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  1. The Night Of Broken Glass

    This could be cool. I'm down to try it! Stats (in progress/subject to change) Name. Naomi Feigl Age. 14 Gender. Female Personality. Being an only child Naomi is used to being pampered by her adoring parents. She loves to be the center of attention and isn't above being dramatic or selfish to get the spotlight. She is also used to getting her own way and isn't afraid to stand up to people to make sure it happens. Many people admire her for being outgoing and outspoken when they first meet her, but many tend to dislike her once they get to know her. One redeeming quality is that if you're one of Naomi's friends she will stand up for them with anything. History. Family Background. Other. Description|Photo.
  2. Ideas

    Well P&P seems to have the most interest. I've never seen the movie or read the book though, so it will have to fall to someone else to create it.
  3. Hello...remember Me?

    I remember you! Unfortunately this place is dead. Not a thing to do around here, and there's not enough people interested in joining a rpg to bother starting one up....
  4. Country Music Suggestions

    Sweet, thanks guys!
  5. Country Music Suggestions

    I have made the decision I need more country music on my iPod. There's just so much good stuff I don't have. However, I can't remember all of the good stuff off of the top of my head. Any suggestions of radio singles I can add? It can be new or old. (As long as it's not so ancient I would've never heard of it)
  6. Samsung

    My new phone is the touch screen Samsung Flight and I love it to death! It's easy to figure out how everything works and I haven't had any problems with it being unreliable. My only complaint is that you can't change the screen saver.
  7. Ideas

    That would be interesting.
  8. Ideas

    So I've been lurking for awhile now, seeing if any good RPGs came up. They all seem pretty dead and lacking of a plot. So I thought perhaps we should get some ideas going and see what most people would find interesting. I have a few ideas: Pirate RPG: Make up some sort of plot involving a pirate ship and it's crew. Discovering Atlantis: A cruise ship crashes, and several of the surviving passengers wake up in the underwater city of Atlantis and meet the natives who are involved in a civil war. I shall try to come up with a few more... Any other ideas and/or opinions on my ideas?
  9. Lucy, Remember...

    Jason's expression was tight-lipped and hard to read as he climbed out of the truck and started getting things ready to go. The three girls had immediately gravitated towards each other and were no doubt busily talking about him. The fact that he was the complete outsider in this group was not lost on Jason... Logic would have sent him back out on the road last night, but Reagan somehow had twisted all his logic and tossed it out the window. He wanted to talk to her, but the time never seemed right... Shaking away his melancholy thoughts he finished packing the last supplies onto the horses and led the shaggy-coated beasts over to the girls. "I don't know how many of you ride, but it's our best chance of covering the most ground in as little time as possible while carrying supplies." They all picked out a set of reins and Jason waited to make sure they could all get into the saddle ok before he mounted himself. -------------------------- Lucy eyed the horses slightly apprehensively, it had been a long time since she'd climbed into a saddle. Jason's logic was undeniable though so she obediently took the reins to a mellow looking gray fellow. "I guess we're really doing this then, huh?" She mumbled, more to herself than anyone else. It occurred to her that if there was ever a time to back out it would be now, because once she got in the saddle it would probably be too late. Cursing under her breath she put her foot into the stirrup and awkwardly hefted herself into the saddle. She'd said earlier that they had to try, and she didn't intend to go back on her word.
  10. Lucy, Remember...

    Lucy's face tugged up in the corners of a smile, but it was very fleeting. "Or something," she agreed with a nod. There was a tug of apprehension as she viewed the awkward situation in the truck. The similarities between her situation and Reagan's were not lost on Lucy. She wondered what the situation would be like if they found Pierce... If they ever found him that is... In truth she wasn't sure she wanted to find him. It was bringing up too many bitter memories of hurt that would only be more painful if she found Pierce, alive and well. At least Jason had come back without sending Reagan on a poem scavenger hunt. "I'll just say this trip is going to be very interesting..."
  11. Lucy, Remember...

    Jason smiled briefly as Reagan opened the truck door and climbed into the passenger seat, she had surprised him by accepting his offer. The smile didn't linger very long though, as Jason pulled back onto the road in silence. There were so many things he wanted to say, but he couldn't voice them. The ride to the Brassington's wasn't very long, not nearly long enough to explain why he'd left. Reagan would probably just think he was making excuses anyways... Jason's melancholy thoughts kept him quiet throughout the trip, and he was fully expecting Reagan to do the same. So he was surprised when he heard her voice uttering a soft-spoken, "thanks." "You're welcome." He replied sincerely, chancing a quick glance at her. She was looking straight ahead and Jason turned his eyes back to the road again, not wanting to make the situation awkward. The rest of the car ride was silent, and as Jason pulled onto the drive by the garden gate he could see that Lucy was all ready there. ----------------------------------- Lucy watched as Jason pulled in, squinting to see who was in the passenger seat. To her surprise it was Reagan. What was she doing in Jason's truck? Lucy's pretty face narrowed further, as she could see that Reagan didn't look very happy about the arrangement...
  12. Lucy, Remember...

