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  1. Back To Ozland.....

    How wonderful. I'm happy for everyone involved.
  2. Apache's New Name Is "punk"

    Yes, he has a lot of "Pon-i-tude" but so far he is a dream when under saddle.
  3. Quiting Smoking

    I have always had vivid dreams and the patch just made them worse. Don't wear it at night....unless you always have pleasant dreams. Just sayin.
  4. Post Traumatic Stress

    I wish I were closer. Sweetpea would be the perfect horse for you to find confidence on again. In the meantime, take some pressure off of yourself. Don't think of riding as the do all and be all.
  5. Today I Realized

    Dang it all......Now I want a Big Mac
  6. He pretty much totally ignores me in the round pen. He isn't bad, just ignores me. I actually have to use the whip on his butt (yes, I touched his hinney with the whip, deal with it) to get his attention and then I only have it for a moment or two. But, I did get some new pictures of him. "Whatever....." by FromtheBackofaHorse, on Flickr DSC07701-1 by FromtheBackofaHorse, on Flickr DSC07700-1 by FromtheBackofaHorse, on Flickr DSC07698-1 by FromtheBackofaHorse, on Flickr DSC07694-1 by FromtheBackofaHorse, on Flickr
  7. Complete Self Indulgence

    And you hit another home run!
  8. I was just thinking about you a week or so ago. Now I log on and here you are! So sorry to hear about the loss of your horse and your friend.
  9. My Quarter Horse Thinks He's An Ay-Rab

    Congrats.....Now watch out. It is very addicting!
  10. Pictures From L T R's Visit!

    Ratts,it was so good to meet you! Thanks for putting up with me and my horses.
  11. Traveling Across Kc On I 70

    Thanks for the link, goatmom. I'll check it out. Also thanks for the offer but with diesel being over $4.00 a gal and I get 10 miles per gal, I am trying not to add any extra miles.
  12. I Ammmm Back!

    Sounds like life is looking up for you. Just keep on putting one foot in front of the other.
  13. I am headed to a CTR in Hillsdale KS next weekend. I am traveling across I70 and looking for a cheap place to overnight with 2 horses somewhere between Hays KS and Salina KS. All I want is someplace to let the horses out of the trailer for awhile and where I can sleep in the camper. I have called the number for the Ellis County fairgrounds in Hays but haven't gotten a call back. Anyone from here know of anything else along this route?
  14. What Goes Through People's Minds?

    People who throw animals away do not deserve to be breathing air. Cute little kitten.