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  1. Show today!!!!! Pics finally (but a link)

  2. Pads for Back Protection

    Is it actually hitting the horse or just coming too close for comfort? The ideal thing is to get the saddle re-fittied but when you have one saddle for multiple horses its understandable to not want to have the saddle readjusted. I like the Mattes halfpad, the're expensive but I've herd great things. My saddle-fitter really promotes them, and I've only herd good things about them. I like dover sells there own brand which is a little cheaper, I thought about buying one myself. The make different styles of the pad too, such as wither lift/back lift, etc.
  3. Hey do you guys use double reins?

    I'm sure some people on this board use a bit that require 2 sets of reins such as an elevator bit or a Pelham(for example). Those type bits usually require you to have 2 reins, although these bits are not too common in dressage, at least from my own experience. Perhaps you’re thinking of a double bridle that has 2 bits and 2 sets of reins, but those are mostly used on upper level horses. I really don’t know if I answer your question, I was a little confused on what you were asking.
  4. CK Bareback Video

    aww hes soo cute! you two look good! Gatsby would of be a nutcase with all those distractions.
  5. Lesson Pics/Vids

    Nice pictures and videos!! You took look wonderful!! Glad you finally got all the saddle troubles worked out!
  6. Isn't it time for Gatsby pictures?

    Thanks guys!! xc_jumper, Hes an OTTB
  7. Isn't it time for Gatsby pictures?

    Thanks guys!! I know the temp has just been everywhere! The other day it was spitting snow, then today it was in the 50's Yeah college has been though, but it should slow down, spring break isnt too far off! [ 02-20-2007, 08:44 PM: Message edited by: BisQuickDoc ]
  8. Isn't it time for Gatsby pictures?

    Hey Guys!! long time no talk, let me be honest in saying college is kicking my butt. But I finally got things in line and remembered my camera today. I know he looks a bit rough, but poor Gatsby coliced this past Thursday so be nice, lol. It was really scary but hes made a full recovery and is back in his normal routine of things. Anyways, ENJOY!!
  9. Happy Holidays!

    thats a wonderful picture! I hope its going on a Christmas card! Although, your pastures look too green to be winter, lol
  10. Getting into the real word of dressage.

    Sorry its taking me so long to get back to you guys, I've been running everywhere! I went and talked to the dean of the academic support center and basiclly the only thing Berry can offer me is extra time on tests, which I really don't need. She said "I hate to speak poorly of our school, but we simply offer the bare minimum that law requires" which isnt much at all. Looking over my test results and report from the doctor she agreed with him. She said she would look for a school with the specilazed tutir and teaches that can help me with my dyslexia. I was bummed but yes I know there are a lot of options out there. I just have to start looking. Lucky I have a wonderful support group behind me and that makes things so much easier! quote: Can I ask what you were planning to study when you enrolled? I am a declared Animal Science Major, although my school offers no riding classes it is considered one of the leading schools in the animal science major. Part of the reason I wanted to go here. As of right now, I'm planning on staying here for the next semester and taking only a few classes and then switching schools. But that could change tomorrow I'll keep you guys posted and thanks for the encouragement!!
  11. Getting into the real word of dressage.

    Thanks for the support guys! I'm doing so research and I'll kepep ya'll informed!
  12. The Chiro Came for Layla!

    Glad you got her looked at! Sounds like it will make a world of difference for you and her! I hope we get pics so we can see the results too
  13. Getting into the real word of dressage.

    quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i didn't understand your post entirely. you obviously can read and write otherwise you wouldn't be able to post here. why did your professors suggest you get yourself tested? See my computer automatically fixes a lot of my spelling and grammar errors. And yes I can comprehend when people are talking to me and I read a lot just for fun and I understand, I'm just telling you what the test results showed. MY professor suggested I go after seeing a hand written essay. I just got back from talking with my academic advisor and he’s encouraging me not to give up. He suggested I take my test results to an expert and have him show me how to achieve my goals. Thanks for all the support guys, its been so frustrating with one person telling me I can do this then another person telling me I can't. I hate it, its finals week I wish people would just leave me alone, lol. Thanks everyone!
  14. Hey guys, As you know, I've recently started college. I am finishing freshman first semester as we speak. After many suggestions from my various professors, I went to get tested for dyslexia. I took a series of very long tests and got many results Friday. It was found that I was dyslexic and I couldn’t auditory process and I could read (yes there’s a fancy name for it but I can't remember). My doctor suggested I quit school, which I was shocked. I then went to my academic advisor who said that was crazy and referred me to go and talk to Academic Support. I went to talk to academic support and they said the same thing. She said that I would just struggle and struggle and it’s not worth wasting the time or the money. She suggested I do something, vocational or "hands on". So that got me thinking about riding and training and pursuing my dream. Why couldn't I, right? I'm just afraid I'll wind up nowhere, I can tell you I'm gonna work very hard and do my best but will that be enough? I don’t have the money, although mother insists she'll find it somewhere if I find a solid enough program. But how do I go about getting started? I've been looking at a few options but I just want a little more info. if I could find it. Thanks guys!