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  1. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    I guess I am an oldie! 2002 I joined. Hello everyone!
  2. Question About Old Posts

    You guys are too funny!! Thanks for the good laughs. I sure hope this is not Daphne, the nightmares will start up again.
  3. Hi

    So nice to hear from you!! You have been through so much, and still have a great attitude. I don't come here much at all anymore, but I'm glad I saw this post today! Take care!
  4. Infection Not Clearing Up--Pics Added

    Good lord, I hope the new vet does something for you. This looks horrible, possibly cancerous. Good luck to you and the little mare, please keep us updated!
  5. Ladies?

    I use the Bare Minerals loose powder and I really like it. No matter what I use, when I put on powder the fine wrinkles by my mouth and eyes are more noticeable (I think). I'm trying to find something that hides them too!
  6. Return Of The Wolf To California

    This thread has gotten so stupid I can't read it anymore. I have a headache. +++++++++++++++++++
  7. Return Of The Wolf To California

    Good Lord, build a 'fence' to keep wolves out'? Not even slightly possible. If I saw any on my ranch I'd shoot, shovel, and shhhh. They can kill alot of livestock, and I wouldn't want them anywhere near my place.
  8. Question About Trailering Babies

    Do not ride in the back, it's not even possible! Especially with young unbroke horses. Foolish advice. Definitely take out the divider and leave them loose. They should be fine. Either put hay in the manger or on the floor, but they probably will not eat anyway. I have hauled lots of young weanlings with no problem. Good luck to you!
  9. She Is Home!

    EXACTLY, well said!!
  10. She Is Home!

    I thought you were going to find a draft/cross? I think a bigger horse would be a better match. Just saying! It's too much for this size horse.
  11. Going Horse Shopping....

    Please keep the draft draft crosses in your search. Yes, this is good advice. Good luck on your horse search!
  12. Disc Fusion

    I have had two back surgeries. The first one they fused my S1 and L5 with cement and a rod in my spine. It worked great, my back is good now. I had a second back surgery on the L4 and L5 disc. They cut off a herniation, worked great also. My back is very good now, I just have to try not to lift heavy stuff. Good luck to him, I sure hope it helps. It did wonders for me!
  13. Someone Needs To Send This To Theo...srsly. Lol

    That girl thinks like me! I absolutely hate spiders and go way out of my way to kill each and every one I see! Funny.
  14. People Who Neglect And Abuse Horses...psa

    So why is a 'natural mountainman' on the internet??? Seems strange you'd have a computer at all?
  15. The Rapture On The 21St?

    I can't believe I'm still here after all the **** about 2000 being the end of the world. I don't listen to any of this garbage, when our time comes we will not know until it happens. I don't believe it will be in my lifetime or my grandkids lifetime. Such dumb ideas.........