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  1. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    My goodness, this is surreal. Hi kids!
  2. More Fashion Advice..

    I'd wear it with a fitted high-waisted skirt. If you do wear it with a tank (I wouldn't), try black instead of white...
  3. Oh Hey.

    No wonder-- oh my goodness she is darling!
  4. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Corrie. The last two things you posted are so awesome, my mind is seriously a little blown haha!
  5. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    I can't find any 18+ drag shows in San Francisco and it just makes me so sad.
  6. My Take On The "smokin Hot" Nascar Prayer,

    So yeah I'm really sensitive about social issues lololol HOW LAME. But. I'm really genuinely curious about the stuffed-shirt liberals you were referring to in your original post. Where have you been hearing these opinions? I'm not trying to discredit their existence, I just want to know. Maybe I wasn't clear? It has nothing to do with fashion. (In fact, there are theories that fashion is trivialized as silly and frivolous despite often being serious art because it's associated with women and femininity.) Fashion models really aren't popular among men. It's about women being valued as attractive beings rather than as people with identities. Culturally, we (women too!) reduce women to what they look like and don't value them if they're not attractive. It's easy to ignore, but it's definitely there-- studies where attractive people are favored in business situations, women in movies as (invariably attractive) love interests, tokens, and eye candy (have you heard of the Bechdel test? It's so easy, and it's incredible how many films don't pass), Tina Fey becoming SNL famous as soon as she loses weight and gets hot, the woman who was fired for having gray hair. I watched a show last night where one judge, regarding a fabulously talented opera singer, prefaced every comment about her singing with "you're so beautiful, you're gorgeous" (and this happened a few times). And she was! But why were her looks more important, every time, than her talent? It's everywhere. Our society has issues with women, and a lot of it is appearance-related. Then it would be problematic that his audience considers "smoking hot" to be interchangeable with "good," at least where wives are concerned. You don't understand feminism. Again: Even I have trouble caring about this. What he said reflects something problematic in our society, which I've assumed is the part offending people, but as an individual... I don't care about this guy. Whatever, he probably meant well, and you're right, his wife probably doesn't care! It's sweet that he's paying tribute to her publicly, especially because his wife probably isn't conventionally "smokin'" and he's really saying "I find you WILDLY ATTRACTIVE, lady-who-I-love!" One last time: this is more reflective of greater cultural issues than dramatically offensive in and of itself, and I don't really care. That doesn't mean it's not worth understanding what some people might find problematic. (P.S. Did someone say ?!)
  7. Dollywood Asks Couple To Cover Up A T-Shirt

    Oh dear. 1. Dollywood didn't make that rule. It was an employee. 2. Nobody says life is all-inclusive. The couple stated that they recognize Dollywood's right to enforce a dress code; that doesn't make this incident any less disappointing. 4. Sexual preference and sexual orientation are different things. Sexual preference is about how you like to have sex. Sexual orientation is about who you're attracted to, which influences how you relate to people, to institutions, how communities relate to you, what you choose to express, belonging to a community. Most people assume most people they meet are heterosexual unless they see something specific to the contrary. Everyone makes assumptions about the sexual orientations of everyone else, always, and while it's personal, it's also public. Straight people express their sexual identities all the time and nobody bats an eye-- PDA, his/hers heteronormativity, even slogan t-shirts! We just don't notice these expressions because we've already taken the heterosexual identity for granted. 5. Maybe she was excited about New York and wanted to show support. Maybe she thought it was irreverent and funny. Maybe she's proud to be gay. Maybe it's just what she grabbed! And maybe she actually did it for the comments because she's witty and funny with comebacks and that's one of the reasons she's so chill about being unfortunately forced to change. My point is, you can't know her intentions. 6. And just because she should expect comments doesn't mean they're right. You're using the same type of argument as someone who believes women who are raped can be "asking for it." Obviously, they're totally different types of victimization and a reversed t-shirt in no way compares to the horror and severity of sexual assault, but in both cases, we're blaming victims whose main crime was expecting others to behaved like civilized people rather than rapists and homophobes. 7. Ten years ago, it was "my best friend is black!" Doesn't make what a lot of people said any less racist. Your gay friends who aren't "in your face" don't excuse any intolerance towards those who are, especially because I suspect you don't even notice when people publicly flaunt their non-queer sexual identities... Really. Oy.
  8. Dollywood Asks Couple To Cover Up A T-Shirt

    Heidi, it's because of the specific social connotations that make one sentence offensive and the other not. If anti-offensiveness rules are strict and specific to the words (rather than context), then they're the same, but otherwise, it's the difference between hate speech and a self-aware, reclamatory joke. Also, from the article, it seemed it was an employee, not the business, making the distinction? I've heard of hand-holding lesbian couples being kicked out of both art museums and baseball stadiums, both recently, and both times security guards made the call and were reprimanded by their employers later.
  9. My Take On The "smokin Hot" Nascar Prayer,

    I'm curious to hear what the over-educated liberal stuffed shirts have to say about this? I'm genuinely curious; I haven't seen much commentary on this. I think the prayer sounds like a parody of itself, and it seems the offensive bit is that his wife can only be included if she's hot, which is more reflective of greater cultural issues than dramatically offensive in and of itself. I just can't summon the feminist ire to care this time.
  10. Birth Control Hormones

    People are down with birth control hormones because they are something that they choose, measure, and use to fulfill a function. People are freaked out by cattle hormones because they're not specifically chosen, regulated strictly for health, or necessary. It's like how I can choose to have a Komodo dragon and visit it through a cage every day to read poetry, but if you stick one loose in my dry cleaning that doesn't even know what meter is, of course I'm going to scream bloody murder and complain to the media, you know? (Not that I have a Komodo dragon. Or dry cleaning. Yes, this metaphor could be better.)
  11. Mass Extinction On The Way

    I can't pretend I've read much of this, and I know it's changed direction a bit, but in case anyone hasn't pointed out... Yes, species go extinct all the time (and always have)! However, now, the rate of extinction is greater than the speed of evolution-- which is a very rare, scary, and dangerous thing. Sorry if it's already been brought up, but if it hasn't, it's so important to any extinction argument. Carry on!
  12. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    AHAHAHA. Hey there Bridezilla! (Her, not you.) I want calico kittens named Theodore and Pants!
  13. The Letter Game!

    I really want to play the letter game (which Wikipedia explains much more clearly than I could). It's a little slower and longer-form than conventional RPing, but that appeals to me and hopefully to some other people here too. So. Anyone down? You can post with some interests or message someone who has! I'll start. My current recurring and letter-writing interests are like... Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, supernatural and fantastical elements, comedies of manners, boarding schools, eras where writing letters seems natural, the 19th century, Soulless, the French Revolution, pre-Revolution France, cursive writing, social espionage, mistaken identities, mythology, magic, and tea! (Not all at the same time.) Really though, I'm down for almost anything (except historical accuracy, ahaaa) and will always reply within two weeks. Message me for an email address and then send a letter, OR message me with some interests and your email address and I'll send the first letter! (Here's hoping this gets off the ground, haha.)
  14. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread! You tumbl too? (I'm still not sure what I'm doing, though! ha.)
  15. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    lol'd. I made a tumblr today and it is a raging confusion. And yay jobs!