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  1. Apple's Foal Watch - 1 Month Old

    Alright horsey. The joke is over. Been watching you three days to see if you spit out something with spots. Get on with it already so I can be productive at work Epona. My advice is to threaten her with a plunger if she doesn't quit dilly-dallying
  2. 8 Yr Old Quarter Pony Mare Critique

    She looks like my pony Mines a Norwegian Fjord/Shetland... 13.2 hands of evil. - had to pick a more flattering thin pic of him... Right now he looks pregnant with triplets ..... and is on a D-I-E-T.
  3. A Broken Mare

    Well, the OP said money was an issue as far as training. I didn't see the original post. But check with the local 4-H program. They have people who will help for likely FREE to tell her about other saddles to try and she might meet up with someone who, if she is determined to work with a disrespectful horse, at least willing to help her. Especially in exchange for help at events, etc. Worth a try.
  4. My Horse Got Cast In The Snow

    My younger sis's gelding did that. Tried to roll out in the pasture and got stuck. That horse was so darn fat too... I was surprised he didn't get stuck on dry ground, let alone 2.5 feet of snow. We went out and rolled him over, as soon as he had some weight to shift, he got up.
  5. Dealing With A Pushy Horse

    lol yeeeah. I've done that too. My 5yo Appendix is about 17hh. Used to try and swing into me. I got him right in the ribs. He knows better than that. Now I just "cluck" to him and he stops and moves over. And if he starts being a dingbat, a sharp "ah-uh!" and he freezes all four feet to the ground. They learn fast if you are firm and fair with them.
  6. Why The Sudden Change?

    Please read all of what I said and don't take one small part and blow what I said out of proportion. I said I wanted him to respect me and my space. Respect the command given. It's respect for the handler. Following doesn't imply he has a choice. He's going to have to do it. He chooses to, yes. Because doing otherwise would be corrected accordingly with how strong the refusal was. The horse doesn't really have a choice in the matter. He will respect the command given, as he has been trained to do. Teaching them the trailer is positive is one way to make them go in, no treat needed, was the only point I made. Good luck Equicrazy, glad your horse is doing better for you:)
  7. Why The Sudden Change?

    Depends on what the real problem is. I didn't want my horse to follow the rope into the trailer, I wanted him to follow me into the trailer. Which is what I taught him to do. He'll go in when told to, with or without me now. An alpha horse pushes an unruly yearling around until they learn to follow and behave themselves. So I applied pressure until I got the result I wanted. Tomato, tamata [smiley Wavey]
  8. Why The Sudden Change?

    well, I had to re-train one to load (he was a mess, broke my mom's hand). And I backed the trailer up to the corral, blocked both sides, so that he could go in if he chose (trailer was hooked up to a rig, so it was stable). And I made the wrong thing (not loading) hard to do, and the right thing (getting his butt in there) the easy thing to do. He got worked and then asked to step into the trailer, when he didn't go, he got worked more. By the end of 2 hours, he was loading in and out or standing on command in the trailer. No halter, no lead, etc. I would tell him to load or to follow me in and he would. End of story. Or we would go back to work. I didn't care how long it took. I would release the pressure on him when he gave the desired response. He never got hit, never got dragged, never got smacked. I've done it with all my horses since then, they load rather well. I will use a bribe as a last course of action with a new horse if I'm picking up if I don't have the facilities to get them in otherwise.
  9. Seizures

    Very close at home story for me. My older brother is 24 years old, was diagnosed with epilepsy(both the petite and grand mal seizures) at 16 years old along with severe panic attacks. He still lives at home. Dad wants him to be more independent. But he's had panic attacks while driving already(with a permit, not a license), and driven into the oncoming lane as well as onto the sidewalk. I thank God no one was in either spot when he had one.... He still gets breakthrough seizures and panic attacks through the medication.. In my opinion anyone with either problem not able to be adequately controlled by medication shouldn't be driving, it's a danger to themselves and everyone around them.. *sigh* as far as the parents,... I think parents have a hard time when their child's independence is handicapped; They try so hard to treat them like a normal case that they push them to be independent at almost any cost.. Definitely not a good situation...
  10. The Catholic Church And Exorcisms

    Thanks for posting. lol, I debated with myself on whether to say anything, but finally came up with it really doesn't matter so much if others think me crazy, I definitely know I'm not. And yes, it is an odd feeling. But it's kept me out of alot of trouble listening to what I knew and felt. It's annoying in some cases, but I think I would rather know than not know. Hard to describe the feeling though.. Like every nerve within me is screaming. Depends on the person in question or the presence I feel as to how extreme.
  11. The Catholic Church And Exorcisms

    Interesting topic. Actually caught my eye because of something that happened the other day. Some of you probably know that I'm a Christian. But I read people unusually well. Hard to explain really. But I have met people who were "demon-possessed." When you look in someone's eyes and the eyes staring back at you aren't theirs.. The hairs rise on the back of your neck... And the voice they speak with isn't theirs... *shiver* It's not that they themselves are a demon.. But it's definitely something else within them that isn't human. I've been able to see and feel things like this since I was about 13 years old. Usually in people. Sometimes not. My mom could do that also. I most often see it in people who hold alot of hate in their hearts. Holding on to that kind of hate, that kind of anger, makes one more susceptible to the Devil than most. The people Satan tries to take aren't always those who don't believe in God, he tries for the Christians also. If he takes a parent in a household, and drives the marriage apart, it can instill seeds of doubt in the whole family.
  12. Why Can't People In The Lower 48 Drive In Snow?

    LOL, yay for us alaskans and our snow driving skills I guess... ARGH.. It's snowing here again. I don't care much about that though, I just want it to warm up a few degrees so I can go riding without freezing my butt off!! lol and yes, Char, you should come up here! I'll take you inner tubing down the ski hill! [Yay] And my town was mentioned (Fairbanks) so come on over if you end up here.
  13. Wedding Vows

    Happy Anniversary to you then Like most of you.. I detest the traditional approach of the word "obey." I'm not a child. Don't expect me to blindly follow your every word as if I were one. But I think interpreted as respect, and at that, mutual respect for one another, then it's the way it should be. It's all the interpretation. I don't see myself as the woman being given to the man in marriage. But I feel as we should give ourselves, equally; Otherwise it's no partnership.
  14. Promise Rings?

    well, as has been said, it's a symbol. Age doesn't really matter. If the symbol means the same thing, or something special to the two people concerned, then it does. And in that sense, I think if the symbol means something to the two people concerned, then it's a beautiful thing that age has no bearing on. Symbols of love and affection will be outdated about the time love and affection are outdated. [Jump]