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  1. let me in!

    I was able to log in also.
  2. It's been a while since I've been around, but thought I would drop in and say Hi Hope everyone is doing well.
  3. ** Happy Birthday Goldpiper **

    Thanks everyone.
  4. Hmmm.....anyone Miss Me?

    Hey Moody. Glad to hear from you.
  5. Charcoal Or Gas?

    I prefer gas because I can't do the charcoal.
  6. Oy, Your Inquiring Minds.

    CONGRATS!!!!! That is wonderful news. May you both have many wonderful years together.
  7. Military Bases

    I do. Luckily they got rid of the big guns. They always started in at 10 pm, nothing like a little boom to rock the house to put you to sleep. Now the helicopters fly around which I can handle. The horses could care less.
  8. Back In The Saddle Chat....

    Weather here is just not cooperating. I don't even know if I could find my horse under the mud. What I wouldn't give for an indoor.
  9. Shortening And Lengthening Your Reins

    Loved the video.
  10. Crazy Texas Weather!

    Someone please close that northern door.
  11. I'm so glad you liked everything Quincy. [Huggy]
  12. All Of You South Of The Border

    I'm ready to head south way south, bermuda, jamaica, the keys, they are all sounding really nice about now.
  13. It's Winter In Montana

    Did you have to share your weather Bumper? We haven't hit below zero here yet, but I think it's coming. It was 12 this morning. Saw a few cars in the ditch on the way to work this morning as the stuff we had yesterday left a nice snow packed icy glaze on the road. Oh What Fun.