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  1. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Rockin, I sent you a PM.
  2. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    CVM, we had really good luck with Hylands teething tablets. They have them at Walmart & Food Lion around here, and I think pretty much all natural food stores have them. Bryson will bring us the little bottle sometimes now when his teeth hurt. He also did not like anything frozen, and did not do much with teething rings, but the tablets helped. I'm not sure if that is a brand you tried, but that was the only that helped him at all.
  3. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Good Luck Mtnpenny! HGJ, good to see everything is going good with and the boys! I think the talk about magnesium is really interesting. I read an article a few days ago about how food today is much less nutrient dense than it was 50 years ago. Magnesium was one of the nutrients that had greatly decreased in vegetables today vs. 50 years ago. It was due to breeding for "bigger/better plants" that had more dry matter, but less actual nutrition. Overfarming was also a factor. It would be interesting to study how much decreased nutrition in the food we eat has to do with the increase in problems like Crohns, ADHD, migraines, etc.
  4. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Yay KM & Rockin!!! And maybe Cowgirl_up1007! Get to the Dr and let us know!!!! I am glad everyone posted so many pictures! Such Cuties! I love to come on & see lots of new pics. ST- Bryson went through a biting stage when we first cut down from regular nursing at about 1 year old, but he got over it quick. He still nurses at night & in the morning, but I think weaning will be easy. If he sleeps late in the morning, or falls asleep in the car at night, he doesn't nurse & it doesn't bother him. I think taking it slow & easy is good, especially if you are both still enjoying it. CVM-I hated putting my son in daycare, but I think he really likes it. We visited about 6-7 daycares before we decided on ours. We really liked the teachers, and still do. They are really good with him. We liked it because he was not an easy napper. They rocked each child to sleep individually in the "baby" room. In the room he is in now, they sleep on little pallets. When he first moved up, one of the teachers would get down on the floor with him & pat his back his back until he fell asleep. I was really impressed with that. We knew right away we liked this one. I would just visit alot & trust your instincts.
  5. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Just popping in to say hi! Bryson is doing good. He moved up from the baby nursery in daycare, to the 1 yr old room. I was a little worried since he is alot smaller than everyone else, but he is doing great. When I dropped him off one morning last week, another kid came running up to him & gave him a toy as soon as I put him down. It was really sweet, he gave them a big smile. He gets to feed himself & go outside to play in his new class, so he thinks the move up was great. Shamrock- My sisters stepson had asthma as a child, he is a teenager now with no signs of it, he plays sports and everything. I never even knew he ever had it until we were talking about it the other day & she told me. LC- I read something about getting children to settle down at night and we tried it. Bry has always gone to sleep pretty well. Sleeping through the night is another matter. But anyway- it said keep them outside in natural sun until the sun goes down. then take them in, keep the lights low, do the nighttime routine, and put them down. The natural light & sun setting kind of helps to reset their internal clock. All of the lights in a modern day home kind of confuses their system into thinking it is still daytime.
  6. So....i Bought A Pony!

    I want pics of Lilly ON the pony.
  7. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Red Robin, he is so cute! I can't believe all that hair. Bryson is 13 months and just has a little fuzz. ST-I think at her age she definitely would enjoy the noises & colors. Bryson has always had a thing for the Taylor Swify video "Our Song" I used to sing it to him in the car when he would cry, and when he got a little older and the video would come on, he would stop and watch the whole thing. He was fussing in his swing one day, and that video came on. He stopped fussing, watched the whole thing, and started fussing again when it went off. Zanit, Bry likes to mow grass too, and we were talking the other day about him needing something on his ears. He should have a talk with Taylor about the importance of protecting your hearing!
  8. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Hib- my sister wanted to have her baby with no drugs & did it. We were actually at her baby shower at ~ 6:00 and she lost her plug. She called the dr. and he said that until the contractions got worse not to worry about it. Our mother & her MIL were not going to let her drive home by herself, but she didn't want anyone hanging over her. My husband and me followed her home, and helped her get her stuff in. We were pulling out of the driveway and she was standing at the door, and it crossed my mind "she is going to the hospital tonight". Sure enough, about 45 mins later we got a call and they were on their way to the hospital. By then it was about 8, so I told my them to call me when the baby came, no matter what time it was, thinking she would go sometime in the middle of the night. Then about 45mins later they called & the baby was here! She was only at the hospital about 45 minutes. We teased her husband that the baby could have come on the way, because they went in his brand new truck. He had literally picked it up the day before. The doctor didn't think she was really in labor. She called when she got home from the shower & he said she could come if she wanted to, but that she probably wasn't ready yet. She went so fast once she got to the hospital, she couldn't have had drugs even if she wanted to. I guess she is just a tough chick. PJ, your little girl is precious, she looks like you.
  9. How Does A Person Find House Foreclosures?