    Jason blew into his hands to warm them up as he finished packing the last of the supplies in the bed of his truck. Being the only guy taking part in this expedition, he'd taken it upon himself to gather everything they would need for the trip. Hopefully this little search wouldn't take longer than he'd planned for, or they'd be in big trouble. The weather was all ready cold enough that Jason could see his breath in the air. Surveying his handiwork, he peeked into the horse trailer one last time to check on the horses he'd borrowed from his neighbor. He hadn't wanted to take on the extra burden of horses, but there was no way they would be able to cover enough ground to find Pierce without them, especially while carrying the needed survival supplies. Satisfied that everything was in place, he closed the tailgate and hopped up into the cab, cranking the heater on high as he drove down the road towards the Brassington estate. As he got closer to the edge of town, he started to come up on a figure walking along the side of the road. At first he paid little attention, but as he got closer he recognized the wool coat Reagan had been wearing last night. The gentleman in him wanted to pick her up so that she didn't have to walk in the cold, but he was 90% positive she would reject the offer for a ride. Might as well try... He muttered to himself slowing the truck down to pull up beside her and rolling down the passenger window. "Do you want a ride Reagan?" Jason asked sincerely, but mentally cursing how stupid the question sounded to his own ears. "No point in walking in the cold when we're headed in the same direction..." He added, hoping to appeal to her common sense.
  13. Lucy, Remember...

    ((Shall we just skip to the next day? Say meeting out by the garden gate to the forest?))
  14. Lucy, Remember...

    Lucy hadn't realized she was holding her breath, until all the air whooshed out of her when Mrs. Brassington spoke after reading the paper. She was so sure that Pierce's mother would refuse to help them or know nothing at all. Her explanation of the poem's meaning seemed to make complete sense to Lucy now that it was pointed out to her. The only confusing part was the section that Mrs. Brassington said she would have to figure out herself... Lucy, remember The smell of that fall The fires of fungus And the rotting leaves I fell off the wagon Into your arms Into this long month of Sundays And you were my husband My wife, my heroine Now this is our final December Her time with Pierce had been so long ago, and many times she'd forced herself to forget. Forgetting made it easier to push the pain of missing him away. She faintly remembered venturing into The Purple Forest with Pierce on a few occasions, but nothing stuck out to her. Maybe if they started the search for him being in the forest would bring it back to her... Except winter was fast approaching, not a good time to be in the forest. If they went as they were they would die of hypothermia as soon as the sun went down. "We can't just leave him out there. We have to at least try..." Lucy's voice was pained, she had not asked for this at all. Pierce, why are you doing this to us? Why couldn't you just stay gone? Why couldn't you just be normal and send a letter that made sense? She thought bitterly, but knowing she would do all she could to help Pierce anyways. She felt a responsibility to help him, she had loved him once after all. ====================== Jason listened with concern when Mrs. Brassington brought up the fact that in order to find Pierce they would have to travel in the forest. With the weather getting colder every day that was no easy feat. Lucy had made up her mind though, she was going to go after Pierce despite the risks. Jason didn't relish the idea of walking around The Purple Forest this time of year, but his manly conscience simply wouldn't allow him to let Lucy go alone. "We're going to need supplies, and some transportation faster than walking. Maybe a map too, if we're looking for a river it might be charted." He pointed out, his mind quickly processing with lists and ideas of what would be needed for an undertaking this big. "So if we take a day to get prepared, then maybe we can make a go of it tomorrow..."
  15. Lucy, Remember...

    +Jason+ Jason fidgeted nervously, feeling awkward about this whole situation. Mrs. Brassington obviously wasn't very pleased to see them. I don't even know why I'm here... He thought absently, then his eyes came to rest on Reagan again who had chosen to sit across the room. Oh yeah... That's why. The thought did not please him at all. He couldn't explain why he felt an intense urge to at least attempt to apologize to the girl. -------------------------- +Lucy+ Lucy's anxiety heightened to an astronomical level once Mrs. Brassington walked into the room. She seemed to have aged more than a decade since Lucy had last seen her only 5 years ago. Her gaze was colder too, like ice. She cleared her throat, knowing she had to answer the old woman. When she did her voice was shaking, "It's Pierce... He sent me this." She handed the crinkled paper of the poem to the older woman. "We thought... We hoped, you might know something..." She finished lamely, thinking this wasn't such a good idea anymore.