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  1. Honor Flight

    Honor Flight is for all veterans. WW ll veterans have prioritiy, but any time period counts My father went on the Honor Flight last October. It was an amazing experience for him The sponsoring group was awesome, the flight was awesome and the tours were awesome. They were treated as royalty. All veterans should go and experience it. Honor Flight is a great program.
  2. Horse Trailer Tire Recommendations

    I would use load range E They might be an overkill, but I do want they heaviest. I would rather be over rated than under rated
  3. Posting Trot Pains

    When posting, you use your inside thigh and the calf. Never pinching or gripping with the knee. In a western saddle, I might post a few strides to establish the pace if needed, but then stay in half seat or two point. If wearing jeans, I always end up with rubs or blisters if I do much posting, never any bruising Wearing half chaps or wrapping polos around your calf will help prevent any injuries to your calf
  4. A Little Bit Of Art

    Very nice
  5. My Place Maybe Sold .......

    I'm sorry, sometimes life is so hard and seems unfair. Changes are always so hard, especially the ones you wish you didn't have to make I hope you can look to the future, see the new opening and advantages in a positive way Sending prayers and hugs your way
  6. Glamour Photoshoot With Wolf

    Beautiful horse, lovely pictures
  7. Could Use Your Help!

    I voted this afternoon. I hope you win
  8. Josey's "photoshoot"

    Josey is beautiful. Her mane is awesome
  9. Pictures Of Grand Kids

    What cute kids. These are pictures to cherish
  10. Prairie Grass Hay

    Praire grass hay is very common around me. We have always fed either praire grass or brome, either is fine with me Just like any hay, there is good quality and not so good quaility
  11. I Finally Did It!

    CONGRATULATIONS !!! You must be on cloud nine I am so happy for you !
  12. Not Registering A Registerable Horse/pony?

    Many times they are hoping you drink their kool aide It's just a lie for not having registration papers for a horse that is not able to get real papers by dishonest sellers When young, registering is probably the cheapest part of breeding and ownership. No excuse for not doing it then. If an older horse doesn't have them, don't plan on getting them. Consider the horse unregistable (grade) Remember papers don't make a horse good or bad, disposition, ability for it's purpose, atitude and training does.
  13. That was a good video If things are going decent I get a quiet comment as I pass them When I am doing awful I can hear instructions from the far end of the arena
  14. So how is he a warmblood? I am guessing not a major breed that requires passing inspections for book inclusion and breeding
  15. Photography

    Beautiful, wonderful pictures