    It varies by state, but in here they are required to put a notice of foreclosure in the local paper. Usually the bank ends up buying it back at the foreclosure sale, and will list it with a realtor, but sometimes they sell through the foreclosure auction sale at the county courthouse. I would contact a realtor though, they can find you all houses in your price range, not just foreclosures. With the economy being slow you may be able to buy a house that is not a foreclosure for a great deal. Usually banks will not make repairs, an owner will. So many people try to buy foreclosures because of the house flipping shows, that they are not always as cheap as you would think.
  10. Good Luck To All Going To The Colonial Nationals

    The weather is supposed to be really nice, low 80's and sunny, so it should be good weather to run in. I second the fans, the barns are usually a little stuffy even with the good weather.
  11. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    So, K-N-J, have you been able to keep it under control with just diet? That is great that you got a good report. Chino, it is better if he doesn't take the bottle at all. Bryson had to take a bottle in the hospital. He was a little early, but not as early as Elliot and was kind of a sleepy baby too. I used a Medela SNS so he could get milk but would still be nursing. You can pump a little to put in it so he is not so frantic, and it keeps him from getting used to a bottle. You can also adjust the flow better than with a bottle. It is kind of a pain to use, but it did help us, and I had pumped and he had gotten the bottle for 4 months, so you are in alot better shape. I was so frustrated and ready to give up, but I am so glad I didn't. If you will PM me your address, I would like to send it to you. I am going to try to post a picture. This Bryson at his birthday party.
  12. Little Cow's Foal/calf Watch

    8/17, 7:12 am, 7lbs, 14 oz, 20.5 in. Hubby and I were eating lunch the other day, and a lady walked by in that "stand back" phase of pregnancy. She had the waddle and everything. I told my husband "I bet she is pregnant". She looked like she might not make it out of the restaurant without having it.
  13. Wilmington Nc Beaches Within 50 Miles

    We just got back from Cherry Grove. It was nice, but more crowded than what I think you are talking about. We did have a great time, it was close to Calabash, which is famous for it's seafood. Everything else was close too. We had teenagers with us, so they probably would have hated that really slow feel. We usually go to Garden City, which is a little slower. My aunt used to live in Wilmington, we visited it last year and drove out to Topsail Beach. I think it would be exactly what you are looking for. It is part of the Outer Banks, so the Sound is on one side, and the ocean on the other. It is water all around. You cross a little bridge to get to it. It was a cute little area, one I would definitely stay in.
  14. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    I was going to say the same thing about churches. Most of the ones around here have a "Mothers Morning Out" program. I know for our church, it starts for 2 year olds. They go Tues-Weds-Thurs from 8-12, and it is pretty inexpensive. They have a "tuition", it seems like it is around $1000/yr, but I don't know if that runs like the school year, or a calender year. I think it is a school year, because it starts in August,and the church also has a private school. Once they turn 4, they can go longer days if you choose. If you could find a program like that, it would probably be just the break you need. When Bry first started daycare, he got an ear infection in both ears,but he was teething too. I don't think that helped matters any. Since the first month, he has been good though, occasional runny noses, but I think that is teething sometimes too. I hate to leave him, but he really seems to enjoy playing with the other kids. It makes me feel a little better. Also-if you do want more than 2, my mom said it was alot easier to go from 2 kids to 3 than from 1 to 2.
  15. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    He probably doesn't want to miss a thing, probably a little smarty! With the breastfeeding too, when he starts nursing more, your supply will go way up, and he can always get more than the pump. He is more effecient, 'cause they were made for him. And congrats Karen-Lynn!