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  1. My Wife Mozelle.

    Sending many prayers and blessings......
  2. So, how was it from your view?

    In North Carolina, we got 96%. My husband and I bought goggles. It was really amazing! We took off work to watch it. Also saw some great shadows on the ground. But what can I say...I'm a geeky nerd. I love space stuff! We watch the space station every time it flies by!!! (weather permitting)
  3. The view from a mother's eyes

    Thank you for sharing! Tell him for me....What a great ride! I'm proud of him!
  4. Paint Party Creation for April

    I found the initials!!! Love that painting. Great job!
  5. Paint Party Creation for March

    I like it! Great job!
  6. Some pics from Africa :)

    Pretty pony! That's for sharing the pics!!! My horse was terrified of the waves!!!
  7. Haya Guy`s

    Hi Tuck! I sometimes stop by too. Nice to "see" you!
  8. A Few Horse Pics

    I'm in LOVE with Ollie!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Fagan

    So, so sorry. He was a beauty!!
  10. Vacation Pics

    Great pics....I feel like I was there. I would love to travel there. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Just Some Photos

    I love that blue roan!
  12. Someone From Hc Came To Visit :)

    I didn't know you rode sidesaddle! I've always wanted to give it a try! Great pics. thanks for sharing.
  13. Hi

    Hey Alley!!!! It's so good to hear from you! Crickett
  14. Jack Baumgartner - Happy Trails, Dad...

    Sending prayers from NC.