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  1. Infection Not Clearing Up--Pics Added

    Oh that poor mare.
  2. Is This Horse Worth Hanging Onto?

    I had a friend who dated this guy. Everything was great at first. They were madly in love. Well, at least she was. Over time he started saying things that hurt her feelings. One day, she didn't have dinner ready on time and he hit the roof and then he hit her and gave her her first black eye. Of course, he was sorry and apologized. He was great again for a while, but eventually, the hitting and abuse continued every time he saw her.... You, my dear are in an abusive relationship with this mare. She owns you. I'm really glad you are getting help from this trainer. Please be careful. Make sure that its not just the trainer working that horse. YOU need just as much training as the horse does. Patience and a sense of humor are essential items for any horseman. Common sense is another. Keep in mind that even the best of trainers is going to tell you that of course they can fix you and your little horse problem if you have enough $$$$. After all, people like you are paying their house payment. Go watch "Buck" the movie about Buck Branneman. It's a documentary and has a section in it towards the end that will show you what not enough sense can do around horses.
  3. Favorite Websites

    Why can't we have a "like" feature???????
  4. Favorite Websites

    Screening criteria allow for harmonious functionality, as do sensible and visible rules. If you are actually friends, you don't even need the interwebs for keeping in contact! (off to text madly!)
  5. I Need To Vent

    A point to consider? Speaking as a person who was active duty military....ALL branches of the military give each other NO end of good natured teasing about who's got the toughest boot camp, which branch is toughest, blah blah blah. National Guard and Reservists are not immune from that teasing. Quite frankly, I think that your "friend' who has never served in ANY capacity in the military is simply misunderstanding what is being said because she has no frame of reference. I was in the navy. Some of my best friends were in the USMC. The things we STILL say to each other would make your ears blister!!!!
  6. Has Anyone Been Stalked On Here ?

    I thought people used to lick toads to get high.... Maybe that would explain some stuff?
  7. New Horse!

    I look at those pics and I have some concerns as well. Good food will fix a bunch of them! I'm sure that you are already on that. I do have some concerns about the muscling differences. There is something NQR there. A vet check to rule things out wouldn't be the devil.
  8. Bought Myself My First Aqha

    Please review the sticky about pictures for actual critique. If you just want to share how pretty your boy is (and congratulations by the way!), please post on GCC.
  9. Worst Case Of Proud Flesh I've Seen

    Honestly, how the horse got in this shape is not important at this time. If you don't have the vet to cure this? It is likely in the horse's best interest for you to humanely euthanize it. That is a LARGE growth. It is not proud flesh. I hope the vet that comes tomorrow has an answer for you as to what it is. Best of luck.
  10. House Plant Bugs

    I am a fan of the dawn dish soap / water. We used it at a green house I used to work for years ago. Cheap, easy, effective. It sounds like you have spider mites.
  11. didn't even notice that one. Ooops. Rope halters are unsafe? How's that?
  12. Actually, that bucket looks like it was on the ground. I disapprove that there aren't more pics. [ROTFL]
  13. Pictures

    WOW. I have posted calmly. Rationally. Heck. It's even been polite. I certainly beg your pardon. I fail to see how that implies or indicates that I may or may not have anything "jammed up" in places that shouldn't be. At no time have I gotten snarky or rude. The reverse may certainly not be said of others or you Cheadle. I post on things that interest me, which should really be no concern of yours or others. I may come across as a bored busy body. You come across as much less favorably than that. Please remember that while I have the capacity to "block" or ignore things, you do as well. Best, Bay.