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  1. Psa

    Oh dear
  2. The Cake Is A...

    NICE!! Great job :)
  3. My Horse Just Ran Me Over...

    Ow Ow OW!!! As for ice or heat--my nurse friend says you can alternate and do 20 minutes of each, but don't ice longer than 20 or you can damage soft tissue with too much cold. Glad you are all right!
  4. ** Happy Birthday Mist Of Avalon **

    Thank you!!! This is the FIRST year I've ever gotten Birthday wishes on HC. HOORAY!!!
  5. Pics Of My New Bird!

    That is awesome!! Such cool pictures, thanks for sharing :)
  6. Look What Came To Visit The Barn Today!

    AWESOME!! I love birds!
  7. Narwhals!

    love it!!
  8. Bird Experts?

    My vote is warbler. Either a Tennessee Warbler, or a Mourning Warbler. They are both common in your area, and the females and juveniles look pretty similar. Hope your little bird will be okay!
  9. Squamous Cell In The Jaw

    I'm so sorry you are having to go through this. I have a very close friend who had to put her horse down back in March due to liver failure because of tumors metathesizing. He was a grey and had multiple tumors under his tail and around his anus. We tried two separate rounds of cistplatan (chemo beads--I butchered the spelling)over the course of a year to try and shrink or halt the growth. He was 19, and had been for over a month, battling an infection in one of the areas where a stitch had been removed from where one of the chemo beads had been inserted. We figured we'd eventually lose him to complications from the tumors. He was fine on Tuesday that week, on Thursday we could tell he really didn't feel well.Friday morning we had blood panel results back and had to say goodbye. I wouldn't wish what we went through, or what you are dealing with on anybody. ((hugs))
  10. Summer Sore Up Date

    That looks painful A few months ago I was helping a friend treat an open wound under her horse's tail. (It was where a stitch had been removed and the area unfortunately got badly infected.) We found spray on liquid bandage at Rite Aid. Look for liquid bandage that specifically states that it does not sting. It worked really well for us. Good luck!
  11. Rosie And The Toy Horse

    Cute!! Reminds me of this video: She was pretty convinced that was a real horse! lol
  12. Anyone Have A County Logic Dressage Girth?

    I have a round pony with NO withers. When I bought my County saddle, I tried the girth out on the recommendation of my County rep. It did not prevent the saddle from moving forward. Part of our issue was that County's shortest girth wasn't short enough. She told me instead to order a string girth. I bought a 14 inch black mohair string girth and I have not had any problems with the saddle moving forward. I have a friend that has a County saddle and uses the County girth and she doesn't have any issues with saddle movement like she did with other girths. Good luck!!
  13. Funny Ponay Pictures

    So cute!!!
  14. Insurance For Instructors

    I have liability insurance for teaching through Equisure http://www.equisure-inc.com/ You have to to be a member of one of several organizations-- I have a membership through USEF-- and my policy covers 1-15 students weekly for $700 a year. You are covered even if you work at more than one facility. Liability Limits, $250,000 to $2,000,000 available and Care, Custody and Control included on ALL policies.
  15. He's Dead!

    One of my friends says, " So when Obama said last week he had 'better stuff to do' than talk about his birth certificate... Yeah."