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  1. I Really Need Some Prayers

    Good luck to your sister! My DD was given a hydrocephalus diagnosis during an ultrasound and was born with no signs of the condition present at all.
  2. Sexy Rexy Is Cleared For Work!

    Yay for Rexy! Can't wait to see his progress again. PS: You look awesome!
  3. Puppy Spayed Yesterday

    I would ask about pain meds. We always prescribe pain meds at our clinic for spays unless the owner declines.
  4. Those pictures make my feet hurt. I can't believe that horse is sound at all. What kind of farrier is this? Looks more like a butcher to me.
  5. Fixing The Underachieving Horse?

    Saw this on FB and I was like . I'm so happy he's going well for you. You deserve it after all you've been through with him. I can't wait to see more!
  6. Video!

    Looking good!! I worked at Coach after HS for a summer. I had an issue with spending my entire paychecks in the store lol.
  7. 50k isn't going to get her very far at the high levels of any equestrian sport. How's she planning to pay for training, boarding, showing, etc. once she does get the horse?
  8. Planning The Wedding But...

    Make sure you're invites are addressed to just the person you're inviting and the name of their spouse/guest. If you say "The Jones Family" then you're inviting the kids. We put "Adults Only Reception" on ours. I didn't want kids at mine either. I love kids, I don't love kids at weddings.
  9. And The Drama Begins...

    So glad to hear they are going to reimburse you for the seats. If you do decide to switch carries I totally recommend Progressive. I was in a low speed fender bender (got backed into in a parking lot) and they replaced my DD's infant seat no questions asked (we had Graco at the time, they require replacement in any accident). They were very kind and the representative even gave me the number for several local CPST's who could inspect our new seat install when it came. She was so helpful.
  10. When Do The Shakes Go Away?

    So glad you're okay. Sometimes it takes a few days to make those shakes go away. As someone getting ready to start classes to be a CPST I must say for keeping your son in a 5 point harness seat. So many people take their kids out early and the accidents are horrifying. Please do make sure your insurance company replaces the seat though. Make sure you cut the straps on the old seat so that it does not get used again.
  11. Wouldn't be the first time Pessoa has been caught doing shady business. He was in some trouble with his dad in the 90s too. It'll be interested to see where this goes.
  12. I had my gallbladder removed when my DD was 8 weeks old. After having a c-section the gallbladder surgery wasn't too bad. I was out of the hospital the same day. I felt kind of crappy for about 4 days and then was back to normal. The only problem I've had since surgery was that certain foods (and it varies sometimes they bug me and sometimes they don't).
  13. Horse Boots

    What size do you need? I have an old pair of Harmony open front and ankle boots. They're the hook closure not velcro but they are sheepskin lined. I won them at a horse show at least 10 years ago but never used them as they didn't fit my horse. They're a medium.
  14. Update [And Pictures]

    He looks fantastic :) And you both look much more relaxed and happy. Glad to see you back!
  15. Why Don't Hunter Judges...

    Because hunter judging is subjective. They look for brilliance, good movement, jump style. But each judge sees those differently. You can ask to see your cards if you want. As much as I like how the dressage tests are with specific points, etc. I can't see it working for the hunters.