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  1. Duke says good luck on your trip tomorrow! I only had 2 pups to pick from as well. Duke picked me, and the other pup shied from loud noises, so I figured he wouldn't fit into our noisy household well anyways. Im excited to see who picks you!
  2. Beagles just melt my heart. They are the sweetest dogs
  3. I haven't been able to find anything bad about Fromm except a recall back in 2015. Where did you find the complaints? I would definitely like to read them. Either way I will probably switch back to eagle pack after this bag, my dogs are sure to be bored with this food once they get near the end of the bag
  4. I wouldn't go with Blue. They had the whole big fiasco where they weren't listing ingredients or something. If money weren't an issue, I would probably feed orjin or a Raw diet. Right now I'm using Fromm, and it is actually going over very well with my picky pack of mutts.
  5. When I lived in east Kentucky people always had their dirty, stinky, matted overgrown toe nail fleabag inbred mutts riding around in shopping carts at Walmart. When I moved to Illinois I was very happy to see my new Walmart had a sign up that no type of service animal was allowed to ride in the cart for sanitary reasons, and I suspect to keep the misbehaving mangy little "ESA" at home, with their fake certificates that the snowflake owners paid for online. Real service animals helping a disabled person? Now those I love to see out and about working. The partnership between them and their human is just amazing.
  6. I will be 99.96% but I'm sure by then we will have moved once or twice
  7. Nothing really cool here. Couldn't figure the dumb colander trick out. Had no glasses. Tried the selfie mode with my cell, and nothing cool with that either. Did get some crescent shapes in a trees shadow, and it got slightly darker out.
  8. HC Reunion
  9. What a great story. Gave me goosebumps.
  10. Spanish, I hope everything goes right and you have lots of great quality time left with your kitty. But I admire your preparedness for the worst going into this. Although you are never ready to let them go, it is good to see owners who obviously put the critters first. *hugs*
  11. On the floor usually when I get a chance to sit. The baby doesn't allow much sitting though
  12. That's Willow. She was actually watching Netflix. She is a weirdo, but I love her!
  13. He is awesome . He was at Petco through the SPCA when I started there. I almost took him home several times, but it turned out he didn't like dogs. He got adopted by a vet tech from the worst clinic I have ever been at in my life. I forgot about him after a while. Several weeks later I was buying a cat carrier that I found for like $3 with my discount. And Beverly, our Cat lady was walking in with a ginger kitty in her carrier. Turned out he had been returned for pooping on the ladies couch. It felt like fate at that point, with me buying a carrier that day anyways. So after my shift he came home as a foster. He did extremely well with the pups and my husband fell in love. And in the years I have had him, never one accident outside the litter box.
  14. Happy birthday Danyel! Heidi, floof is gorgeous! I love the light creamy coat color.
  15. Just wanted to share an awesome deal I got today, that may help some of you! There is a sweet app, called slickdeals. Download it. Then you can find the coupons for a free bag of nutro, simply nourish and wellness. Up to an6lb bag. Print those suckers and take them to your local petsmart. Bam! $60 worth of cat food 100% free! Pumpkin and Willow say it is worth it, well the wellness will actually go to Tuna and Panda the ferrets.