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  1. A Wild horse RPG..

    Sahara cried after Jingles as she ran away, and before she decided to follow her, she realized that Jingles needed to be alone.
  2. A Wild horse RPG..

    OOC: Sorry I was a bit harsh.. i just get kinda annoyed when ppl just kill things like that.... i mean didnt the horse get harmed at all? We don't have to pretend that never happened......sorry again....
  3. A Wild horse RPG..

    quote: Originally posted by domosnow: Jingles came running to Saharas call. She galloped and jumped right in the middle of the human maush pit. The men were injurred and one of the men called out, " Lets go this mare isnt worth breaking bones." The men got back in their trucks. OOC: This was all the way back on page 32! they left a LONG time ago... I said that earilier! Bic: Sahara stayed close to jingles as the men LEFT! She thought that they had left earlier, but they came back. She thought it was stupid that one of the horses had killed a couple of them because they would be back. And they would take the whole herd.
  4. A Wild horse RPG..

    OOC: The men are gone... Bic: Sahara gave Jingles a loving nuzzle. "Come on, let's return to the herd." she whispered.
  5. A Wild horse RPG..

    Apple, nuzzled Blizzard. She didn't really understand what was happening but she knew it was bad. She saw Jingles far off and gave a weak, unhearable nicker. Sahara stood above Sky's lifeless body for a while before deciding that she should get Jingles. She trotted up into the woods, to see Jingles pulling down a tent. She didn't have to say anything, she moved closer to Jingles.
  6. A Wild horse RPG..

    Sahara gave a couple of hard kicks to the back of the trailer, finally, when she wsa about to give up, she gave on last hard kick and the door smashed open. She franctically jumped out and gave a shrill and very loud whinney looking for Apple, she saw the horses crouded around Sky and then she spotted Apple. A man with a long gun was moving swiftly towards her. Apple was trembling and just standing there. Seeing this, Sahara jumped into a vicious gallop and put her head down. She jumped in front of Apple and reared giving a deathly wail at the man, he immeadiatley took off in the other direction. "You Ok Baby?" she said while nuzzleing Apple, who was Madly shaking. Together, they trotted towards Sky, she was on the ground. Was she hurt. As soon as they reached her. From the moment she saw Sky's cold, dull eyes she knew..
  7. A Wild horse RPG..

    OOC: GRRRRR!!!!! ....... BIC: BEFORE THE HUMANS RANDOMELEY TOOK OFF, they had loaded a screaming Sahara into the van. "No! Not again! Take Care of Apple!! I will be back!" she called out of the back of the stock trailer as it bumpedley drove away. Apple had seen them take her mom, she called out and started galloping after the trailer, "Mommy! Mommy! Don't leave!" she called chasing after the trailer.
  8. A Wild horse RPG..

    Sahara was galloping away from the humans when she heard Sky's screams, she was down and the humans were closing in on her. She saw the men that had taken her away from her home, beaten her and force bred her. She licked Apples confused but delicate face "Its ok Baby, Mommy will be back." she said quicetly before picking up a full gallop towards the humans, she heard one man call, "Hey! Its that **** mare we lost yesterday!" and as soon as she reached the big group of men, she gave a shrill whinney and tackled three of them. More men were closing in on her... It was so hard to fight back.. She screamed for help..
  9. A Wild horse RPG..

    The sounds of human screams awoke Sahara from heer sleep, on the horizon she could see three trucks, each with about eight men in them. She woke Apple quickly and started screaming to the other horses.."Run Run!! They'll get you!" she said motioning towards the mountains. The human trucks were now very very close.
  10. A Wild horse RPG..

    After a shortish nap Apple awoke and nipped Blizzards ear. She gave a high laugh and bounced away, daring him to follow.
  11. A Wild horse RPG..

    Apple cuddled into blizzards soft fur. Sahara smiled warmly at Blizzard. "She is a very good mom. You'll have a brother of sister!" she said while also laying down. Her belly was still big, but she didin't have a hoof digging into her ribs anymore.
  12. A Wild horse RPG..

    Apple felt very tired, she trotted over to Sahara and had a drink of warm milk. She then layed down at the mares feet and drifted off to sleep, the yummy white milk still around her soft lips.
  13. A Wild horse RPG..

    When Blizzard and Jingles went over to see the new mare, Apple bounced over happily. Her legs were still very wobbily. " Hi, I am Apple." she said shyly looking curiously at the mares stomach."My mom still looks like that, after she had me." Apple said motioning to Sahara, who's stomach was still very large. Sahara saw the pregnant mare arrive and waited until the mare was done talking to the foals. She watched as Apple introduced herself.
  14. A Wild horse RPG..

    Sahara felt so bad. The men were here because of her. She shouldnt have come straight here, she should have waited until they left. As the herd was deciding wether to fight back she tried to think if a good plan.. Apple didnt know what was happening. She bounced over to Blizzard and in a small voice asked "what is happening?"..
  15. A Wild horse RPG..

    OOC: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I AM OFF FOR TWO DAYS SICK AND LIKE 5 More pages!!! Cann some one PLEASE update me!!!