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  1. Indiana Trail Chat

    I'm counting down the days till schools out and I can start riding more!
  2. Would Love Some Ideas For A Approach On This

  3. Indiana Trail Chat

    That is so awesome Tuffy! God is so amazing :)
  4. Going To School For Barefoot Trimming

    Sorry it took me so long to reply! I live in Southern Indiana, about an hour north of Evansville. Unfortunately there are no barefoot trimmers nearby that I know of. I have been to the ESA website and looked around. I wasn't sure of how reputable they are though. Oh and I defintiely stay away from anything strausser related! Originally I was looking at the AANHCP's program, (several years back when I was first learning) But Jaime's Jackson's sole rasp has chased me away from there. I may look around on the internet and see if there are any local barefoot trimmers, it's been awhile since I've checked.
  5. Going To School For Barefoot Trimming

    I have been trimming my own horses for a few years now and I was curious about what barefoot trimming schools you guys would recommend. I have always thought about one day going into it professionally. I am not ready right now, but I would like to look at the schools that do offer programs. Currently I am working on my Associate's in Business Management, so it would be awhile before I would be able to complete something. Thanks for your advice! equine_luver
  6. Four Point Trim Video

    I was cringing as he was digging out the horse's toe! I definitely agree that you can see a lot of flaring, especially at the quarters. My question is why would you want to put all of the horse's weight on only four points of their hoof? What is the thought process behind this method? ETA: Is he calling the flaring on the quarters "wings"?
  7. Indiana Trail Chat

    I haven't actually ridden in Pike State Forest, but I walked them and the ones I went on were really easy. The one I was on basically was flat the whole time and went through a really shallow creek and back out again. I am planning on taking my horse there for his first trail ride. ETA: When I was there, small branches and stuff weren't really well maintained, so that could be annoying. That was last spring.
  8. Seeking Mens Boots Advice

    My fiance got a pair of Ariat Sedona's in distressed brown that he really likes.
  9. Shawnee Forest Illinois Autumn Pictures

    Gorgeous pics!!! I realy like the idea of getting married there...I'll have to tell my fiance! lol I had no idea that the sears tower was renamed either!
  10. Hoof Supplement Treats

    I have a horse that has been difficult to catch in the field and I was looking into different treats, but I want something that is more than just junk food for him. Does any one have any favorites that they would like to suggest?
  11. Indiana Trail Chat

    Claudia- Have you ever been to Dinky's? They have a sale on Thanksgiving. They normally have a bunch of saddles, not many brand new, but I have gotten some nice older trail saddles. They also have a sale on New Years Day. I have been busy for the past few weeks, we got the horse I told you guys about! It is a Christmas present for me fiance. He absolutely loves him. He fell in love with his picture the first time I showed him to him. lol
  12. Married (or Engaged) Hc'ers

    I met my fiance through a friend at her birthday party. We started dating December 14th 2008 and he proposed November 15 2009, 11 months later. We are planning our wedding for June of 2011.
  13. Just Got A New Horse, Which Means,

    Thank you :) What do the rings mean? I was reading some of the links and it was talking about IR in horses, and the connection to sugar in grasses. Is that what causes the rings (if it is connected to the spring grass)?
  14. College Students With Horses

    A lo of good tips there! I think what I need to do is loook at my schedule and figure out where I have any spare time and make sure I get my homework done then, that way I can fit in my riding time. It's motivating to hear how other people have done it and it's not impossible.
  15. Just Got A New Horse, Which Means,

    I felt so much better after they were trimmed. All of the excess toe was just killing me! I did notice the heels when I looked at the pics. It's amazing how much you see in the pictures. I don't have a natural trimmer to check out my work, so to hear you guys compliment the trim makes me feel so much better! I am always afraid that I am not going to do it right for some reason. I'm glad you guys pointed out the rings in his hoof. I was wondering what caused it and the grass does make sense. The previous owner had him in a dirt lot, but she had only had him for two months. I'll go ahead and start looking at grazing muzzles for the spring. Does that mean that he may be more prone to founder, because the grass has bothered him? This is my only good full body shot Here is my fiance (he asked yesterday!) Kale and his horse Emmit (we need to get some better pics, Emmit looks ticked off in that pic lol) Thank you guys for your critiques, it helps so much for those of us that do not have anyone on site to help out. Nichole