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  1. The Front Porch

    Good Afternoon Everyone! I have been keeping myself very busy the past few weeks with work. I hope everyone is well. I need to go back and catch up, but from what i've picked up... Red-Congrats on the new rig. Sounds awesome. RRW- Happy Belated 25th Anniversary! What a lovely ring!
  2. The Front Porch

    Good Morning, I apologize for my absence! I have been a busy bee here at the museum the last couple of weeks. The boss is now out for a week so that's kind of nice. I'll be able to get a lot of cleaning and organizing done without him here. Or at least I sure hope to! Queen-I am so sorry to read about the loss of Tricia. That is terrible. I really have no words. Other than work, I haven't been up to much. Haven't ridden, haven't seen the horses, haven't done anything but work in this basement that is my tiny prison office. This weekend is "Museum LIVE", a partnership produced by the Smithsonian--basically people get in to museums for free but it isn't compensated or anything. They do have to produce the tickets they can download and/or print online; two per registered email. I semi-hope we are busy this saturday for the event and that at least it will interest people to shop our gift shop despite lacking in admissions. Perhaps even gain a couple new memberships or something. That'd be really nice. I have some small projects I would like to work on while the boss man is cleaning our supply room up. It's a disaster zone and so disorganized it makes me want to scream. You can barely walk in the thing! So I'd like to get that done while he is gone so I don't have him hoovering over me the entire time. I also have a couple collections to process while he is away and I can (eek...get RID OF STUFF. yaaaasss ) Well, I will check back in later. At least I hope so if I don't get lost in all this mess! Take care !
  3. The Front Porch

    Good Morning/Afternoon--Suppose it depends on where you are. It's still a.m. here, but barely. Red---awwww that pup is cyyyuuuutteee. RRW--Great pics! I haven't been to the zoo in a few years. Try to drag bill in and it's like pulling teeth. Lol. I suppose he figures I have enough animals to keep me busy so why would I want to go to a zoo. PD--Sure glad to hear the Mrs. is feeling a bit better. Low pot. is no fun. I get that sometimes do to my medication I take for migraines, but it's nowhere nearly on the same level as someone having to deal with chemo. I can't even imagine. I know I feel like poo when mine gets just a bit low and I deal with a lot of numbness but man...I sure hope she's on the mend. I know you're taking good care of her so it's just a matter of time..she'll be feeling as good as she can be given the circumstances. Good thoughts go out to you guys. It's nice here today but I'm busy dealing with work----editing blogs, posting photos. I have minutes for our board and the rec club board I need to type this afternoon and create an agenda for. Never ends I tell ya what. Last night my friend and I started the "Hunt a Killer" subscription box. That's going to be a mess of fun. I heard about it on the "No Sleep Podcast" so I got 10% off my subscription; we are already neck deep in it. She's going to have a heck of a time waiting for a new box every month. She's a nut. Anyway, good way to spend my time. Not much else going on at the moment. We spent the long weekend at the cabin; I managed to get Friday and Monday off--thank god. I really needed that break. Got a lot of reading done and started writing a short horror fiction story. Thought I'd get back into writing, see where it takes me. Who knows. Anyway, better wrap up a couple things before lunch. Chat later!
  4. The Front Porch

    Morning folks! Presented my "work in progress" walking/driving tour app of our city to the local Rotary group yesterday over a luncheon. Everyone seemed to really love it. I sure do hope we get some funding from the city/county and that other cities will like to contribute to the cost. First year it costs a little over 16k between putting up the app and my time in research and development, then it will drop down to about 10 to maintain and continue running it on two platforms (native app--one you physically download to your phone; or as a web based app--one that uses data/wi-fi) Anyway, it would REALLY help tourism in our area I think AND boost local interest in our history. Get people out walking and exploring our county. It would also function as a directory of all the amenities our area has to offer which includes not only restaurants and hotels, but things to do, area hiking trails, water access, etc... So anyway, kind of a cool project. Fingers crossed I get the cash so I can actually do this project. I hope everyone is doing well. I'll pop back in later. I should probably look like I'm doing some work today before my 4 day weekend.
  5. The Front Porch

    After re - reading your story, yeah HIGHLY doubt the doctor is holding a grudge. They knew the horse wasn't yours, therefore not your legal responsibility. The bill never should have been in your name-- again, receptionist and staffing issues. Money isn't typically handled by the doctors, at least not in our hospital unless out in the field and the tech is busy. Or they run their own clinic with little staff/overhead. It's done that way for a reason. Separation of money from the doc keeps things more neutral=less conflict for the doctor. Again, I believe you were given the price for just the procedure alone. Not everything else that goes with it, which is a big no-no. That's not the doctors fault. That's on the staff and the clinic manager. I'd mention it to the clinic manager, if they have one. (We did--she was not a doctor)
  6. The Front Porch

    After working in a vets office for nearly 5 years I can tell you, the receptionist likely told you how much JUST the cleaning was. Not the whole package of a hospitalization for 1/2 a day, the procedure, anesthesia time, catheter insertion, pain meds, and antibiotics (if required) For awhile we had issues with this at our hospital and finally I flipped a bit on a receptionist and told her they better start using the canned estimates we made or they would pay the difference of every bill someone didn't have enough money to cover as it wasn't the clients fault. Also, if the vet had a dying animal or other very pressing emergency, that could be why he seemed distracted or less attentive. I wouldn't take it personally this time and I highly doubt your doctor is holding a grudge. In my experience, doctors are more worried about clients holding grudges. It's why veterinarians have the highest suicide rate in their profession. They deal with difficult subjects, both people and animal loss. I would say if there is a lack of attentiveness again, bring it up or switch hospitals, but let them know why.
  7. The Front Porch

