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  1. Small Favour To Ask...

    Thank you!
  2. Quick Simple Favour To Ask

    Thank youu!
  3. Small Favour To Ask...

    Thanks FS! :)
  4. Quick Simple Favour To Ask

    Could you all spare a second to follow this link and "like" my picture? It's a local tack shop photo contest, I can win free horse stuff :) Thanks in advance!
  5. Small Favour To Ask...

    Could you all spare a second to follow this link and "like" my picture? It's a local tack shop photo contest, I can win free horse stuff :) Thanks in advance!
  6. The Elephant On The Forum...

    Sorry red, but can we please keep this un-related to HC members as it was started? If you'd like to discuss any situations regarding specific members you're more than welcome to start your own threads :)
  7. Photo Sharing

    I don't think Mizz Reina will approve of that this summer... ;)
  8. Are You A Hoarder?

    Absolutely. Both of my guys have about 6 blankets. I just started getting rid of some stuff, like plain snaffle bits I will not use, halters etc etc. Cutting down to the bare essentials :)
  9. Winter Fun With The "big Boys" 12 Horse Hitch

    That's simply amazing!
  10. The Elephant On The Forum...

    The only reason I resorted to saying "name them" in my other thread was due to frustration. Hoofs was making it into a popularity thing, making it seem like I was picking on one person when "older/more popular" posters apparently do the same and I wasn't picking on them as well. My apologies for that because it was a bit childish. I wasn't calling any one out in particular, yet it was turned into that...
  11. The Elephant On The Forum...

    As I mentioned in my initial post, this thread is not about anyone in particular, let's please keep it that way.
  12. Book Suggestion For A Lazy Sunday?

    I read The Book of Negroes in grade 11, about 4 years ago and that's a book I always recommend to others. It was amazing. I think it goes by Say My Name or Whats my name since the original title was too "extreme"
  13. The Elephant On The Forum...

    300 pound woman on a 300 pound man or 300 pound woman on a medium sized horse. In this case, I pick 300 pound woman on 300 pound man, he can speak for himself and tell her to get off him. If you're trying to give me the option of a 300 pound man OR woman on a medium sized horse, I say neither. A 300# rider should be riding a large horse with a thick build.
  14. Wwyd? And A Question...

    Which is why I chose to leave specificities (if that's even a word) out of this. I wanted peoples opinions based on a situation not on people specifically. But according to stars it's cowardly to do so. :/
  15. The Elephant On The Forum...

    Let's do this. We're all big boys and girls here, so let's have a rational discussion about horses and riders. The subject of a riders weight has been taboo here for a while, too it turned taboo when I left here a couple years ago. When is a person too big to ride their horse? Obviously there are many factors that play into this such as 1) Horse: a) body type of horse: a horses build tells us a lot about how much a horse can carry. Obviously a horse with a long weak back is not going to be able to carry as big of a rider as a horse with a shorter, strong back. b ) horses overall condition: its easier for a horse to carry more weight if the horse is fit and using himself correctly as opposed to a horse that is out of shape and can't use himself properly. 2) Tack fit: proper tack fit allows proper weight distribution, ill fitting tack can put uneven pressure on a horses back, causing soreness and back pain. 3) Rider a) skill: it's a known fact that an experienced, balanced rider does not put as much torque on a horses back as an inexperienced rider. b ) size. *GASP* there. I said it. A riders weight has A LOT to do with riding. It's common sense that a horse is an animal and can only carry a certain amount of weight. It's just how it is. A heavy, unbalanced rider will put A LOT more strain on horse than a lighter unbalanced rider will. It's common sense. There's *so* many different factors. When it all comes down to it, it takes common sense and the ability to read your horses response. If you're riding a horse and it's telling you you are too heavy, or too inexperienced (heavy hands, way too much leg, etc etc) you need to listen to that horse and change the way you ride or get off. So, lets all be adults and discuss this. How heavy is too heavy?