contact with rodents since he is allergic to them, but it has happened during/after exercise too. I would wait to heat what your doctor says. You may have just overdone it, especially in the new climate. A minute and a half is a lot to cut off your pace in such a short amount of time. Hope you get things figured out!
  3. Bo Broke Contract, Can I Leave Early? *update*

    Just a little update. Rev was moved to his new home yesterday and is settling in very nicely! He was very happy to have a huge stall and large pile of hay all to himself. I gave ex BO a letter stating exactly why I wanted to move him asap and that I wanted to be released from the 30 Day notice. She allowed it, then suggested that his weight loss was due to lyme disease, which he most definitely does NOT have. Absolutely no other symptoms besides weight loss, not to mention that he actually has started looking better after the grass came in and he was actually getting fed and watered! Anyways, I ended up having to re home my pony. The board is more expensive at the new place, and I didn't have nearly enough time for him. He will be happier where he can continue his training consistently. I was more concerned with Rev and his health at this time. So, things are looking up. New BO is very attentive to his needs and wants to make sure we get the rest of his weight back asap(safely of course!). He is in a very roomy stall with turnout for the first few days and will go out to meet his much smaller and less pushy herd soon. Thank you all so much for your help and advice! Here are some pictures of a happy Rev in his new home...
  4. Bo Broke Contract, Can I Leave Early? *update*

    Yes SD it is who you are thinking of and I agree with you completely. I've noticed it for a while now, but it's only recently started affecting my horses and I've had enough. I gave her permission ONCE to use Rev for a lesson, and only because I was there and was able to watch. I had talked to the young girl that was going to ride him and was comfortable with her riding him. Months later I noticed that my tack had been moved and asked if someone had used it. That's when I found out he had been used. I don't know how many times. I looked for a new place to board then, but nothing really panned out. This time I am making it work.
  5. Bo Broke Contract, Can I Leave Early? *update*

    Thank you all. I have been taking pictures Oz. Started doing that right away, originally to track his progress. Last time I was out was for proof. I also have the extra check blank I wrote her on top of regular board for him to start being brought up to be fed. Nick- I completely agree with you there, but just don't have the time/money/energy for it and will be happy to just have my boys safe, sound, and fed. Plans are in the works now to have them out by the end of this week. I am waiting to tell BO until they are set in stone, which should be later today. Thank you again everyone.
  6. I have had some issues in the past with the barn that I board at, but the most recent has pushed me over the edge and I want to get my horses out as soon as possible. This most recent issue has to do with my gelding, Rev. We had a very tough winter this year and Rev, who is normally a very easy keeper, came out of it looking a bit thin. Not terrible, but definitely noticeable to me, especially as he lost his winter fur. A little over 3 weeks ago I had Rev moved to a different pasture at the barn with less horses in the pecking order, and he was brought in to be fed daily. He was to be getting free choice hay, beet pulp, and I provided a ration balancer and rice bran pellets to add some fat, plus access to automatic waterer. The first week I wasn't obviously expecting to see much of a difference, second week I wasn't able to get out there as we have been busy getting ready to move. I went out just a couple days ago and he looks terrible. He went from slightly ribby, to just plain skinny. You can see every rib, and his backbone and hips were much more prominent. I wanted to cry. The BO saw me looking at him and I told her straight out, he looks worse, much worse than when I last saw him. That is when she apologetically told me that the helpers at the barn hadn't been totally doing their jobs. Instead of actually checking the hay feeders up close, they had looked from a ways off (they didn't want to walk through mud out to the pasture) and saw the feeders were "full" so all was good. However, BO checked and found that for quite some time, the feeders have been full of twiggy crap hay, and the horses have had basically no forage. They have been basically starving. Also, the helpers were shutting off a gate that was supposed to be open so the horses could get to the waterer. So, for who knows how long, the horses had very little hay and water. I am ticked. That's three weeks of progress, three weeks of feeding, of weight gain, not only down the drain, but completely backwards. BO was apologetic of course, and although she didn't directly cause the problem, she is ultimately responsible for the well being of the boarded horses. In the past she has also used my gelding, without permission, for lessons and trail rides. My pony is fine, he could live off of air, but I still want them both out. I found a place only 5 minutes from our new house that would be perfect and could have them there in just a week or two. Technically, I'm supposed to give my BO 30 days notice before moving the horses, but because of these issues I believe she has broke our contract and therefore I have the right to remove my horses for their own well being. Am I correct in this? I just cannot wait another 30 days. I want my boys somewhere that they will be cared for correctly and I can watch over them more closely. But I also don't want to start any legal hooplah at this time either. I believe I am in the right, but just want to make sure. Thoughts?
  7. R.i.p Hoku

    Oh my goodness...she was so young...
  8. Feed Suggestions

    I'm confused, what's all good? Him being moved and such? I'm very happy with that, yes, I think he does much better in a smaller herd. I had him by himself for a few years when I first got him and he was quite content to just have me around as company. If that's not what you were talking about I'm sorry, it hard to decipher some things through text!
  9. Feed Suggestions

