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  1. My First Colt, He Is 2 Now, What Else To Do With Him?

    Thank you for the information! I do have a few questions on that video.. as I have never seen anything like that before lol When the horse is square and you are "bumping" the horse, I am guessing you are teaching the horse to back up. What about your leg cues when you are on their back? Just curious! And I had a thought of another thing I am wondering how to deal with. My colt loads amazing in the straight loads, he is great, jumps right in and no problems. There have been times when I hauled with my gelding, and I pull out my gelding first and while I was putting him away, my colt reared up in the trailer and caught his front legs in the manger. The first time, I freaked out and ran to him and pulled him out right away and then loaded him back up.. just to make sure he would load back up, and he was fine. The second time, he did it and I didn't fret I just kinda let him realize he was going to have to wait for me to save him because that was his own fault.. and he should have been patient, and eventually I got him free, pulled him out and threw him back in there just to make sure again, he wasn't afraid and he was fine. What is a good way to make sure he doesn't do this in the future?
  2. My First Colt, He Is 2 Now, What Else To Do With Him?

    Thank you so much for the advice! As far as the bit goes, I understand what you are saying but as far as the lunging goes does that mean you want me to lace it through the bit, around his poll and attach on the other side? I have worked with him as far as giving to the bit on both sides, and you barely have to touch him before his nose is to his stirrup. I try not to over do it because he is so young.. I also have been planning on doing some ground driving with him to teach him some vertical flexion, and obviously the bit will play into that as well. I just have been lazy on getting around to it lol So can you elaborate on that for me a bit so I understand better? :) And I have spoken to a couple of my friends and they have said the same thing with sending him off, I really do appreciate the info! But when you send him off, so basically if the saddle is not done all the way just let him go and if it falls off, it falls off? I would think that would scare him? Or does it matter? Or should I pull it off then send him? Thank you sooo much!!
  3. Hello everyone! It has been a long minute since I have been on here. Last year in April my boyfriend and I made a long trip up to Montana to pick up a yearling colt, but unfortunately when we go there the colt I was supposed to by had an injury that they didn't tell me about, and was nothing but short of what they told me about him. So basically.. we came home with a different colt, who is now called Casanova. He is very well bred and is extremely smart! I have done a lot of ground work with him over the next year and a half.. he was 11 months when we got him and he is now 2 years and 4 months old. He knows how to stand quietly, pick up his feed, load, lunge, knows voice commands, is not scared of anything, knows how to pony, has been hauled to some shows to see the sights and sounds and 3 out of the 4 shows, he handled it like a pro. The last one he was a bit silly, but he hadn't been out in a while and he was being silly. He is currently saddle broke, has been taught to give to the halter, is super soft, we have introduced the bit on him and I am planning to put 30 days on him as a 2 year old then come back when he is 3. Here are few pics of my boy.. The day we got him.. As a yearling.. Taking him for a walk around the neighborhood And recent.. He has been coming along with a lot of things, like I said he is my first baby and there are some things I am running into now that he is older. Like when I go to saddle him.. he starts to get real pushy. Not enough to where he is setting back or trying to hurt me, he just swings his butt around and moves around a lot. I get after him but I'm think there could be a better way? Like should I take the saddle off, lunge him and and then try again? or what is a correct way to do it? He knows voice command and is extremely smart, I know he is just testing me. Then with introducing the bit (I am honestly thinking of starting him in a halter just because he is SO soft in the face.. but I think it's important for him to know what a bit is so its not such a shock later), like do I just leave it in his mouth and let him figure it out? He will tolerate it for a little bit but then he'll start fussing with it and trying to spit it out, then he'll start shaking his head wondering why it won't come out. lol Any thoughts or idea's would be great, and anything else I could do with him too! I'm sure there is much out there to know, I just need to learn! Thank yooou!
  4. Trimming A 15 Month Old Colt

    Hello everybody, I had a question for you guys that I hope you can help me with. I purchased a colt back at the end of April, he had just gotten his feet done when we picked him up from Montana so I didn't need to do his feet. In the past, I apprenticed under my farrier for almost a year and a half so I know how to trim, but I have never done a colt before and I know because they are still growing, it is a bit different. The last time I trimmed him, I believe I cut him a little too short. I did remove some of the false sole(like a would a grown horse) but I was careful not to remove TOO much.. but he was still a little ouchy from the rocks. So I did some reading and a lot of the sites I have come across stated to not touch the sole in order for it to be protected and become stronger. I trimmed him yesterday and took a little less off so I can prevent him from being sore, but I left the sole alone. Only a little bit was flaking off when I used the rasp, and I read you don't want to use a hoof knife on them when they are that young? He is balanced, but I am wondering if I should take some of the false sole off or leave it on? Last time I took just a little bit off.. not a lot, and he was tender and I don't want that happening again. From yesterday, when you pick up his foot, this area (in blue) is all flat and level, instead of having the little groove you would have on a shoed or an older horse. Sorry I don't know all the correct terminology! I need to study more. I hope you guys can understand what I am saying. So basically do I leave his sole alone? Do I take it off? What are some important things I need to know about trimming a baby? He has great conformation and does not need any corrective shoeing, his legs are very straight. Thanks!
  5. Videos Of Pendelton Runs

