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  1. The Front Porch

    RRW--If your number has not changed, I can always send you a text. Heidi--Thank you! LC--Yes, eventually we will update our exhibits and become a bit more interactive. We are a very small county facility, though we are not affiliated with the county. We are our own private 501C3. Funding is quite limited, with an operating budget of less than 120k per year to support two full time staff and run two buildings, as well as two separate museum spaces that are shoved into one of the buildings. (The other building is serving as storage and off-site meeting space/construction space for gallery photo exhibits). Grant funding for operational expenses are next to impossible to get unless we compete against national museums that have grant writing staff. I just am not experienced enough yet to feel confident to try and compete against them, and there is all the time involved in over seeing those grants fulfillment while running every operational side of a museum. So anyway, we are hoping to add more programming, like a walking tour, a county wide tour app, traveling exhibit cases, and getting into the schools more. It all takes time. I pray that with the extra involvement, it will spur an increase in membership and interest, resulting in more funds for the museum. We need it desperately. RRW--Those photos are incredible! That train looks a bit questionable. Haha. Alexander sure has grown up. Seems like forever ago that he hatched into the world and I saw him last. Will check in again soon. Have to go write exhibit labels for now and get my desk cleaned up. The potential new hire arrives tomorrow from Alabama. Fingers crossed she likes the area. It'll be significantly colder here than back home for her during her visit.
  2. The Front Porch

    Phewww Eeeee!!! It's been a hot second since I've checked in here, but I'm glad to see the porch is still kickin'! RRW--Looks like a heck of a trip! Hoping I can get your way this summer for a visit. Do miss your face quite a lot! There isn't too terribly much new here. We are settled in to life on the new farm. Have to deal with some invasive wild parsnip; I think we are going to rent a burner and just run it behind the tractor and flash burn it all while we still have some time. Would hate to have to resort to chemical spraying and it's cheaper just to burn the propane. Been looking at fencing options. First timers so have no idea what we are doing, but I do think we are going to go with RAMM fence. Looks nice and has a nice warranty. Does anyone have any experience with them? Got a new pup. He just turned 17 weeks. Super handful but he's been learning a lot from the old dog. Wanted to get one before the older guy kicks rocks. He's teaching him some good habits, which is what we wanted. Hoping I will be able to get some time in riding the horses and doing a lot of work/renovations around the farm. Not sure how much I'll be able to though as I am taking over the director position at the museum I work in. Exciting changes will be happening after that, but it's a long road ahead and lots of work. I'm ready for it though. I hope everyone is doing well. I have not had a chance to really stay caught up or go back and read through 125 pages, but I think of you all quite often. Love to all.
  3. South Africa

    Wow! This looks like an amazing trip! I would love to be able to do that some day. Glad you had a great time!
  4. The Front Porch

    Yep! Still breathing. Lol!
  5. The Front Porch

    Nice to see everyone! I have been so busy with work I have not had any time off to do anything. I haven't ridden or gone camping or done ANY of the things I promised myself I would do this summer. We did spend the long holiday weekend at the cabin, which was nice, but it wasn't horse camping or time spent in the saddle. The museum is still plucking right along. We are doing well in the giftshop this year, but visitation is still down. I'm hoping to make a giant push through the last few months so we can crash though 12k in gift shop sales this year. Then over the winter I am going to try launching an online store and a phone app that benefits the entire county. No rest for the wicked as they say. We put an offer on a house over the summer but it didn't pan out. So we decided to stop looking for awhile and just keep saving. There is one house we like but it's about 20 miles from town and only on 10 acres. We are hoping something with more acreage that is closer to town will come available soon. Mar--sounds like you are keeping busy. I'm so disappointed you cannot find good help near you so that you can stay on the farm. I hope that sometime soon you will find good help. Hope everyone else is well. There is soo much going on I don't think I can catch up. Maybe someday I can stick around longer to really know what's going on and stay "in the know". Lol.
  6. The Front Porch

    Good Morning everyone! I live!!! Lol! I wanted to check in and there has been waaayyy to much happening here for me to go back and check in with everyone--so I'm just going to jump back into the fray. I've been busy ticking away here at work in the museum--busying myself with programming and dealing with collections issues as they come up. Our "History on Tap" program I developed really took off when we launched that in January. We have had standing room only events at the local brew pub we host it at. That is super encouraging and I'm glad that people have so much interest in our local history. It's been a mixed bag of ages too so that's also super amazing! I'm currently working on developing a Cemetery tour. I hope that it will draw more attention to the cemetery; potentially offer some funding for that place and maybe get them some volunteers/help to keep up the place. Legally the city can only fund 10K per year, so they could use the help/attention. Haven't been riding AT ALL because I have been so busy and dealing with a multitude of other things. It's suppose to be beautiful today so I think after work I'm going to go out to the farm, shoot my bow, and pet a pony. Would be nice to try and ride. Hopefully my ponies don't beat me up *too* badly. I hope everyone has a great day!
  7. The Front Porch

