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  1. The Front Porch

    Good Morning-- PD, Thank you! You're very kind. Yes, I remember that horse expo! It was so fun to be able to meet people from HC in person. I hope to get down to another expo, perhaps next year. It has been a couple years now since going. Heck, I haven't even ridden much in the past couple of years either. Just been so busy with work. RRW, would you be around this evening for a phone call? I'm going to go to the Elks Club for a dinner tonight with Bill and the Grandpa at 6 but will be home around 730 if you'd be available. If not, will try maybe Friday. Tomorrow is the museums annual meeting, so will be busy with that. Hope all is well. Chat later. Have lots to do to prep for tomorrow. Take care.
  2. The Front Porch

    Also, my little brother got married and so far I've lost 45 pounds since RRW saw me last. So a couple photos from the wedding. One with my brother (the red head), one with bill (my s.o of 12.5 years), and the other is my grandpa, one of my very best friends. Maybe I'll just start my own thread of all my adventures. I have loads of photos from the cabin, the horses, museum conferences, work stuff. All the things. Lol!!!
  3. The Front Porch

    I'll try to get better/brighter pictures of the house. These arent very good, but the kids portraits were the first to be hung on the wall.
  4. The Front Porch

    Here are some photos of the property and update snippets of my existence. lol. These next images are from the original sale listing: Four season porch is the large room with wood stove. I'll share a couple pictures of the renovated kitchen, though they are not the best. I'll get some outdoor pictures and ones of the barn and the garden tonight. The barn needs to come down though as it is just not large enough.
  5. The Front Porch

    Good Morning, PD--It is nice to see you pop in. I'm not here much either, but sure is good to "see" you. Nice looking new horse! So sorry to hear you lost your other one. That is always hard. I am happy that you have been able to find someone to spend time with. I hope that things are going well and that you are doing fine. RRW--Like your garden. Will be giving you a call. Interested in your experience with Groupon as we were called here at the museum to use them. Also, just miss talking to you and would like to find a nice weekend to come down for a visit, ride the train, do the things. You know. Fun stuff. I only get every other weekend off, so not a lot of time to cram all the things I want to do in this summer. It's already going by terribly fast. I will try and get some pictures of the garden tonight. I know, I know. I said I would get pictures of the house! I am going to post some from my phone today. Just gotta log in from my mobile and scroll through the 6k that I have. Lol. Be back in a bit with pictures. Love you all.
  6. The Front Porch

    Haha. I really should consider one of those mosquito suits! Wouldn't be a bad idea for working around the place in the evenings honestly. I'm the only one that sees me--other than Bill of course. He'd get a kick out of it I'm sure. Might be a slow day here at the museum today. It's beautiful out! Sure wish I could be out planting and doing things around the house, but only another day and a half here and I'll be out enjoying the sunshine! Going to try and get a bit of house keeping done on my lunch break. Inviting my grandpa over for some dinner while Bill is away at the cabin. Going to try out a either a Green Chef or a Home Chef meal. Haven't decided which, but we are comparing the two right now. Had a full week of Green Chef and really digging it so far. Even though Home Chef is 20 dollars cheaper, I feel like I'm getting meals that are more carb concious and more "my thing" through Green Chef? IDK. We shall see! But I love how easy they are. Really helps when I already know what 3 meals out of the week are going to be.
  7. The Front Porch