    Thanks Oz. I'm working him up to the low recommended amount over the next week (1 lb Purina Enrich .5 lb of the Max E Glo) and will reassess in a couple weeks to see if it needs to be increased. I did find out that I can get the Triple Crown 30% ration balancer, but it will be $10+ more per bag than the Enrich. So for now we will see how he does on this bag of Enrich, if we don't see good results I may switch him to the TC though. He does seem to be in better spirits already though, seemed a bit peppier when I went to see him yesterday. He's been moved to another pasture with only 6 other horses (a couple of yearlings, older mares, and one other gelding) so I think he's more mid range in the pecking order now. His other pasture had 15+ other horses so he seems much happier with this arrangement.
  10. Feed Suggestions

    Thank you Toledo! I was curious about the rice bran to help add some fat. I just got off the phone with Tractor Supply, they carry two different ration balancers, Purina Enrich Plus and Nutrena Empower Balance. They are out of the Nutrena for at least another week, so I may go pick up some of the Purina Enrich tomorrow. So, as a possible feeding plan how does this combination sound...I'd keep him on the beet pulp, then add the Purina Enrich Plus to fill in some of the holes as far as vitamins/nutrients, and also add the rice bran pellets to up the fat content a bit and get the weight on. Yay or nay? And if yay, how much of each would you recommend feeding a horse that is (or should be anyways) right around 1,000 lbs?
  11. Feed Suggestions

    I know there are probably many topics on this, but would like some feeding suggestions for my gelding as I haven't gotten too technical with his feeding in the past. He used to be basically an air fern and didn't need any more than good hay/pasture and water to be sleek, fat, and shiny. So! Some background info...Rev is an almost 14 year old QH gelding that I use as mostly just a trail horse. He doesn't get worked excessively, just fun, relaxing trail rides and every once in a while we will dink around in the arena. He is up to date on worming, and gets his teeth floated at least once a year (just had them done today actually). He does have one tooth that has been giving him problems, dentist said she hasn't seen anything like it before, almost like he fractured it somehow. Anyway, for the past year or so she has been trying to get a hold of it to try to pull it since it was packing food and causing problems, but it was sort of tricky and we could never quite get it. Today we were able to get most of it out, there may be a small piece left, but we wont know for sure until we get x-rays done. He seemed relieved to have it out, the dentist thinks that possible pain from the tooth and the terrible winter we had may be the culprit to his recent weight loss. I'm sure having the bad tooth gone (mostly) will help him pick up weight a bit, but I'm wondering what feeding possibilities might be best for him to help it along some more and get him back to his normal sleek and shiny self. He's not terribly thin, just came out of winter a bit ribby and "dull" looking, and it is just becoming more apparent now that he sheds out. Starting today I am having the BO bring him in for a daily feeding, but she only offers beet pulp and rolled oats. I'm thinking that this is not really sufficient for what he needs. I like feeding the beet pulp, but would like to try to find a good ration balancer as well. Would love to feed the Triple Crown 30%, but it is not available here, only one that is would be Purina Enrich Plus, but the feed store won't get anymore for a couple weeks. So! Is there anything else that I could add to his beet pulp that would help to round him out and fill in some of the holes in his diet? I should also add that the horses have free choice grass hay (round bales), and pasture when it comes in, but he is lower on the pecking order and occasionally gets chased off although it has been better since BO has put multiple bales out. I think even just coming in to get fed and handled every day will be good for him. Rev is a "one on one" type horse that I feel tends to get lost in the shuffle with so many other horses, he will be happy to get a little extra TLC. I just want to make sure that he is getting the right nutrition to go along with it!
  12. The Official What's For Dinner Thread!

    We had tacos last night. Tonight I think it's spaghetti?. I haven't been getting too crazy with the cooking lately. Been very busy!
  13. New Year's Weight Loss Support Group?

    I have been not so great lately, not terrible, but not awesome either. Have not had a good workout in about a week and a half at least. I was busy getting ready to go on my trip, then went on my trip, then got a pretty good head cold when I got back! I was feeling pretty good yesterday so I got the rollerblades out for the first time since last year and took the dog out, then took a long walk last night too. I think I may have overdid it though, my nose and throat started acting up again this morning. Hoping I will be good to go by Tuesday so I can get back into my Body Pump classes, I am really missing them! Also thinking about starting back with my Ripped in 30 DVD if I can get my butt up early enough in the mornings before work! I had my first dress fitting yesterday and was really hoping that I'd be a bit smaller, but it went well. I'd like to lose a bit more weight and get my arms and underarms just a bit more toned since it's a strapless dress! I was getting some compliments and comments on my weight loss from my dad and a couple others that I haven't seen in a while when I was in Seattle, it wasn't until then that I realized that I have lost close to 12 lbs since they saw me last! Always feels nice when others start to notice too! Can't wait to be feeling totally well again though and get back at it! Once you get into it you really start to miss working out!
  14. Mn Horse Expo

    I will not be going this year either. Partially due to funds, but also because of the outbreak. I cannot believe they have not canceled or made it horse less. I also heard of another breed association beside the Arabians that will not be there...can't remember which, maybe the Pasos? I hope more follow suit and the organizer just call it off. It's not worth the risk.
  15. What Size Truck?

    Do you have anybody that can help you with your search and go with you to try out trucks that is a bit more knowledgeable? Your dad or brother perhaps? We bought our car from a private seller on Craigslist and have loved it so far. My fiance is a very experienced car person though, so he knew what to look for and questions to ask. If you're not sure what to look for, I would really try to find someone that knows about cars, that way you don't get talked into something that's overpriced or not going to last you, or both!