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  1. Just Thought Id Sneak This In

    He looks so good! Looks as if you have discovered some natural horsemanship. I have been playing in Parelli and am amazed at how much fun that me and my Andalusian cross (fun left brain extravert) and Tb (timid and shy right brain introvert) are having together. My Tb also has trust issues and has totally came out of his shell. I love how it has enhanced my dressage riding. you have a gorgeous boy there! Keep up the good work!
  2. Cute Video

    I am very ashamed of myself as a rider now! [Duh]
  3. Akota's Amigo, Hoof Photos

    Thank you SO MUCH Audrey for posting them for me. (I may need your assistance for the "afters") [Question] Missyclaire, Thank you as well for the advice. I'll post after pics just as soon as I get them done . (He's still learning how to pick up his feet so I am taking it slow with him. ) Thanks again guys! [smiley Wavey]
  4. Looking Through Some Old Stuff.

    Lovely horses. Nice floaty trot on your girl....and the other one......a SAINT! Everyone needs one of those! [Angel]
  5. New Guy. Feet Thoughts?

    I give up. No matter what I try, photobucket just won't work with me. Anyone interested in looking can pm me and I'll give them a guest password. My computer is disfunctional! (maybe it's me?!) [bang Head]
  6. New Guy. Feet Thoughts?

    I think it's my computer. Whenever I try to go down from the picture to the last box underneath to right click and copy, it disappears! My computer is the problem I think. The box won't stay long enough for me to right click!
  7. Hero's Big Day

    That just ABSOLUTELY made my day! I am so excited for you guys! Your love for your boy sure shines through in his care and nice party! Give that cute boy a kiss on the nose for me! [Huggy]
  8. Missyclair

    I sent you a pm. [Jump]
  9. New Guy. Feet Thoughts?

    For some reason photobucket won't let me copy the photo links.
  10. New Guy. Feet Thoughts?

    Here's my new boy I bought this weekend. He's a 5 y.o. Andalusian/Appendix cross. He has been barefoot his whole life, but I don't think he's had much trim care. Before I trim a little to make him more comfortable until my trimmer comes in 3 weeks, can you guys check out his feet and let me know if you see any red flags? Thanks in advance! Fronts today and then I'll do backs in a couple more days as he's not good with picking up his feet and I am taking it slow with him How do i put pics on the new format ?
  11. Flares

    I have also been checking into this and if you go to youtube and type in "trimming from the top A WARNING" this gal shares a lot of insight on it. (her username on youtube is "thehappyhoof". Her videos are really cool to watch. She explains things really well. But like she says it isn't like in the wild a horse ever walks up to a rock and starts shaving down the outside of his hoof ever and then goes on to say this is totally opposite of "natural" This in turn thins out the outer structures and does allow for the inner structures of the wall to begin to allow flairing. She also states that a lot of trimmers seem to continuously see flairs and this is the very reason why. Check out all her videos. They are very interesting!
  12. Critique My Horse

    I wouldn't say he is a "crappy" mover, but maybe not a "10" He is a little short up front and doesn't seem to use his shoulders well (which is probably conformational) He uses his backend well however and that is always a big plus! He looks like a really kind boy!
  13. Ponies In The Snow!

    looks so pretty! We got a dusting here, but not enough to really take pics. Maybe next time!
  14. Critique Horse Please

    Thanks for the compliments. He is my favorite color! He's only 4 and been sat on twice with very little ground work, so I'm pretty much getting a blank slate (which I much prefer to baggage). I am going to start him as if he knows absolutely nothing. Proper lungeing is def. high on my list. May not be doing too much "real" riding til Spring. I like to take things slowly. thanks again!
  15. Critique Horse Please

    Here's an Andalusian cross gelding I bought. Can't wait for him to ship here! Tell me what you think! Look him up on youtube under Amigo 009 and Amigo 008 Thanks in advance!