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  1. What Are Your Winter Plans?

    Oh man...winter...ugggh After starting Allie back into work 3 seperate times and then getting hit with horrible weather, me getting sick, crazy hours at work, allie getting random pasture injuries, or finals week, I think she finally seriously is back in work. lol. We're doing a month of flatwork and trot sets up hills and then in February the gallop sets and jump schools will start. We are making a trip down to north carolina for our season opener in mid-March, so hopefully she will be fit and ready to go. But as of right now, she looks nothing like the eventer we ended the season with! Shes furry, fat, and has no muscle tone left. I guess it will be kinda interesting to see my little intermediate pony come back into shape :)
  2. A Little Allie Update + Lots Of Pictures :)

    ((whoops.....just missed that one!))
  3. A Little Allie Update + Lots Of Pictures :)

  4. A Little Allie Update + Lots Of Pictures :)

    Fair Hill:
  5. A Little Allie Update + Lots Of Pictures :)

  6. A Little Allie Update + Lots Of Pictures :)

    Hey everyone! I haven't posted on here in oh-so-long, but I do tend to stalk occasionally :) I know there are a few Allie fans on here, so I thought I would post a little update with some pictures after our last event! Some of you might know that we bumped up at level this spring, and have been running Intermediate for most of the summer. She has been a super star and we have only had a handful of little "blips" (mostly my fault...there is a wonderful picture of one below. lol) which I was expecting at this level. Even with the little blips, Allie has completely surprised me with her ability at this level. We have jumped clean in show jumping the past four events! Despite the little blips, we are qualified for the area champs and plan to run in them in September! Things are going so well that I have even been tossing around the idea of doing young riders again next summer... but that is a long way off, so we'll see :) Now for lots and lots of pictures! From MHT II:
  7. Is Anybody Going To The Fair Hill Horse Trials?

    Wow! Sounds like a successful event for your sister and Cal! Allie was fantastic the whole time. She was very much improved in dressage, although after warming up on grass and then finding out we were in the top ring (by the grand stands and secretary) with suuuuuuper deep footing, we kind of struggled through some of our lateral work. She was great in the canter work, and we came out with a 41.6 for I (think?) 8th place out of 21. SJ was also quite difficult, especially with the S curve thing in the middle. I dont know if novice had it, but we jumped a big oxer, sharp left to a one stride plank combo going down hill, then sharp right to a massive swedish oxer. She was literally jumping me out of the tack, and we jumped clean :) XC was not as big as the spring event, but VERY technical. She breezed through the bounce drop four stride to a corner (which I was freaking out about) and was perfect through the double corners and the irish bank. We had one little slip up at the water. It was a log, one stride to a big drop in, three strides to a log in the water, and then a bending left five strides up the hill to a skinny chevron. She jumped super bold into the water and over the log in the water, and I just didnt quite get her focused on the skinny in enough time and we kind of just cantered right past it. lol. But I circled around and she went right over. We finished with that 20 and 16 time. And as a testiment of the difficulty of the XC, we actually moved up to 6th place out of 21 riders with a stop. lol.
  8. Is Anybody Going To The Fair Hill Horse Trials?

    OMG...the XC was crazy hard, but fun :) How did your sister end up? It was a beauuuuutiful weekend weather-wise!!
  9. Is Anybody Going To The Fair Hill Horse Trials?

    Darn, I will only be there on Saturday. Bright and early ride times! Good luck to your sister...I heard the courses look really nice.
  10. Pictures From This Weekends Event :)

    The first water (not the one we had a stop at)
  11. Pictures From This Weekends Event :)

    I havent posted allie pictures in quite some time, so I figured after a great run this weekend, it was about time! She was fantastic all weekend! We are fairly new to this level, so there are still some little bumps being worked out, but she jumped clean around a very BIG show jumping course (3'11") and despite a cheap stop on XC (totally my fault) and some time penalties, we finished 7th out of 19 in a very competitive division. Plus she came back sound, happy, and looking for more, so I cant really ask for a better weekend! Pictures: Show jumpping
  12. Results From The Event :)

    The first water (not the one we had a stop at)
  13. Results From The Event :)

    Show jumpping
  14. Results From The Event :)

    Hey everyone!! Since this HT actually had pictures, and you all were begging me last time for some, I thought Id write up a little result description as well. Allie was really fantastic throughout the event and besides a little 'oops' error on my part, everything went really well. Dressage warm up was much better than the last event. Ive finally been taking some dressage lessons and I thought they were really paying least in the warm up. lol. The test itself was again, a little too tense and "marish," so we didnt really score as well as I was hoping and pulled a 45.5, which is still fairly competitive at this level (the test is sooooo long with so many movements that it is extremely difficult to get into the 30s) and put us in 9th out of 18 or 19. At least there was an improvement in the warm up. We're taking baby steps at this level, and hopefully next event we can carry the warm-up over into the actual test! I was literally the last person to ride in the intermediate dressage, so I flew off after my test and sprinted over to SJ to walk, unfortunatley I only got to run fences 1-4 before they called me off course and had to start the rides. Allie warmed up really well, practically jumping out of her skin! We went in the ring a little under-prepared as I only walked 1-4 and watched a handful of rides and the course was BIG. My plan was to just take my time and jump stright into everything and hope that the distances would just work out. Most of the fences we at max or close to max height (3'11") but allie was great! We jumped around clean, just picking up 2 time penalties because I really took my time in some of the deep corners. The clean round moved us up to 4th. Straight over to XC after SJ, and we were in the box in less than 5 minutes. Allie felt fantastic the whole course and I felt like things really "clicked" out there. She was just eating the fences up and looking for more! She jumped HUGE into the first water and this time I sat back and really rode the bank out and the skinny after (my mistake at the last event lol). Unfortunatly I did have one little "bloop" on course at the last combination: It was an ABCD water jump with a very skinny D set one stride after a large bank out. As I mentioned above, I had a cheap stop at the last event and the "out" part of the water mearly due to the fact that I didnt reorganise after jumping in and sit back and kick. So we came around the corner to the water, I looked at A, then kinda locked on the CD part of the combo, determined not to make the same mistake. Well....then all of a sudden (while I was staring at D) I realized I still had to kick to A since there was a bank into water one stride after it. Whoops. We just had an "OMG theres a jump, with a bank, with WATER after it!" stop. Completely my fault, all she needed was a bit more of a squeeze to that A element and she would have popped right in. I could just about hear my trainer's voice in the back of my head on that mistake "you have to jump EACH element of the combination, you have to jump the first jump before you can even make it to the second jump, so focus on that one first!" Circled around, represented and she jumped A, one stride, bank into water, four strides, bank out, one stride, skinny, perfectly. Galloped over the last two big tables and through the finish. So we ended with that stupid (completely my fault!) stop and 14.2 time penalties. Other than that, I felt like this whole weekend, especially the SJ and XC were very confidence boosting. Allie came off of both jumping rounds looking for more, which is what I always like to have :) There are lots and lots of pics, so give me a minute to post them!
  15. Md Horse Trial -pt. 2 Pictures

    I *love* that last one of us :) Your photography skills are ammmmmmazing!