    Jubal, thanks. Yeah he's a backyard half and halfer from some dinky town breeder. ugly as sin but tries his heart out and works day in and day out for you. Nice horse. RRW-- Did you enjoy soaking up all the Florida sunshine over Christmas? I'm jealous. It's been nice here and now Icebox days is this weekend...though I don't feel like participating. staying inside and staying away from people. Have a great Saturday.
  8. Salmon River West Trail hike

    Great photos!
  9. The Front Porch

    Let me know if this works Jubal.
  10. The Front Porch

    Jubal--Yep! I sure do! He's the head shot that is used for my picture here now--I had a portrait commissioned of him. I will try and figure out how to post photos here again and share. He's not a very pretty horse, but I have had him since he was an unbroke 3 year old. Got him when I was 14. He will be 18 this June.
  11. The Front Porch

    Good Afternoon everyone! We are experiencing a heat wave here! I sure wish I could get out and enjoy it but alas, I am in the basement at work doing data entry and happily listening to podcasts. Nothing much to update on--currently still looking at homes, still chipping away at savings for our down payment, and I need doors for my horse trailer still. Kiefer has been 0 help and they have now stopped replying to my emails, so I will not be dealing with them. Guess it's their loss when we shop for our living quarters trailer. The boss is out for the rest of the week, so I'm enjoying the piece and quiet and getting quite a lot of work done. Feels nice to not have someone hoovering constantly! Going to go back and try and catch up a little bit on what everyone is doing here!
  12. How many horses do you own?

    I have 2 horses and a mini-mule. In the past couple of years, I have slowed down on riding as much as I should--partly because I have felt bad about my body; about being overweight and partly because I work nearly 7 days a week in the summer. I also have nearly nobody to ride with. While I trust my gelding with my life, my little brown mare is a bit....birdie. The mini-mule started out as a driving project, but the cart was ran over by a tractor and I haven't felt the need to replace it, so he sits and is just something cute to pet and love on. He's also deathly afraid of children--despite never having a bad experience with them and being socialized early as a youngster (loads of hauling, shows, etc...). Anyway, there are days I think to myself, perhaps I should get rid of the whole lot as I don't do much with them--but then again, I know we are soon buying a home where I will have them with me right there. We are planning to build a nice barn with an indoor arena, so I hope that I'll want to ride more then. I also have lost over 20lbs now and continue to work towards bettering myself so that I will want to ride and be better for my horses. So...that's my rant. lol.
  13. My Wife Mozelle.

    Oh PD--I am just seeing this now. I am so terribly sorry to have come on to see this. I am sure she is at peace now and comfortable, though I know that doesn't heal the hurt in your heart. Many here love you all and have thought about you, as well as continue to think of you. I will hold you in my thoughts and keep a candle burning for you and your family through the holiday season--as we do for all our friends we have lost during the year. Best wishes PD, for you, and your family.
  14. The Front Porch

    Afternoon/Evening Folks! It's been awhile again since I've been able to pop in. I've been keeping quite busy here at the museum. The boss has been away the past several days and now he is out sick. Fingers crossed he's out the rest of the week so I can continue getting work done without anyone hoovering over my shoulder. RRW--You lucky duck! I hope you are having a lovely time in Florida. It' is very cold and miserable here, though it could always be much worse. It appears I have quite a bit of catching up to do here on this thread, so I'm going to go work my way back. I did see Heidi in a lovely llama sweater--I am jealous! Chat again very soon!
  15. The Front Porch

    Good Morning folks, RRW--Congrats on your own personal weight loss! I'm still working meticulously at it! I have been fumbling with about the same 3 lbs right now off and on. I think I need to just walk more and really keep after my carb intake. I have kept it under pretty well under 100 grams thinking that would melt the body fat, but I think I need to really stay aggressive with it to continue to see results. My body is very stubborn about holding onto everything, no matter how much I cut my carbs back. Very frustrating indeed! We did not have any shoppers on Saturday. Very disheartening. I am not sure how to get folks to come in and shop. I post our goods on social media and the pictures are shared in multiple sell and swap forums, instagram, etc... The posts get loads of traffic, people know the stuff is here. I guess they just don't think to shop here? I don't know what else to do. Really really SUCKS. Our gift shop has some great stocking stuffer ideas and we could use the boost of income for the winter months. *sigh* OH well. We are going to have a very nice week of weather--mid 30's here. I am so excited! I wish I could spend today at the farm, but alas. I am here at work doing data entry. Gotta keep making that money! I am so not looking forward to the holidays. I am really not interested in shopping this year as we are saving for a house. I would rather keep putting our excess money into savings for our down payment, but S.O. says we need to purchase gifts for at least immediate family. Apparently I'm being a scrooge. I'm shopping bare minimum in that case for everyone. LOL.