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  1. Last Mountain Ride 2014 +Pics

    Thanks for sharing the pics. Just beautiful. The horses are too. :)
  2. Just Some Pretty Pictures...

    We were in Williamsburg VA the week of Oct 4-11. When we drove up there went through Tenneessee to route 64 and the colors there were just starting to turn but were so beautiful. The autumns here where I live, I can only remember 2 that were half way pretty. Usually here just as it gets cooler, then a freeze comes and kills the leaves. The week we were up there, that Wed was 98 where I live and like 75-80 there in VA. That was so nice for the cooler weather. So tired of 90's-100's even though only about 15 days over 100 but that is 15 to many. Here nothing has changed colors at all that I know of, at least have not seen any yet. But this weekend will be 90 again, that is above average for here that late in Oct. Oct it is finally cooling down but not this year. I guess the usual cool weather we had in July did that LOL. It was nice to have 70's in July instead of 100-110. I also have a web cam for VA and I saw some places the colors were just gourgeous. Anyway thanks for sharing the beautiful fall colors.
  3. Horses And Finances- What Would You Do?

    Before I got married, I sold my horse as I knew I could not afford him. It has been years now since I had to do that. I have loved horses all these years and life got in the way to get another one. I am leasing a horse now as I still know I cannot afford to buy a horse since now I am on a fixed income. I am also taking lessons so that helps some on having a horse. Like the other poster said it is not the end of the world. Get your finances in order now so that you can start saving and paying cash for what you need and "want". Hope you get things work out and be debt free. There are people that are debt free on a ok income, Im not talking about rich or well off people being debt free. Im talking about the normal everyday person. The horse in the pic is the one Im leasing. He is a Selle Francais, 17.1 hands, 19 years old. He use to be a grand prix jumper in his younger days and now a level 3 dressage horse.
  4. Update Pics Of Chips Fancy Dazzler

    I have seen leopard appys before, but had not notice the legs, just the bodies. There is a leopard appy down the road and I do not think he has it on the legs. I will have to double check next time I drive by. Your horse is beautiful, love the coloring. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Hello, I Am Hoping To Find Time To Rejoin This Community

    :yay: Welcome back Julie. I think I remember you too. At one time when I was a teen I had a standardbred trotter. That is the horse in my avatar. Best horse I ever had. Good to see your horse, looks good for a young 20. Saw those ears pinned back at the cows. She means business. LOL. Congrats on the college degree. God has a job for you somewhere, just be patient. Even if you do go back to school, that will be good, just adds more to the education. Have a good week.
  6. Lip Tattoo (Need Help)

    Nice horse, saw his pedigree and that is one good pedigree. He is beautiful. Glad that you will be able to still jump him. Are you going to event him, or hunters or jumpers? Have a GREAT week.
  7. Horse/rider Ratio

    Look at Margie Ingle that is a grand prix jumper, she is about your height and rides 17 hand horses. You can tell she is short, but so what, she does good on them too. I would not worry looking too small on them plenty of people out there that are different size with the horse. What counts is how you 2 get along and work together. Hope this helps. Have a GREAT week.
  8. Riding Boots

    Before now I had bad bunions, finally had surgery on the worst foot last year, now the other one in March. Also do not know if because of the bunion my foot was wide or I did have a wide foot. Anyway bought my first pair of Ariats that are like Catus Rose, but have a top zipper on them. I wore them for a couple times and felt like my little toe on the right foot was getting push in some, but after that I think the boots must have stretch some, as I have not any problem since then. They are waterproof completely, I ask when I got them. I love them and Im so glad I can wear them. I was concern since I did have a wide foot before. Now If I can find some tall boots to wear. I would buy Ariat again. Some of you might remember that I wanted to take riding lessons on 3 day eventing, I finally started about 4 weeks ago and love it. Have a GREAT weekend.
  9. Medicine Hat Pinto

    Great news to hear, glad it worked out for you. Have a GREAT weekend.
  10. Baby Coblet Worked Excessively Hard This Week.....

    Looks good, getting big. Thanks for sharing the pics. Have a GREAT week.
  11. Bees Attacked Miniature Horses And Owner

    This happen back about 1967, was boarding at a barn, I was not with them, but some of the girls went riding thru the woods near the back of the arena, next thing we know screaming and horses running. Horse had step in a hive also and the girl that got stung most was allergic to the bees. Parents were there and had to take her to the hospital. Everyone recovered but it was scary. Have a GREAT week.
  12. I saw this on our local news last night, so sad. If you have any storage sheds, check them for swarming bees. Here is the link. Take care.
  13. Helmet Opinions

    I have posted this before, so you might have seen it then. I do not see my avatar on this so I hope it is not a duplicate and sorry if I did duplicate. Anyway, years ago there was only the black velvet hunt caps for head protection. I was fox hunting and the horse in my avatar decided he did not want to take a jump in the woods. I went over instead and landing on my head and thank the Lord my hunt cap saved my head. I was a little dazed, but clear up after about a minute. We were just about finished hunting anyway and decided to end the hunt. I survived because of my hunt cap and now with the helmets, when I ride I wear a helmet. I just recently went on a guided trail ride on a 27 year old quarter horse at a walk in a western saddle, the riders had to wear helmets. In my opinion no matter western, english, jumping, dressage or what I will wear a helmet. Take care and have a great week.
  14. Some Pics From Various Activities

    Thanks for posting the nice pics Grizzly. Good to see you back again. Sorry to hear you lost some jobs. As usual you post good pics. Have a GREAT weekend.
  15. Medicine Hat Pinto

    I could not find that much on the APHA site but did find this on something else. I would say that yes you have a medicine hat pinto. Medicine hat: an uncommon pattern where the poll and ears are dark, surrounded completely by white, a true "medicine hat" pinto or paint usually has a predominantly white body, sometimes with dark coloration by the flanks, chest, and above the eyes. Looks like a Medicine hat to me. NIce looking pony, I like his coloring. Have a GREAT week.