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  1. New Pictures

    That appy is cool with his spots Do you live in southern Nevada? I so miss it there!!! And holy moly!!!! You have an own son of Spectacular Bid AND Colonel Freckles????
  2. Preffered Saddle Pads. Whats your Fav. Choice?

  3. Videos & A Slight Brag!!

    Nice! You going to train Spy for me?
  4. Opinions on my cremello stud (pics)

    quote: Originally posted by Tuckaway: Skid,they also need to go back and delete the posts they put up with the pictures.They are posting pictures they do not own.If they do not delete I will make sure administration knows of what they have done here. Sorry, I edited/deleted my posts.
  5. Opinions on my cremello stud (pics)

    You're right mrs...sorry, just didn't think it was fair for a sub standard stallion owner to be bashing a future stallion owner so badly. [ 03-23-2007, 08:25 PM: Message edited by: spaderunner ]
  6. Opinions on my cremello stud (pics)

    quote: Originally posted by Michigan: I can see the standards are not too high here. Not an ounce of stud material. To each their own I guess. People in glass houses should not throw rocks.... [ 03-25-2007, 04:44 PM: Message edited by: spaderunner ]
  7. Opinions on my cremello stud (pics)

    I'm going to say something I normally don' should keep him a stallion. His color is obviously throwing off people's judgemnet. He is nice looking with good conformation and a nice head. Anyone that thinks he is Arabian doesn't know a real Arabian. Those pictures aren't the you have more recent ones? I know it's hard with the cremello to get really good pictures, it has to be just the right lighting or they wash out or glare. Now having said keep him intact, there would be a stipulation on his mannerisms and his pedigree. If those are good, then have fun with him. And if their not and you still like him, well he's your horse so, have fun anyway
  8. Videos & A Slight Brag!!

    as always great job!!
  9. building a roundpen

    I think it will be cool! Love your fence, come do my yard!! I've got about 4 acres of "pasture" in the back that has fencing that was there when we bought this place. It is 5 strand barbless wire and I'm too scared to turn anything loose in it. I bought a whole bunch of sticks (yeah, I know they are really called staves but, whatever, they look like sticks to me) to place every foot so there will at least be a "visual" where the fence is...still may not turn them out after that though....I'm a big chicken about turning out. Back to you...your fence is great!!
  10. building a roundpen

    quote: Originally posted by barrelracingchick16: Thanks everyone! ohnine: That looks NICE! The railing that we have left over is the split-rail kind. Do you think that will be decent enough? I've seen a split rail round pen and it was neat looking, kind of retro. If it is the good kind that is strong enough to hold a horse, it will be fine. I just say that because I've seen the "decorative" split rail and that would be a disaster. Just plan it out really good where you want it so, you won't have regrets about not being able to move it later. Like I said, mine is moveable but, I don't see me ever moving anyway.
  11. test

    darn it and I didn't study...
  12. pedigree&confo critique

    Some use those chains on everything. I have never seen it come across the face in that way but, whatever. If he is still on the track he is probably getting some pretty hot feed and maybe he needs it. I'm sure you could work with him and not have to use a chain. I know nothing on TBs so, I won't even pretend to evaluate his bloodlines. It does look like his neck ties in oddly but, is it really like that or is the handler pushing on him as the picture snapped?
  13. building a roundpen

    I like my round pens to be a minimum of 60 foot across. But, I always seem to have at least one really big sucker in the barn and itty bitty circles for long periods are too hard on them. Then again, I use my round pen a BUNCH! My current round pen is waaay bigger than that and I love it! Except for the ones that are not "round pen broke" ...then it ends up like the previous poster said, a work out for me! Mine is also made up of 10 ft pipe panels so, I could take some out if I wanted to and I could move it also....although I'm way too lazy to do either. As far as ground, sand is the best in my opinion.
  14. I need help with a name

    Big Sweet John Sweet Sassy Jane
  15. Pro Barrel Racers......

    IPRA has no age limit so, you run with everyone else. WPRA has just launched a new youth division but, I'm not sure of the specifics, you would have to go to their website to find out: In WPRA you can not run in their "open" classes until you turn 18.