    That looks like sooo much fun!! Would love to run there one day!
  6. Riding Bridleless-Question

    So for the past month, I have been working with my gelding in riding bridleless. I usually take off his bridle after our work out, I have worked up to walking/trotting/loping both ways, stopping, backing up and spinning and he works mostly off of leg. He does really good! The one thing I worry about, I usually keep my reins wrapped around his neck (loose of course) and I only really use them to kind of reinforce when he doesn't want to listen. For example, he likes to go to the gate when he thinks he's done.. I don't pull HARD on the reins, I just keep a steady pressure and use my body to get him to go where I want him to go. But my question is, if I use the reins too much around his neck can I hurt him? Again I'm not throwing all of my weight into it or trying to rip his neck off, just applying steady pressure and waiting for him to respond to it. I've seen when people rope horses to catch them and they fight.. I'm just curious as although I have ridden bridleless before, it was only a one time thing.. and this I plan on doing for a while and excelling. My goal is to be able to run him bridleless :)So can you hurt them if you do it too much? Or am I just being a worry wart?
  7. Navicular Horse- (Update!)

    Smilie, the second link was actually a link I read this morning. Very knowledgeable. Second, again I will be taking pictures of it tonight when I get to the barn. I have Soft rides I can put on his feet when he is in his stall.. he looks so uncomfortable Ugh! Anyway, I will post pics tonight.. thank you for the information and responses!
  8. Navicular Horse- (Update!)

    Okay, I will get pictures today!! I am so confused. I just called to speak with my main vet (the one I always use) and am waiting for him to call me back. My gelding got shoed on Saturday, and they put some aluminum shoes on him with a wedge to lift up his heels, rolled his toes ect. The farrier told me from the xrays he really didn't look 'that' bad, and before he got these special shoes on he was actually pretty sound with his regular trimming. As long as I warmed him up real good, he was sound! But now my poor baby looks soo uncomfortable.. he is constantly shifting his weight in his stall due to the difference in angle, and when I rode him (just rode him light), he broke over easy but he just seems so unsure and unconfident..and he was limping on and off and I know its necessary to relief that pressure and pain, but I just hate seeing him like that and I don't know if it was the best thing for him right now. I am thinking about pulling his shoes and letting him go barefoot just to make him more comfortable, but I have SO many people telling me don't go barefoot. If I make him go barefoot, you might as well put him down. Please someone straighten this out for me, I am so confused.. so many people are telling me different things. I will post pics tonight as thats when I will be at the barn. Like is this normal or should I be concerned?
  9. Navicular Horse- (Update!)

    I do have pictures of the xrays in my truck, I can post them in the morning I guess. But I yes, I have noticed that. I had actually posted pictures of his feet on here like 2 years ago when I first got him. His toes were way too long, very little heel, contracted heels.. his feet were messed up! He kept getting abcesses in his front feet and I was wondering why, then my shoer (whom I had since I was 11, so I didn't know any better) hot nailed him and wouldn't come back to fix it. Being that I was his apprentice for about a year, I actually pulled his shoes and had my vet and two very reputable farriers come out and look at him. It was 4 weeks AFTER he had been shoed, and he was 2 3/4" long.. and they had explained to me that he was being cut way too short, and had been like that for a very, very long time. So that is why I kept him barefoot for a year. I trimmed him myself because he didn't trust anybody with his feet(with good reason, he had been poorly handled, cut too short, his feet probably hurt, had rasp markings on his sides when I got him.. poor baby).. it literally took me a year and 10 months of working with him, just to get him to have someone else put shoes on him.. without being heavily sedated. But like I said, I kept him barefoot for a year.. He actually ran better barefoot that with shoes, but we are real rocky out here and he kept getting rocks stuck in his feet.. and he would always start limping back when he got his rocks stuck in there. Then he realized, hey if I limp.. Mommy stops me, gets off and checks all of my feet so I don't have to work! So he started to limp.. ALL THE TIME.. even when he didn't have rocks in his feet, he would fake it just so he wouldn't have to work. It wasn't fun anymore.. It was ridiculous. Then when I put shoes back on him.. walla, no more limping and I can enjoy my riding time. Plus he is one of those horses that needs to be work 5-6 times a week, otherwise he gets silly and too full of energy. So I wouldn't be able to just put shoes on him when he is worked and barefoot when he is not.. because literally, he needs to be ridden or worked that often. And I am actually planning to put him on a 6 week schedule now to help him.. and my vet DID take xrays.. and he did show me the holes, and this vet is actually the ultimate lameness vet guru here in the valley..and I have been using him since I was well..11. So I do trust his judgement.
  10. Navicular Horse- (Update!)

