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  1. Help To Identify Makers Mark On Bit .

    I believe that if there is no other mark besides the turtle on it that it is a weaver. I know that National Ropers Supply will have the turtle mark on one side and NRS on the other.
  2. Double C?

    When I worked for a trainer they had two double c training style saddles and I would sat that they were a nice quality, maybe a step below a circle y/ billy cook. I thought they were both comfortable and we rode 10-15 horses a day in them.
  3. Illinois/wisconsin Meetup January 19Th

    Spanish, were you guys staying in the rockford area saturday? I am going to be about 30 min from Madison on sunday, maybe we could catch lunch on your way though??
  4. Illinois/wisconsin Meetup January 19Th

    I wont be able to make this meet up. My work is having our Christmas party this day, since only 8 people work there and my boss is all feelings so it will be noticed if i skip it and she will take it personal since she stuck a bit of time into planning. I really over analized this situation for a while because I really wanted to meet you all but I just cant swing it. Have fun everyone though and please post pictures!
  5. Wi/il People

    Between the 5th and the 19th I would prefer the 19th simply because its a little after the holidays so I will be more likely to have extra cash but really either one would be fine. Machine shed or applebees would be fine with me.
  6. Wi/il People

    I am about 3 hours north of Chicago in Ripon WI so I would love to do a bb meet up. I would also have an empty slot in my trailer if anyone would need a ride for the spring meet up.
  7. Groupon

    zorrita ~ I use the active.com one and it looks like i can just sign up for clymb but there was a thing about getting $20 if you send out invites so Ill send you my email so you can get invites. Thanks!
  8. Ill/wisconsin Peeps

    I want to do this one soo bad, but im just too cheap to pay for it now. I will be signing up for it next year before the prices go up though!
  9. Groupon

    I have used it to sign up for a few races in our area. They just had a halloween 10k for 50% off. Love it!
  10. I Survived...with Pics.

    Ahh, have fun! I have a bunch of friends doing it on sunday. I have to work or else I would be doing it also, I will be for sure going next year though. post pics if you get any.
  11. Trailer Question

    I have a flat nose two horse slant that I pull with my F250 with the 4 full doors and a long box. I dont have any problems pulling or turning it but that may be that I am just used to it ... Tthe biggest thing that I noticed between the square I have now and the round that I used to have is that I seem to have less room in the tack area. Mine is made by Adam Trailers
  12. I could look up the other thread but to be honest im way to lazy so ... what are the dates for this again??
  13. Midwest Trail Ride-Time Is Set!

    im a maybe for the 15-18th, primitive site ... im hoping to find someone to help me share gas eta: I will know for sure if I can make it the beginning of June. We are road tripping down to Texas for 9 days, leaving next Saturday and I dont have the brain capacity to think about August yet.
  14. Anyone Ever Enter A Car Show?

    i used to have a truck that i put in car shows, that was about 10 years ago but it couldnt have changed that much.
  15. Another Midwest Get Together Ride This Year?

    bummer ... looks like im out this year the third weekend of august is the only weekend i have plans. thats what i get for not being on the internet the past week eta ... its only 6 hrs for me so maybe if some of you guys are going up earlier in the week i could just come weds or thurs leave satuday so i would be back for my race sunday. so im a maybe, ill just see where the plans go and decide from there