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  1. NRA versus Gun Control

    He had other problems as well when he became mentally unstable.... probably the reason he drank, took valium like others do to cope ,in his case it contributed to his mental breakdown..
  2. Update....

    yes Wally was her horse donated to her after we lost Dakota several years ago. Wally became her 4-h horse, show horse... he is now 17 years old, stanly is a mini horse, became a pasture mate for Wally looked just like wally. both paints. Stanly I believe is 10.
  3. Update....

    Jubal- my daughter caili her family now lives about 5 miles from me they use to live only a mile down the road, on 13 acres....Things were becoming unsettled with her husbands job at the place where he worked, due to they w merged with another company etc. People were being laid off .etc.. Her job couldn't pay for everything so they had to downsize, sell their place.. Her husband was lucky that he is working at the same company in a different department .My daughter Rose my oldest, who was born developmentally delayed, behavior problems. lives with me. I have caretakers/aids that come in to help out with her.
  4. NRA versus Gun Control

    Vegas shooter did have some sort of mental illness, something triggered him to have mental break down.....
  5. Update....

    Been a while just checking in give an update.... I'm doing fine.. I have been dealing with my daughter Rose's new health issues. My other daughter is doing great, busy with her son my grandson who will be turning three. do to moving, she had to find a nice retirement home Wally and Stanly. She found one, the new owners fell in love with them. Caili has been able to go visit them etc. the the owners daughter writes children's book , in her new one Stanly will be the main character. It will be another year dealing with medical issues with my daughter Rose.....
  6. NRA versus Gun Control

    As far as gun control, one can make rules sticker etc.....y there always be criminals who will break them, will find a way to get a gun, same with drugs. etc... Mental issue is my main concern.... The problem with mental health. .a person has to be elevated which takes time and money, even with health insurance that does cover mental health, it is very limited It will only cover so many days, months per year, . It will only cover certain tests, bloodwork, certain in medications . Only cover for inpatient care so long per year depending on the diagnose. Will only cover out patient care fro so long per year .Don't get started on Medicaid, for it too has restrictions what it will cover, as well,. I know this from personal experience dealing with my daughter 's mental health issues. That is where the change needs to be made as well. More funding is needed as well . Each state, each county in those states only get so much funding . Reason I moved to another county, for it has the resources I needed for my daughter. The county where I lived for 30 years,never had those resources .Basically it was my late husband and I paid out of our pocket to get help ,needed, and had to depend on family members for help when needed. When he passed, I no longer had that help . Reason I moved. Now I will speak about the past..... The person who killed our horse years ago, was mentally ill, he did serve his time. in prison, At his sentencing his right to own guns and bow /arrow, hunting privileges' were taken away from him for life, he was to receive out patient mental care for life. Well don't know about that, depended on whether he had health insurance to provide mental health .... Last I knew he was getting treatment, who paid don't know, did he continue , does so today. I don't know. lost contract with the the time of my husband illness. however his family member's and friends did still have guns ,bow/arrows in their homes. Yes it was very possible he could get hold one of those gun bow and arrow, he could have started to kill animals again. Last I knew he hasn't.
  7. Shampoo Conditioner Ratio

    I Buy the 2 in one contains both conditioner and shampoo.....
  8. The Front Porch

    PD glad your wife ishome Hope all goes well with your wife....
  9. The Front Porch

    PD sending prayers . I am doing fine had surgeries, within the last three years.Recently long recovery from, my left hip replacement surgery this past summer , fighting an infection.. long story , history repeating itself .My daughter Rose is doing well so far her health is stable.. Had a few problems with an aid two within the last two years.... Since they left Rose 's behavior really improved doing well. I am again painting to keep myself busy.
  10. The Front Porch

    Just stopping in saying HI. hope all is well with everyone...
  11. Pancake Bot????

    one can microwave pancakes as well.....
  12. Hey Everybody. Im still around

    My condolences on your loss ......
  13. will there be a shut down Friday that is the question?
  14. Annual Garden Thread

    I miss the big garden I had. since I moved, I only have tomatoes cucumbers made a small area behind my deck to grow those...I no longer can or freeze.. Being just two of u s now . .plus I don't have a freezer anymore . I have my tomatoes/cucumbers....