    Good Morning, There isn't much going on here at work today. Unfortunately I NEVER get to work alone as my boss has NO life. Very distracting for me as I find respite in the silence and would like a weekend where I work just to myself. *sigh*. Hate these weekends here when I can't get things done. We had a pretty busy day yesterday since there was a bass tournament going on for the last two days. The boss man anticipated that today would be busy, but I didn't. I expected that we would be dead and so far, we have been. Not a soul in. So, I'm trying to keep myself busy, prepping for the day care kids that we are getting in tomorrow at 9:30 tomorrow. We should have about 12 or 14 kids coming for about an hour. They will do 3 stations--Geode breaking, some native american games, and a scavenger hunt running around the park. They should hopefully have a good time. Danyel--That's a horrible incident to have happen with those horses. I'm sorry that happened. People are sure the worst and take the fun out of everything in some way. Best get back to work and appear busy before the boss gets back from his trip to menards.
  8. The Front Porch

    Hello I'm not particularly feeling well. I think my hormones are making me crazy. Literally. I just want to go home and not talk to anyone. For anyone here that is on my FB--I have gone on a hiatus and deleted it for awhile. I need to just get away from everyone, though I will still check in here. Kitty is doing well. His results came back and he does not have cancer. So that's good. He will eat a special gastro-intestinal friendly diet and be on some medication to help his stomach acid. I have to bring in a stool sample for a tripsan digestion test--see if he has any enzyme production in his pancreas. I hope you all are well. I'll pop back in later. Take care.
  9. The Front Porch

    Good Morning Folks!!! I hope everyone is doing well! I am still waiting for the results of Watson's biopsy and now he has started vomiting around 4-5 a.m. every morning--mostly bile. I think it's overactive stomach acid. I've been doing a lot reading re: pancreatitis and IBD kitties. I'm hoping they will have me try some Pepcid for him because right now I'm sleeping with towels all over my bed and I'm tired of waking up to clean kitty puke up and wiping out his little cone. Friday he gets his stitches/stables removed so then we can take his little cone off; well that is if he doesn't have cancer. If the results come back bad then we will keep the appointment but change it to a euthanasia appointment instead. ANYWAY....not much else is new. Working my way through a donation that came in last month. Have to buy a photography light set though to get some good photographs of the clothing. Need some suggestions on some lighting sets; something inexpensive preferably that I will probably pick up from amazon. Is anyone here a photographer that can offer some insight?
  10. So, how was it from your view?

    It was cloudy here. Also, my office is in the basement and we have no windows and I couldn't have been bothered to go upstairs and look since I was podcasting and cataloging items. Lol. I figure I'll still be alive in like....100 years so...
  11. Equifest update - pic heavy

    Coblet is SO beautiful. I honestly need one just like him.
  12. The Front Porch

    Danyel- I am sorry you had such upsetting news. That is pretty crazy. You're in my thoughts. RRW- Awwww poor short man! You guys do work so hard all the time; I understand his frustration for missing out on something fun with you guys. He's so young that sometimes it's hard to understand the struggles of being a private business. There is no such thing as 9-5...I do not envy you, but I do admire you guys. I am always proud to tell people your my friend and to visit and ride your train. Queen- Great pics!
  13. The Front Porch

    Good Morning all! So sorry I have been absent. The weekend was busy as we took the motorcycle to the resort and went to the cabin. Kitty update: Watson was hospitalized all weekend and he kept down his food. He is on abx while healing and we are waiting on the report from the pathologist. He is currently eating his i/d food (canned) with probiotics and a bit of miralax to help with his stools (he goes through periods of time where they are firm and then he had that constipation..) So far he has been doing okay. Today he's a bit more subdued...I suppose he's a bit sore as no pain meds since he had those for 3 days post sx while hospitalized..but he's okay. Eating and using his litter box, though he's not a fan of his cone. Now it's just hurry up and wait for the report from the University. Fingers crossed it's not cancer and that they can shed some light on what's wrong with his pancreas. As for being comfortable with the decision of letting him go...well I worked at the vet hospital for 4 years, so after working in the field and seeing so many selfish owners PLUS living life on the's pretty easy for me to have a good grasp on what's appropriate to do for my animal, even if it means breaking my heart. At this point, there is nothing else we can do for him other than hope. As long as he doesn't have cancer and the meds/food are a manageable monthly expense, I don't have any problem keeping him going and getting a few more good years out of him. When he starts to suffer, I will say goodbye. ANYWAY, there isn't much going on here. Just work work work. I have to go back and read and catch up!
  14. The view from a mother's eyes

    Jesse really did do great. He's sure grown up! Nice pictures!
  15. The Front Porch

    Alllll of his other stuff looked good though, no reason for the vomitting. So they will give him metoclopromide to hopefully soothe his pyloris to keep him from puking and so that the food and medicine gets through to work on the pancreas. I don't know if he will need fluids. It's just wait and see re: his pancreas. I'm just a blithering mess as I wish he were home. I know he's just in a hospital kennel alone at night, probably scared and lonely...but he can't keep puking at home either. Ugh. I hate this. It hurts my heart so much to think of my little puzzle buddy feeling sore and scared and sick. I hope I'm doing the right thing by trying. I really do.