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  1. I hate seeing horse trailers rolling down the highway with the windows open so the horses can stick their heads out. On the highway. Not safe...

  2. Non typical spiker, and then a very unhealthy 3 point. They are both small but the 3 point has very VERY swollen or tumorous testicals. They are the size and shape of a football... These guys hang out around the campsite lol

  3. Bryce's first camping trip!

  4. Anyone wanna go to the neigh neigh lovers convention?

  5. And it's to the barn!!! Be read to be flooded by sambo pics lol

  6. Sooooo.... I may have pushed my car to it's limits lawl. Ran out of gas... Less than a mile from the station. Haaaaa... I have a gauge that tells me how many miles till e. I'd gone a further distance before so yea. I'm awesome lol

  7. I had to wake Bryce up to feed him this morning! Oh I hope he turns this into a routine!

  8. Bryce is a whopping 14lbs 13oz! And 25 1/4 in long! He's the size of an average 4mo old, at 3 months! He got his shots today too, he wasn't happy, poor boy.

  9. I've been at 145 lbs for 2 months now.... Really need to change my eating habits...

  10. I'm tired of not having money. I want to buy tack and save up for my horse and her needs, but my sons needs come first. Looks like I need to start doing commissions and really put my name out there. It's really my only skill at the moment lol...

  11. I'm not saying I'm fat but I really would like to fit in my pre fat pants properly and comfortably lol. But ****. Food makes it so hard lol. And the fact that it's really hard to get back into shape. Motivation is null and void lol

  12. Just started CQ an hour ago... I have a sinus headache, am hungry, and already tired... Ugh.... 23 hours to go. At least I have my laptop and internet lol

  13. Someone on post bought my stang. Now I have to be tortured... I miss that car.

  14. Just paid $40 for two tickets to the rodeo. Why the ****...

  15. Anyone busy tonight? Lookin to see if someone wouldn't mind watching Bryce for a little while. Let me know! =]