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  1. one can microwave pancakes as well.....
  2. My condolences on your loss ......
  3. will there be a shut down Friday that is the question?
  4. I miss the big garden I had. since I moved, I only have tomatoes cucumbers made a small area behind my deck to grow those...I no longer can or freeze.. Being just two of u s now . .plus I don't have a freezer anymore . I have my tomatoes/cucumbers....
  5. Good news......
  6. Sending Best wishes.....
  7. Continued prayers
  8. PD- Prayers for your family.....
  9. rain here, plus thunder, will have a wintery mix, high winds.... in surrounding counties, one county power outage due to wind damage going to be a nasty weekend.
  10. Someone asked how my daughter is doing .We have had a hectic 2016...My daughter Rose, had some behavior issues associated with an aid. who was fired... also some medical issues.... Right now she has gallstones, on medication to dissolve them. She is very high risk for surgery with her cirrhosis. Her spleen is enlarged ,otherwise things are stable for now. Her next tests /ultra sound for her liver is in June. her appetite has changed , she is eating less. My daughter caili is busy working, with her almost two year old ,,my grandson. he is handful . As far as me recently had surgery on my should, rotator cuff....all due to my dog pulling hard on my arm,. July 4th 2016 Involved in minor car accident , car total loss, had to get another vehicle. nice van. Also I'm going through tests. checking my heart so far all good. that is a about it
  11. First day of physical therapy for my right shoulder... surgery last month- rotator cuff torn pretty bad in two places.....then lab work. It's cold here. may get two inches of snow by evening.
  12. interesting......the last six presidents Read more:
  13. Hi mudder.......glad it's working......
  14. People with green cards were not banned, they were allowed to come in the states, yes they were detained at the airports, due to all the confusion regarding the vetting, media etc.