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To make things a little more interesting I guess I should post a little something.

I've been horse nutty for as long as I can remember. My most formal lessons came from Girl Scout Camp way back when as riding lesson were not something my parents were willing to pay for. Recently I've had a few here and there but would love to have more lessons as I believe it is extremely helpful to have eyes from the ground.

Through the years I've always manage to find horses to ride. They were usually a little spoiled and didn't get riden much but to me that was part of the fun.

I never actually owned my own horse till 2003 when I bought Piper as a yearling filly. We've had our ups and downs but with the help of Greyhorse when are finally getting on the same page.

In 2005 I got my second horse Duchie she was 14 at that time, but I had known her since she was a 2 year old. Before I got married and moved I used to ride her all the time for my neighbors as they had bought her as a 4H project for the kids then realized what a big time committment it was. She's a great horse, but can be a little challenging because she doesn't get ridden enough.

And now I have my 3rd horse Sophie. Sophie is a yearling but she's been part of the family from the time she was conceived as Piper is her dam.

The past few years my knowledge base has increased with all the happenings at the farm. There's still so much to learn, I don't think I'll ever quit learning as I am enjoying the ride too much.