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  1. Awww It's Still Dead =(

    Doubt anyone remembers me... It's been YEARS since I've been on here... Sad to see that it's still dead on here =(.
  2. Pregnant Woman Killed By Her Pet Dog

    Anyone who honestly believes the breed is a problem is an idiot. Anyone who believes pitbulls are human agressive is an idiot. Dog/animal agressive? YES! But no idiot is going to fight a human agressive pitbull... How the heck are you gonna handle the dog then?
  3. Skojjta?

    What an awful tragedy....
  4. Shower Habits

    Ewww! I will occasionally brush my teeth in the shower if i'm running late. Otherwise I just... shower?
  5. Been a while since i've been on.. Things are looking up, landed a full time job up in the Alpharetta/Buford area but my living arrangement went screwy and I've got like 4? 5? days to come up with something.. Anyone in the area looking for a room-mate or know of anyone who is? My budget is $350-$400 max... I do have two dogs but am more than willing to help out around the house and all... I've got a full time job but will only be working 3 1/2 days a week(40 hours) and will be looking for a second one.. Been checking craigslist but haven't found much nearby or in my budget.... Figure it couldn't hurt to ask?
  6. So I'm Pretty Sure I'm Having A Midlife Crisis At 19?

    I was just in Omaha yesterday... It won't be for a bit but i've got family there so don't plan on going back like....Tomorrow so I'm not going to... I'm kind of in a whirl-whind and my plans are changing a million times a minute... Guess i'll just see what life brings me.
  7. So I'm Pretty Sure I'm Having A Midlife Crisis At 19?

    Oh I know... But I'm planning on getting our of Florida anyways.. I have friends up that way so if I don't see him ever again I really don't care to much *shrugs*
  8. So I'm Pretty Sure I'm Having A Midlife Crisis At 19?

    He doesn't know i'm even moving up there.. I have no plans on pushing myself on him.. I just love the area honestly.... I still gotta figure loan situation and save up a bit more for an apartment.
  9. Fasfa...student Loans...eek!

    Planning to move up to NE again and go to school to get my Vet Tech degree... Problem is I have no idea HOW to go about applying for loans. Not sure what the tuition would even be as I'm a Florida Resident... Are there such things as loans that help with living expenses to...? My parents made quite a bit but have a lot of expenses so can't help out... I filed on my own last year but only made $2800...
  10. So I'm Pretty Sure I'm Having A Midlife Crisis At 19?

    I love this kid but we've been apart and he says he lost his feelings for me... But we're all hoping and praying he changes his mind... I feel kind of like a psycho stalker ex for planning to move up to Omaha where he's living.. But they have a vet tech program and his mom and them is there and rents pretty cheap and it's a big town... But Maybe being close to him we can work things out with time... I dunno
  11. So I'm Pretty Sure I'm Having A Midlife Crisis At 19?

    Been riding 13 years, mainly english with a bit of western.. I've considered moving back to Omaha, and going to a community college there and getting my vet tech degree..... I love this guy, but with him being in the army and then getting out, the distance, and an issue that happened in December it's been hard and he claimed he lost his feelings for me... But me and his family are all hoping he'll change his mind with a bit of distance.... I know I prayed for the first time in a long while.....
  12. So I'm Pretty Sure I'm Having A Midlife Crisis At 19?

    I've been looking on there... But I'm planning on going home packing, and just heading out on the road.... Dunno where i'm going. Dont have any family that could/would take me in... Most of my friends can't either or they're in Florida... It's hard, we almost made it to a year but we went through a lot and meh it's just super sad.... and I need a change..... I need out of Florida for good....
  13. I swear things were great....Long story short me and the boyfriend broke up...I loved this guy like crazy but we had issues, and it was partially mutual... But I need a change...I'm planning on quitting my job in Florida and I guess driving till I find somewhere else to go...? Maybe I'm depressed, maybe i'm having a midlife crisis but I'm so sick of Florida...To much drama, to many memories... Dunno where i'm going to end up?Not even sure why i'm even posting this...I guess I don't know.... I think maybe i'm just going crazy? Now to figure out where i'm going..... Maybe i'll find a horsefarm that needs help?
  14. Rehoming A Horse.

    Oh dear, please don't re-home her. Put her down now.. It's simply not fair for her... Poor old girl..
  15. Rehoming A Horse.

    How old is she?