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  1. The puppies are born!

    Hey equi, you need to get pistol one of these! It was like $25 at Costco. Duke is in heaven
  2. The puppies are born!

    We were feeding eagle pack, which my other dogs do great on, but I just switched him to simply nourish grain free. I’m usually not a grain free feeder, but figured I would give it a whirl and see if it helps. I really like the simply nourish line too. I’ve never had icky stinky dog before. He already seems to be much less itchy, so hopefully this does the trick!
  3. The puppies are born!

    He hates bath time, but we are having issues with itchy ness, and very oily stinky fur. I bought the tub anchors that have a suction cup, so he can be tied in the tub. I’ve never had a stinky dog before. He is still extremely lean. He gets 5-6 cups of food a day and rarely finishes it all. I can’t wait for him to fill out a bit.
  4. The puppies are born!

    He is so pretty! My boy duke just turned a year old and still looks like a baby moose Pistol is a handsome guy. We just took duke for his first in store outing this weekend. Ugh, he still gets car sick. He was a good boy though. A bit unsure, but handled it well. They are such brilliant dogs.
  5. My Wife Mozelle.

    Sorry for your loss PD.
  6. Show Your Costume

    No. The ferret just did the pet parade with her and they won first place. She just went as a lonely witch for trick or treating.
  7. Show Your Costume

    My older kiddo was the wicked witch of the west. With an evil flying ferret.
  8. Snotty Nose

    My horses would randomly get runny noses every once in a while. If there were no changes in attitude, or odd colors/smells, we would just keep an eye on them. Mine were never anything that needed a vets attention
  9. No longer horseless(almost)

    I’m just so stinking happy! We move so much that purchasing a horse would be a pretty dumb idea, so this is just perfect! Plus I don’t have to worry about finding someone to watch it while I go on vacation, if I ever can go on vacation thanks to having all the house critters
  10. No longer horseless(almost)

    So for a couple of weeks I have been chatting with a real sweet lady with 2 mares. It has really been trying my patience, as every time we are supposed to meet, something happens on one of ours ends, and we have to reschedule. And I'm not a patient person, at all. LOL. I have met her and her horses twice now, and was supposed to go tonight to finish signing paperwork and pay her, but this time something came up on my end. So we had to reschedule. So I will be leasing one of her mares, and I can ride both, for awhile to figure out which one suits me better. I hopped on bareback the other day, with a rope halter, after not riding for years! Thankfully, she really was a good little mare, and behaved wonderfully. But man, am I ever missing my riding muscles. Whew! My balance is not what it once was. Thankfully, and unfortunately at the same time, my husband is running back to PA tomorrow, for his cousins memorial service, and is grabbing my saddles for me. My mom was going to bring them out this week, but she got called back to work and couldn't make the trip. His cousin passed away from a life long drinking issue, so while it is sad, it has been expected. I think he is going more to be there for his sister, who was really close to their cousin, as he hasn't talked to said cousin in years. So I introduce you to Mia, my older child, Livia, my youngest and Spice, the mare in the background. And this little slice of heaven in the city. Chickens, goats, turkeys and beehives! I hope to make friends with the property owner and learn a bit about beekeeping from him.
  11. Show Your Festive Decorations

    I’ve got some great spider webs, a human boneyard, a skeletal snake, a sound activated ghoul who will be greeting trick r treaters and this lovely projector screen
  12. A new week & new month.

    Are you sure you are not nick? Lol
  13. A new week & new month.

    I don’t like pits but love labs. Haha! I get flak for hating on pit bulls, even though it is simply the personality and build that I don’t like
  14. The puppies are born!

    Usually they will exchange if it is at least half full
  15. A new week & new month.

    Bahaha! My mind does tend to lean towards the evil side muhahaha