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  1. Thanks anyway! Yeah, I'm finding KS is a HUGE state!!!! We are in the Northeast corner. anyone else out there??
  2. Nfr Tonight!

    how awesome was Brittany Pozzi and Duke's run of 13.94?!?!?!?! I'm so pathetic I literally teared up at their run...jeeeez lmao. They said the arena record for thomas and mack center is 13.52....think someone will break it this year??? But so awesome! My hubby and I are going out tonight to a movie and I'm going to tell him we need to be home tonight to see the NFR on's on at 10et, which means 9 for us! I have a feeling the movie won't be over by then lol Good thing barrels are second to last event!
  3. Wow guys...long time no talk! So here I am, moved 1300 miles from Delaware to Kansas, the new hubby is in the Army. But the downside? I had to give up my awesome paint mare before I moved Thanks to my crappy divorce and the lack of place to keep her out here on short notice.... I'm in the middle of rodeo horse country with no horse And what's worse is that because we're an Army family, I'm not going to be able to have my own horse again any time soon. Can't exactly transport a horse over to Germany when we move in 2 years very easily...that gets really we don't have...the Army doesn't pay to move horses...haha So here I am...middle of rodeo dreamland...with no horse I'm trying to hook up with the local NBHA hoping that someone has a horse I can use, or a couple that need riding.... Anyone in the area of Dickinson County Kansas??? I actually won't be able to ride for about 2 months due to surgery...but I can at least start going to events and hooking up with people!!!
  4. Rodeo Pictures

    You are an amazing photographer... !! Beautiful photos!
  5. 6 Y/o Green Mare, Hackamore?

    Thanks so much guys! Yeah bumper, I have a hack I bought that has short shanks with a fleece lined nose.... I didn't like any of the others I saw in the stores, they both seemed like too much "whoa" for her and the nosebands seemed that if I did get heavy on her, it would really damage her face (very rough and nasty..). My next choice was to be a low port curb or a mullen. I actually have a mullen in the shed... so may break that out first before the hack to see if she finds that more suitable. I had a great jr. cowhorse with a three piece broken mouth that didn't have so many pressure points, but someone who used to be a "friend" stole it. too bad because it was so expensive. That may have worked as well. thanks and I'll let you all know how it goes!
  6. 6 Y/o Green Mare, Hackamore?

    Hey there everyone! Been forever since I've been here... no internet except at work...wooooo. Anyway, My 6 y/o paint mare and I have been working lightly for a while. I've noticed she really HATES her snaffle. She had her teeth floated a few months ago.. and that doesn't seem to be the problem. SHe throws her head a lot and just gets generally very aggravated. Would it reduce the fight and generally un-comfortable-ness if I just switched to a hackamore? She is very calm and already bends well... I don't have any fears of her so called "running off with me" with only pressure point nose control. I have been riding for 22 years but have only ridden one horse in a hack. She has a light mouth and I have light hands, but she really seems to HATE having a bit in her mouth. Just looking for some advice. Thanks guys! **Kenna
  7. OT.......Any cat owners out there?

    Hey we have that igloo thing, it's called a "Booda Dome" and we got it at Pet Smart Keeps the litter in pretty well, although you still need a mat in front of it for stuff that gets tracked out.
  8. Bit update and question!!

    thanks guys! I was working with her flexing (left to right) and giving, which she is really good at and is learning well, but hadn't thought about flexing at the poll. I will see if I can pick up a training fork here in the next week. eta: thanks bumper, will do also. [ 07-05-2007, 09:51 AM: Message edited by: Kenna ]
  9. Okay, so I rode my green broke paint mare the other day, and am thinking about a bit change. At first I thought she was just playing with the bit because she is "new" to this riding thing (she is 6), but the dee ring snaffle seems to make her either annoyed or uncomfortable. When I ask her to turn, she will open her mouth really wide and lift her head. I know that some of this is because she is still learning, but should a dee ring be making her do that? I am not heavy handed and we are taking things slowly. Could it be the bit is too big? SHe does have a small mouth and this is not a bridle specifically for her. I have a jr cowhorse short shank dogbone bit... is that too much for her? Any insight would be great.
  10. Bloodlines...ANybody?

    Anyone know the APHA bloodlines Sky Bug Bingo and Bingos Game POint? These are on my mare's dam's side and was curious if anyone knew anything about them. I am an APHA member and was able to look up ROM points and such but that was all I found. THanks in advance.
  11. Green Broke Bit Question

    Thanks guys. I'm going to stick with the snaffle since it is working I'm getting a junior cowhorse with a dogbone mouth for back up in case I need to bump up as she progresses.
  12. Post your 2007 Barrel Horses

    This is Taya, reg. name Bingos Sugar Nspice, 14.1 hh, 6 y/o.... not on our property yet! We're moving so as soon as we get fence and run=in up she'll get to come home! She's green broke and will be my barrel horse... taking it slow! [ 06-28-2007, 12:35 PM: Message edited by: Kenna ]
  13. Hi all... I was reading the bit post and had a question about my mare I just bought. She is 6 years old and green broke to ride. The have ridden her a couple times in a d-ring snaffle. I have a bridle made up with a full cheek snaffle on it and was planning on using this on her since she seems relatively calm and from the first ride I could tell doesn't need much of a heavy hand and is still learning. My question is.... is it better to fine tune her in this snaffle or do you have a better bit you could suggest? She hasn't seen barrels yet so that will be down the road this year. Thanks!
  14. Critique.... Possible Prospect

    thanks for the replies Turn & Burn, they aren't using her for anything. She was green broke and then put out to pasture. The first thing I noticed about her were her short cannon bones, I was like, ahaaha! barrel racer! lol maybe, we'll see how finishing goes.