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  1. HC Reunion
  2. What a great story. Gave me goosebumps.
  3. Spanish, I hope everything goes right and you have lots of great quality time left with your kitty. But I admire your preparedness for the worst going into this. Although you are never ready to let them go, it is good to see owners who obviously put the critters first. *hugs*
  4. On the floor usually when I get a chance to sit. The baby doesn't allow much sitting though
  5. That's Willow. She was actually watching Netflix. She is a weirdo, but I love her!
  6. He is awesome . He was at Petco through the SPCA when I started there. I almost took him home several times, but it turned out he didn't like dogs. He got adopted by a vet tech from the worst clinic I have ever been at in my life. I forgot about him after a while. Several weeks later I was buying a cat carrier that I found for like $3 with my discount. And Beverly, our Cat lady was walking in with a ginger kitty in her carrier. Turned out he had been returned for pooping on the ladies couch. It felt like fate at that point, with me buying a carrier that day anyways. So after my shift he came home as a foster. He did extremely well with the pups and my husband fell in love. And in the years I have had him, never one accident outside the litter box.
  7. Happy birthday Danyel! Heidi, floof is gorgeous! I love the light creamy coat color.
  8. Just wanted to share an awesome deal I got today, that may help some of you! There is a sweet app, called slickdeals. Download it. Then you can find the coupons for a free bag of nutro, simply nourish and wellness. Up to an6lb bag. Print those suckers and take them to your local petsmart. Bam! $60 worth of cat food 100% free! Pumpkin and Willow say it is worth it, well the wellness will actually go to Tuna and Panda the ferrets.
  9. Ahhh! I really need to talk the hubby into going. Looks like a blast
  10. May be best to call into apple and talk to them. Apple products can be so finicky sometimes and it is a real PITA. Good luck
  11. I'm trying to talk my husband into going tomorrow. It's only a 2 hour drive, and we have been dying to go up to Milwaukee anyways. He's being a poo poo head though. I just want to go for the wine slushes! Haha
  12. Oh man! The Wisconsin fair has some amazing sounding food. I may have to head there before we move. I'm drooling over here reading through the food.
  13. I'm procrastinating. Like normal. Movers come Wednesday to pack everything up and then haul it all off on Saturday. So I should be getting the apartment all cleaned up. But between the kids and dogs, everytime I pick up, it looks like a tornado has followed behind me. So instead I'm planning Halloween costumes. Going to transform the wagon into a spaceship, dress the baby as an Astronaut and the bigger PITA will be an alien.
  14. Love those saws! They are gorgeous! That would be a gift my dad would love. Might have to look into making him one for Christmas. Its a cool, breezy day here. Feels like autumn which makes me so very happy. My husband comes home tonight and gets to stay home until the 13th! Might take the kiddos to the park today since it is so cool, and the wind should keep the bugs away.
  15. I'm down to 0 horses. Started in PA, moved to Ky, currently in IL and will be moving into my new house in IN in 2 weeks. I have a husband, 2 adorable little girls who are 4.5 and 8 months. 4 dogs. I lost my shepherd a week after I had my youngest daughter. That was a very bad time for me. Found another shepherd who was born the day she passed. He is a PITA, but has helped me heal a lot. Couple of months after loosing my shepherd my old show horse passed away. I also have 2 cats and 2 ferrets. Playing stay at home mom for a while. Hoping to be able to eventually go to school to become a Vet Tech, but daycare cost is outrageous. And I think that it. I'm pretty boring. Haha