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  1. Food and bioengineering

    quote: Originally posted by CanadianGolden: I'm not sure why people are afraid of GMOs. Corn is generally engineered to be larger, and perhaps to grow faster. You're not injecting hormones into your bloodstream, you're eating the food. These modifications change the corn's genome--you're not feeding corn hormones that could end up in the consumer's body. Changing corn's DNA doesn't do anything that could cause problems in a human unless you are engineering them to produce toxins or something similar. That was a great way to explain that, I totally agree.
  2. quote: Originally posted by daphne: THATS IT. I am so very tired of a couple of ppl on here. everytime a few choice ppl post about something. they get bashed. Lets see-you are dense as your sister, hope you don't have any kids. GET OFF OF IT. this post is about why or why not to wear helmets. not to bash each other about their parenting skills, or what ever. I'm so sick and tired of coming on here and facing that everytime i post something, or happy, or barrelburner we get slammed to the ground. Look if you want to get to know us come and met us. Then see for yourselves what kind of ppl we are. My sister doesnot let my neice run her own life. But we give the option to our children on whether they want to wear a helmet or not. I never said helmets or uncool, just stated that it would look goofy for a roper to wear one. I NEVER said that it was uncool. The girl that was riding at my sisters fair, was jumping a green horse, has went to some high tech jumping show and won. It was her fault, The horse flipped over on her. We take care of our children, but up to about 10 yrs or so ago, helmets were nothing but for bike riders. A few injuries and bang its you need to wear one..... go right ahead and make your laws, I bet you any amount of money It will never pass any where on to you MUST wear a helmet to ride a horse anywhere. Why cause there are tons of ppl out there who don't belive in them. I don't. Have any of you fell of your horse while wearing a helmet? have you noticed how much harder you hit. Why? cause the weight of the helmet actually carries your head down faster. I think I just lost brain cells reading that. Amen to whoever said something about clearing up the gene pool!
  3. DNA tests really don't work like they say they do either. A paternity test tells you who CANT be the father, it cannot 100% guarantee that a certain man IS the father so I don't see that it would be a great way to solve who the father was if the mother can't/wont give a few possible candidates. I am really surprised that is even coming up because the serious ethical issue of the gov knowing your genetic predisposition. Knowing peoples predilections for a disease would ultimately be the end of health insurance.
  4. quote: Originally posted by mydakota: This is what lives in my house. I vacuum once or twice a day, but it is worth it. I mean, look at them!! OMG we have the same color of tile and pattern in our kitchen. That is weird, I thought we were the one one!
  5. We require the back shoes to be pulled before a horse can go out in one of the herds. We have only had one horse who could not go without them and he never kicked or threatened to kick anyone. He was also the least dominant horse on the patch so it wasn't like he was attacking the other horses any.way
  6. Honestly when the day ends they are just a bunch of colored satin. It is the experience that is the meaningful part and take lots of pictures if you want a way to remember it. I have so many ribbons just collecting dust and for the most part I don't even remember what I won most of them for. It seems cool at the time to win them but years down the road they end up in a box.
  7. So, I'm going to a Parelli Clinic

    My mom and I and a few friends went to one years ago and it was a waste of time and money. We ended up leaving about half way through because we were bored to tears after seeing the same thing for about 5 hours. I hope he has gotten better since then but with what I have heard from other people recently makes me pretty sure he hasn't.
  8. We have a custom made two horse straight load GN with a 5 ft dressing room. We like it a lot, it is well built and it has a ramp which I think is sort of nice. It tows really well and it is great for weekend shows (if you can do without a bathroom lol. I would definitely get another one.
  9. Barn issues...semi vent

    All I have to say is holy cow. My mom owns a boarding barn filled with horses that have competed at some of the most prestigious shows on the east coast and their owners are a heck of a lot more reasonable and I can guarantee those some of horses are worth more money than most peoples houses. If you don't like how the barn is managed move, although at the rate you are going you might run out of places to go. If you want your horse checked on more often be willing to pay more, thats how it is. Be thankful you can take your horse to school with you, I am 2,000 miles from mine and I probably wont get to see him until next Christmas.
  10. Do Barrel Racers Have A Stigma?

    quote: Originally posted by ozland: *** From what I've read on the boards the barrel racers tend to be full of themselves.*** I've always kind of had the same feeling there..... I am a barrel racer and have been a member of HC since 2003. A couple of years ago I would have disputed that statement but not anymore. The feel of the board has definitely changed. I think it is because the majority of the posters on that board are either younger or inexperienced. A lot of the knowledgeable and experienced riders left a while ago.... Not going to lie, HC is sort of the laughing stock of some of the other boards because of some of the stuff you read on here. JMHO
  11. I like Northwest, they seem to be one of the cheaper ones and the service is great. From what I understand Southwest is so cheap because they don't have any ground crew meaning if you have a connection you have to go to baggage claim get your bags and then check them back in. This must really suck with the whole security thing nowadays.
  12. Bash Fest! Come on in!

    I vote for reining too. It is a lot of fun, I used to do it a bit with my barrel horse for fun and to mix things up a bit. She looks like the kind of horse that would enjoy it to lol.
  13. Bash Fest! Come on in!

    I vote for reining too. It is a lot of fun, I used to do it a bit with my barrel horse for fun and to mix things up a bit. She looks like the kind of horse that would enjoy it to lol.
  14. We have a beagle that has them quite a bit though experiment with the type of dog food seems to help. Right now we are feeding him Ol' Roy High Performance and that seems to work the best so far. We had the option of putting him on medicine but the vet did not recommend it because it absolutely destroys their livers. From what they told us the medicine would control the seizures but would affect his life expectancy.
  15. Centenary College

    My cousin graduated from there a few years back with a degree in equine management or something and so far it hasn't done her a whole lot of good from what I understand.