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  1. Old Time Members -- Update Us On Your Life!

    Got back into my old account!
  2. Really Wish I Could Remember My Old Login...

    I'm pretty sure I remember you! Its been YEARS since I've been on here!
  3. Who Here Is Old?

    I randomly decided to get on the KOBB and saw this thread! I've been here since I was like 12 or 13 I think! I'm 23 now with a 4month old baby! It's crazy to see how many familiar names I see on this thread even though it was from a year ago or so. Hopefully some of you oldies are still on here!
  4. It's Been Forever!

    I totally thought about you when I was at the Zone show!! But I didnt have a way to find out if you were gonna be there (( Definitely next year!! How did you do at the show anyways?
  5. It's Been Forever!

    Wow YOU have a MARE?! Lol Wow haha. I think its weird that we have mares lol. Jet is like Mancyn... up and down and up and down. Maybe they were twins in another life LOL And yes I do have a facebook my email is
  6. It's Been Forever!

    Yes I do remember you, Megan!! How are you?
  7. It's Been Forever!

    I was thinking about you too! How ironic! I miss you too!! Everything is pretty good! Trying to sell my mare so I can buy a barrel horse!! How is everything with you?! How is Jet?
  8. Update! Proposal And Baby Horse:-)

    Congratulations on your proposal!! I remember the days way back when you two first got together! I'm so happy for you!! Desi is gorgeous! He is gonna be soo big when he's done growing. And he'll be so amazing when he's grown up and filled out!! I really like him!
  9. Fat Horse

    BENNNNNY!!! He looks so good!! You both looked great!!
  10. It's Been Forever!

    I'm good!! How are you? Wow its been so long!
  11. It's Been Forever!

    Heck yea I got into my original account!!
  12. Yay!

    Eeeeek I'm going to the NFR!!! Ha this is a pointless post, but I'M SUPER FREAKIN EXCITED!!!!! [Yay]
  13. 3 Great Ideas/plans! One Right After The Other!

    They look so lonely and sad... haha they definatly are verry cute!
  14. 3 Great Ideas/plans! One Right After The Other!

    I've always wanted those lobsters for pets ...
  15. 3 Great Ideas/plans! One Right After The Other!

    Well lucky for me I dont EVER have cravings for seafood Lol. And I am on my way to the fair in like 5 min so I know I can satisfy my sweet tooth since you made me crave sweets =P