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  1. I would highly reccomend having a chiropractor or equine body worker(massage) work on your mare. I would strongly suspect that your mare is having muscle tension issues. These issues can lead to more serious problems of not taken care of. You have a great opportunity to work on this since you have been so observant and noticed that there is something going on! Kudos to you for being so observant.
  2. Bucking When Spooked

    I would ask a few questions to get to a full al response. Had you been riding the horse the days and weeks leading up to this ride or was it the first ride in awhile? Did you do any lunging or anything to get the horses extra energy out? If you had been riding the horse on a regular basis and took measures to get the extra energy out before this occurred I would then wonder about the future of the horse as a trail horse. However if the horse was fresh and he hadn't been being worked then I would say the failure was on part from the handler not setting the horse up properly for success. The horse did not necessarily react in an odd Manner as they are flight animals. There are to many variables for me to draw a conclusion from this post. But hopefully I posted some things to think about.
  3. Staple Inserted In Forehead As A Calming Effect?

    This might possibly be the weirdest thread I have ever read! Why would anyone want to put staples in their horses head to try to make them behave? If there is a "blockage" of some kind in a meridian then I could see using massage to reduce the blockage, but staples? Staples rank right up there with doing Riki on horses in the neighboring pasture for a healing session... or doing a riki session over the phone with a horse. (yes I have seen it) I agree with Smilie, what ever happened to training your horse! I am not against massage or even acupressure, or acupuncture. In fact I am working towards an equine massage certification right now. I am, however, against putting staples into a horse to make it calmer. Sounds like a self fulfilling prophecy to me! *zips up flame suit and waits for the explosion*
  4. How Do I Get His Attention? New Gelding Problems

    Ditto on the Job idea... Try to make the arena fun... and don't use it for schooling. Sounds like schooling in the arena is counterproductive at this point anyhow.
  5. Green Horse And Shoulder Control

    You are having this problem because you have not yet gained control of the entire horse. The horse is evading you by wiggling around your cues so to speak. Working on things like crossing the front legs over in turns, then isolating the back end and making it turn around the front, side-passing. You also want your horse to walk STRAIGHT off your cues when you ask them to go forward. When your horse knows to move away from pressure ANYWHERE it is applied on his body then you can work on him tracking square from his hind end forward and not dropping out of your circle or dropping his shoulder. Riding is constant movement and getting a horse to track squarely off of all 4 without any evasive monkey business is going to require a conscious effort on your part for awhile. Every time the horse gets to wiggling around you need to use your body to put him back between your legs. It might be every stride for awhile that you have to ask him to square up, but if you are diligent the horse will eventually learn that evasion doesn't work. Step 1. Work on horse moving off of pressure, sidepassing, turning, etc. Step 2. Work on the horse moving squarely off of all 4 feet when you walk off Step 3. Work on the horse staying right in the middle of your legs and soft and responsive to any pressure applied at each gait. I hope this helped. Sometimes it is hard to put a "feel" into words. Typing this out helps me become a better teacher, so if anything needs clairification please let me know and I will try to make it a little more clear! :)
  6. Arab Lovers My New Gelding Critque

    Its nice to see a fellow Arabian lover with pretty horses :)
  7. Guess What

    You guys are all nuts! It feels good to be back here after all this time. No one likely remembers me, but I remember all of you old timers!! HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :)
  8. Training For Falls.

    I think you got great advice on this thread but you were already thinking about doing what I think is the right thing. Weather he was abused or just reactive you need to get him used to the motion until he stops his dramatic reactions. You already knew that :) I do have to disagree with FlordiaHorseman. I do think that horses are smart enough to use treats as a reward if it is done properly. Though I do agree that the horse needs a lot of movement around him. Personally I would not be comfortable using a lariat around the horse as I am not familiar with that technique, but whatever way you choose I think you will be successful because you demonstrated a comprehension of the situation and had already planned out what you should do. You sound like a good horseman.
  9. Breaking Question

    This is what I do... 1. horse learns how to lead at my side. walk and back up and turn away from pressure without me touching the rope. 2. horse learns to lunge. walk, trot, canter. Whoa. Turn. Whoa. etc 3. horse learns how to wear a saddle and bridle and perform all of the above without ever worrying about the saddle. 4.Horse learns how to give by being bitted and preforms all of the tasks listed above (not everyone asks for a headset and there is a lot of controversy on biting horses. To each his own, but I personally want them giving to the bit before I get on) 5. Horse learns how to ground drive. I use two lunge lines and run one through a stirrup and leave one free but both are attached to the bit. The horse must know how to walk, trot, whoa, and back before I ride them. Normally they also know how to side-pass while ground driving. 6. When horses does all of the above and doesn't care about it then I think about riding :) When the horse is lunging well with a saddle on i start putting weight in the stirrups and jumping up and down in one stirrup, alternating sides. This is helping them slowly get used to people being above them. I want them to have several opportunities to experience this before I put a leg on each side of them and commit myself. It is a lot easier to get off if you are only on one side of the horse! :) Also in there somewhere we learn how to stand for clippers and we get desensitized. Most of our training horses wear blankets which does a lot of the desensitizing work for us. If it is summer they also get sprayed down with the hose after they get sweaty, which adds another element of desensitization. Remember you can make a plan that works for you, hope this helps! :)
  10. Frustrated

    pom pom earplugs are the best in my opinon. You could try them and see if it makes a difference.
  11. My Turn To Ask For Registered Name Ideas!

    legendary diamond hk legend hk leaving a legend hk making a legend hk one true legend hk I am legend hk diamonds and legends hk
  12. Arab Lovers My New Gelding Critque

    I know i am digging skeletons out with these threads but I wanted to comment! It has been so long since I have been here!!! I like the front end on this horse. He has an upright neck carriage and his neck comes out of his back at his withers. This horse should be fairly easy to get a headset on. One thing that would make collection more challenging is that his hock is slightly higher then his knee, and sometimes it makes it more difficult for a horse to really get on his hind when collecting. Most horses can overcome that and unless you are looking at high level competition you would likely never notice. His back is a little lower then i would like to see and I think his weakest point is his croup which is more slanted then I would like to see. overall he is a pretty horse, what do you do with him?
  13. 8 Year Old Arab Gelding

    I think that you have a nice horse. Starting from the head and moving back I like his head. He has a nice big, round jaw. His neck is a little short, however it has a nice shape to it. The horse is in good weight and has a healthy coat. I am unsure of shoulder angle from this picture. His back is a decent length but I am not thrilled about his croup as I feel it is to short and is to slanted. Ideally the croup should be flat and long in an Arabian. Thats my opinion in a nutshell. He looks happy and loved and that's wonderful! Nothing that I can see should lead to an unsoundness due to conformation.
  14. I Think My Horse Has Ulcers...

    Ifyour horse is biting at his sides he might just be itchy? maybe he has dry skin. Maybe he has something out of place and need a chriopractor. seems you are jumping the gunwith the ulcer thing
  15. 2:1 Calcium To Phospherous

    Thanks for the replies guys it is very interesting. Cheri what is the free choice mineral that you use, is it something special?