    Goooood Morning everyone! Might be a record for me in getting on here for a couple days consistently! Lol! Mr. Butters doesn't look too bad. Reminds me of my Old Man when he was 28/29 years old. Best thing we did was get him on 10 or 12 pounds of senior feed a day with beet pulp and quality alf/hay mix and all the grass he could stomach. We rode him lightly and used a lot of built up pads to protect his wither bones. I started out just ponying him until he could handle some weight and he did really well. I think he lived until he was about 35 and he was put down. Just got to be in too bad of a way and very expensive to try and keep up with. They are such good critters. I'm still trying to get my garden planted. Our house is located in a bit of a lower area that collects water and we have a pond. Right now we had a mosquito hatch and so they are a dang nightmare. Have a couple bug zappers/catchers that have been working overtime in the evenings, but even bug spray doesn't seem to do much to keep them at bay. I work the weekend this weekend so since it's a 7 day stretch, instead of working though all next week too, I'm taking my deserved Monday/Tuesday off to accomplish things around the house and get those plants and seeds in! At least during the day the mosquitoes won't be out to bother me until dusk. Will be able to get a lot of planting and work done. The invisible fence/training collar for the dog arrived yesterday as well. Can't wait to get that set up. The weimaraner in him sure makes him stubborn and of course he's entering a bit of that rebellious puppy phase anyway. Really need to just dedicate some time in the evenings to work on training but just so busy with trying to get things done around the place. Haven't even thought another second yet about working on the barn or prepping the pastures for horses yet. Feels like they'll never actually end up out there unless we just hire people do the work for us. Bill acts like your ripping his arms off to get him to do things, whether it's inside or outside. Still don't have a new faucet on my tub yet. Might just install it myself and replace the plumbing on my bathroom sink too. LOL. That might get him moving if I just start ripping things apart! I'm sure YouTube can guide me through it well enough right?! Still a bit worried about the barn situation. Don't really want to have to build a new building and go through all that trouble. Would have to run all new water and electricity to a new building, dig up lines and go to the well and blah blah blah. Feels very daunting, but right now the water can only be used after the frost lets out until it sets in anyway. Watering will likely be a nightmare in the winter unless we have a tank. *sigh* All the joys of a new farm right? Will check back in soon. I'll try and get pictures this weekend of the house and all the things we have done to it since we purchased it.
  8. The Front Porch

    Lol. Yeah he didn't know what to think of his Elizabethan "Ruff" Collar I made him wear that came in his Shakespearean themed BarkBox. It is nice to FINALLY have our own house. It is going to be a lot work though. Not looking forward to dealing with all our wild parsnip, putting in the 20 acres worth of fencing, or dealing with the barn situation. I want to build a coop for chickens and get baby duckies too. Was just in Grand Rapids and Hibbing today for work. Stopped at L&M for socks for Bill and looked at the chickens. Took everything in me to NOT get chicks. lol.
  9. The Front Porch

    Here are some puppy pictures. Little baby Gulliver with his grandpa dog Rebel. My goodest boy.
  10. The Front Porch

    There are museum app platforms like Cuseum and OnCell that are specifically designed for creating tour apps like what we need. Both are very easy to use that I can create the tours myself! I have tinkered around with OnCell quite a bit doing demos to try and sell the idea to board members and people in the community--it is quite pricey so need to generate funding. Cuseum is a bit more affordable for us though; I can apply for grants that will cover that one. So we will see what we can go with. Having only two of us, it's hard to find the time. I do a lot of work at home unpaid. RRWW--We are installing RAMM fencing. 4.25" wide FLEX fence and coated wire both. We will have 4 or 5 strands with the lowest being about a foot or so off the ground. Fence will be hot with a pulse solar charger and back up ground. As to where they live now--PRECISELY the reason why I want to FINALLY have my dream property. The bugs are quite bad where we are so it will be nice to finally spoil them with sheets and bring them in out of inclement weather. We are looking at some pretty nice exterior shelters for them, so the only time they would be coming in to stalls is if it's hot and buggy or super cold/windy. Bucky doesn't get nice dense coat like Ella does, but not having to fight for shelter in a lean-to may help a lot. He's top dog out at the other place so he's not fighting for food anymore, that's for sure. Feel free to drive up anyway. You're welcome to come tour the place. I'll try and figure out how to share pictures here. I don't think I figured that out yet. Haha. I'll try from my mobile!
  11. The Front Porch

