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  1. So Aggravated With Myself!

    I recently went on vacation with a few friends and my good friend who we consider each other best friends. I bought her a ticket onto a ferris wheel thing in Vegas which she said she'd pay me back. That was 40 bucks. Then when we got home she didn't even offer to split the parking of my car at the airport even though I drove us and didn't even ask her for gas money either. So when I got home I messaged her and said, I'll be needing that money back pretty soon. I felt like she was ignoring me for like two weeks when she finally told me she had the money for me. I got the ferris wheel money plus parking. I was so lucky! I've learned from that experience that next time, don't buy anyone anything and expect to get money back. If you are gonna do it, just write it off as gone. It really sucks that people take advantage of their so called friends.
  2. What Are You Reading?

    Heidi- I LOVED the Divergent series. Those are truly some of my favorite books. Yes, I did not like how the trilogy ended either. I might have to read The Maze Runner after I finish the Hunger Games.
  3. What Are You Reading?

    I'm rereading the Hunger games series....Just saw the latest movie so I want to read the books again because they are just SO much better!
  4. Annual Black Friday Thread

    I plan to sleep in and relax during the day. At night friends and I are going to see a movie!
  5. Hey, Guess What?

    Congratulations!!! 40 years is a great milestone to celebrate!!
  6. Why Is Buying Airplant Tickets So Difficult?

    I'm glad that you were able to find a decent flight! I hate finding airplane tickets just on their own. Every time I go on vacation I use Priceline with booking both hotel and airplane.
  7. Just Hello & Sage Pictures

    I just love her. Such a gorgeous girl. Thanks for sharing!
  8. So This One Time I Got Married...

    What a beautiful wedding!!! Congrats!!!
  9. I have gone back to school. Granted, I only took 8 years off in between school but I am going for psychology now. I am wanting a minor in criminal justice and a masters in Forensic Psychology. I like learning about why people do the things they do.
  10. I Went On A Real Vacation, Kinda!

    Although I already saw these on facebook, I have to say again that they are gorgeous! Just beautiful! I also think that horse one should be hung up on the wall somewhere!
  11. Hiking With The Dogs

    Aww! So cute!! Looks like a really fun time!!
  12. Hey Look What I Found While Shopping Today.......

    An alien clown!!!??? That is a find!!! But it scared the jeepers out of me when I opened the thread. haha
  13. Another "hi There" Post.

    Wow. Great pictures!!
  14. I Get To Be An Arkie Again Someday!

    Sounds like a dream place!!! Congrats!!!
  15. Another "hi There" Post.

    Hi there!!! Glad to hear the update!! Sounds like you've been on a great adventure!!