    Hello everyone! I have not been here for quite some time but I figured I would come here to ask some questions as this is my first time dealing with this and I would like more input and info. My main barrel horse has been diagnosed with navicular, he had been getting cut short for a very long time before I got him. I spent the last 2 and a half years letting his feet grow out to their proper length and getting him all healed up. I kept him barefoot for about a year and he did really well, then I put shoes back on him.. haven't had a problem. About a 3 weeks ago he started limping. He was one week overdue on his shoes (9 weeks) and I did notice that usually if he got up to his eighth week, he would always start to get kind sore and start limping. I had no clue that it was this, just thought he was sensitive so I always kept him on a tight schedule when it came to shoeing or trimming. But we took him to the vet, got xrays done, blocked him ect. His tendons are fine but he does have some holes in his navicular bone, which I was devastated. I lot of people have been keeping my head up though, saying that it is not the end of his career that there is hope that he can keep running. He is only 15 and he is a state champ pole bending horse and my main mount, at least until I can get my mare going. Now if he can't run, hey, he can't run. Not a whole lot I can do about that. The vet kept telling me that he wished my farrier had did a bad job with his feet, so he could have something to work with. But his angles were practically perfect, and he suggested putting on some eggbars (which my farrier is coming this weekend to do) and roll his toe to help him break over. I have been looking into the supplement Equibone, has anybody tried it? Would love to hear results, I have heard a lot of good reviews on it! Also I did buy a pair of softrides, we were planning to run the big NBHA Supershow at the end of the month.. and the stalls are concrete and I wanted to keep him comfortable. I got the regular (blue) sole, it is not the specialized one with navicular(Of course, I did all this BEFORE the vet appointment! ugh) Was wondering if anybody has ever tried softrides with an eggbar shoe? I am really not familiar with the eggbar.. I heard there is a lot more to it, than just a shoe. What else can I do? What are your experiences? Sorry for the novel.. and all the questions.. lol
  11. Bloodlines: Too Much Speed? What's Your Thoughts?

    Wow, he's BEAUTIFUL!!! How tall is he?
  12. Barrel Racing bathroom decor

    Wow, this was posted 3 years ago. lol I was about to think that someone hacked my account haha XD
  13. Bloodlines: Too Much Speed? What's Your Thoughts?

    Corvette, yep! Looks like they are very closely bred :) Well, I went to go look at this guy. He's 7 years old and literally only track broke, I'd even go as far to say that he is green broke. He's very calm but he doesn't like to work. I asked him to go and he didn't want to do anything, I had to get after him a little bit to make him move out at all. I trotted him in circles around the barrels(BIG circles) just to see what he would do, he literally STOPPED after about the third circle and was like, 'Okay, I am done.' I'm a little unsure if he is that way because he hasn't been worked for so long or if he just has a bad attitude. The owner looked it up, his last race was July of 08 and he has been sitting for a while. He linked me the video's he placed 4th in both races but he literally shut down at the final stretch.. didn't even look like he was even trying to run. Maybe bad handling or maybe even though he's got the lines, he just doesn't have the heart for it? :/ He also had a casual limp on his front right that came and went at a walk.. didn't really express it too much on hard ground, it looked like his shoes were too small and were contracting his heels, so that might be that problem. Riding this horse sure made me appreciate my gelding and how far him and I have come! I don't think I will be purchasing this one.. its just a lot of horse to be having such a poor attitude. Most horses who have been sitting for a while would be happy to be getting out and learning something(As I didn't work him hard, just a lot of walking and starting to do slow work to see if he would catch on) and he didnt even express an interest to learn. What does this sound like to you? Pain issue? Laziness? Attitude? Barrels not being his thing? I'm not too sure what the FDD horses are famous for in their attitudes.. other than being a barrel racing line.
  14. Your Opinions On Using The Saddle Horn And Tie Downs!

    To use a tie down really depends on the horse. Some horses rely on the tie down to catch their balance and lean on it, while other's run better and more balanced when they don't have that restriction there. My current gelding, I can ride him all day long, lope him, run him, rope off of him, work cows.. whatever I want without a tiedown. He never has thrown his head and honestly I recently started to ride him without a tie down, so I am truly unsure if I can run him without one because I've always ran him with one, as per recommended by his previous owners. But honestly I have been thinking about doing an exhibition run without a tie down just to see if he could do it.. if so, he would be my first horse that I would be able to run without a tie down, which to me is a bit nerve racking. lol As per holding onto the horn, why is he is asking? Depending on how hard your horse pushes out of the turn, you have yet to really push her and perhaps your trainer feels you will need that extra bit of support to stay on top of her.. rather than being thrusted back into your seat when your horse is driving out of the turn. Again, my gelding is like that. I've had him for about a year and a half and I still have trouble getting up and out of my seat coming out of the first barrel, mainly because he digs and drives sooo hard that if I am not holding onto that horn, I get thrown back every single time. Maybe you should ask your trainer why he wants you to hold onto the horn? If he is as good as he says he is, then he should be able to explain the dynamics and benefits to doing this.
  15. Bloodlines: Too Much Speed? What's Your Thoughts?

    Thanks guys for your input!! Saudi, I trust you. I was just curious haha Am super excited to see this horse in person.. I'll probably be star struck and falling all over myself XD (lol j/k) But you know what I mean!!