    Apologies for coming back to this so late. We are a county historical society--so the museum is multi-faceted. We go from about 10,000 years ago from our earliest inhabitants living in eyesight of glaciers, through the Dakota and Ojibwe occupation, the fur trade, and up to a relatively modern time. We are not a living history museum. We have a staff of 2--no volunteers currently. Walking tours, so far would consist of cemetery tour programming and eventually I would like to establish a tour app for mobile/tablet for inside and outside the museum, that will take people across the county and be used for individual communities within the county. We have over 3000 square miles here, lots to cover, lots of swamp. RRW-So sorry I have not messaged. Going to do that now. We have been so busy around the house. Doing some landscaping, tilling the garden. Found out the barn will be too small for stalls unless i take out one side of the back double door. From wall to post before the "Aisle" would only be 8'5". Not even large enough for a standard 10x10 stall. I don't think I could do 8.5'x12? Could I? We are thinking it would just be temporary, until we can build a new barn--probably in 5 years. The horses would not be stalled often as they would be provided with an outside shelter/run as well. The mini mule would be fine. Just worry about the big horses, both are about 1200 lbs? What do you guys think? Oh, new puppy is weimaraner/lab/pit mix. So, super crazy baby dog. Lol.
  12. The Front Porch

    RRW--If your number has not changed, I can always send you a text. Heidi--Thank you! LC--Yes, eventually we will update our exhibits and become a bit more interactive. We are a very small county facility, though we are not affiliated with the county. We are our own private 501C3. Funding is quite limited, with an operating budget of less than 120k per year to support two full time staff and run two buildings, as well as two separate museum spaces that are shoved into one of the buildings. (The other building is serving as storage and off-site meeting space/construction space for gallery photo exhibits). Grant funding for operational expenses are next to impossible to get unless we compete against national museums that have grant writing staff. I just am not experienced enough yet to feel confident to try and compete against them, and there is all the time involved in over seeing those grants fulfillment while running every operational side of a museum. So anyway, we are hoping to add more programming, like a walking tour, a county wide tour app, traveling exhibit cases, and getting into the schools more. It all takes time. I pray that with the extra involvement, it will spur an increase in membership and interest, resulting in more funds for the museum. We need it desperately. RRW--Those photos are incredible! That train looks a bit questionable. Haha. Alexander sure has grown up. Seems like forever ago that he hatched into the world and I saw him last. Will check in again soon. Have to go write exhibit labels for now and get my desk cleaned up. The potential new hire arrives tomorrow from Alabama. Fingers crossed she likes the area. It'll be significantly colder here than back home for her during her visit.
  13. The Front Porch

    Phewww Eeeee!!! It's been a hot second since I've checked in here, but I'm glad to see the porch is still kickin'! RRW--Looks like a heck of a trip! Hoping I can get your way this summer for a visit. Do miss your face quite a lot! There isn't too terribly much new here. We are settled in to life on the new farm. Have to deal with some invasive wild parsnip; I think we are going to rent a burner and just run it behind the tractor and flash burn it all while we still have some time. Would hate to have to resort to chemical spraying and it's cheaper just to burn the propane. Been looking at fencing options. First timers so have no idea what we are doing, but I do think we are going to go with RAMM fence. Looks nice and has a nice warranty. Does anyone have any experience with them? Got a new pup. He just turned 17 weeks. Super handful but he's been learning a lot from the old dog. Wanted to get one before the older guy kicks rocks. He's teaching him some good habits, which is what we wanted. Hoping I will be able to get some time in riding the horses and doing a lot of work/renovations around the farm. Not sure how much I'll be able to though as I am taking over the director position at the museum I work in. Exciting changes will be happening after that, but it's a long road ahead and lots of work. I'm ready for it though. I hope everyone is doing well. I have not had a chance to really stay caught up or go back and read through 125 pages, but I think of you all quite often. Love to all.
  14. South Africa

    Wow! This looks like an amazing trip! I would love to be able to do that some day. Glad you had a great time!
  15. The Front Porch

    Yep! Still breathing. Lol!