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  1. You've Met Gracie. Now Meet Nessie

    This may be a weird compliment, but I've always really respected that you ride so intentionally. There's no wasted activity or spur of the moment decisions in your riding, and everything you do is for the betterment of the horse. It's a pleasure to watch you ride. She is absolutely darling-- I LOVE Connemara heads!
  2. Vacation Riding Stable Job

    I'm heading down there early June, so I need to start deciding things like resumes and references. I'm making lists of places to check out too, but I'll have my own wheels so I'm not *too* worried. There's no way I can cut it as a working student.. Those vacation trail rides are all walking silly tourists around, which I can totally hack, and I'm not at all worried about handling horses, but equitationally I know it is unreasonable to look for a working student position. I'm really looking for a way to help out, volunteer, put in some time at the stable. Maybe a rescue or a therapeutic place might take me in? What do you think about references? Horsey?
  3. Lease To Own?

    I personally would never consider doing this. However, if you *do* consider it, I would expect a much higher total selling price all said and done, not the current sale price over six years.
  4. Vacation Riding Stable Job

    Okay, first of all, WHOA BLAST FROM THE PAST. I'm a big kid and just wrapping up my freshman year in college now, so I *hope* that I've grown up a bit Anyway, I'm asking for advice on finding a place to work this summer. Since I'm trying as hard as I can to avoid home (Ohio), I'm moving down to South Carolina (near Hilton Head) with my older sister this summer. Her boyfriend is getting me a job hostessing down there, so I know that I'll have some gainful employment, but since it's a vacation spot I know there are tons of "trail riding on the beach!" places. I was hoping to set myself up with either a trail guide (which I realize is hopelessly optimistic) or some type of work at a stable down there-- maybe helping with kids' summer camps or just mucking. I go to a very liberal-artsy liberal arts school and it is imperative that I get either two jobs or some volunteer work on the record, and this would be a really fun way to do that. Plus, I don't get to ride or play with ponies up here, and I miss it! Now, the question is, how do I go about this? I have two resumes drawn up, a horse one and an actual-gainful-employment one. Should I send out both? Combine them? Should I provide horseback riding references (which, btw, I have, declaring me fit to handle horses AND small humans ) or employment references? Should I e-mail my resume(s)? Call? *GASP* Show up? Should I go all out and ask for the trail-riding position, or should I say that I'll take whatever they can give me? I know there are a good number of you out there who have done this type of thing, so any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks, and nice to see you all again!
  5. When Do You Go Back?

    Sept. 16... Frosh in college! The Politics of Identity Spanish 101 Germany and Central Europe since 1890
  6. Need Some Keen Eyes!

    P.S. I vote for the "how bout this?" calf one.
  7. Need Some Keen Eyes!

    Go back through all of your work and crop some of them to interesting sizes... esp. if you took them in RAW. Four of my portfolio shots are HORRIBLE longshots but work when you change the perspective. Can't hurt.
  8. The "circle Of Trust"

    My dude moved away, but I get to (hopefully) go see him this weekend! We're going out to the woods with all his friends. Hopefully I'll be able to see him one more time in between that and when we go to Colorado from Aug 24-28. So stoked!
  9. The "circle Of Trust"

    I lost this password and I was AreLetGo for a while... when I was streamlining all my emails into my new school email I found the password to this. Thanks for noticing though!
  10. The "circle Of Trust"

    I am in troubleeeee with this old boy... I like him very very much...
  11. School is a pain. Cap Chat.

    I got sent out into the hallway today. I'm a junior. (DESPISE my Chem teacher. Seriously would considering dropping chem this year if it was even plausible.)
  12. Need Help On a Poem. NHR.

    I have to write a poem for my English class and, though it's "finished", I'm looking for a few alterations to make it flow. If anyone has time, could you PM me? Sorry for a pointless post. Very much in need.
  13. gardasil shot

    Personally... have not. I am not in a position to get it right now, and I'm not getting it for a while because A) It hurts and Last time they drew blood I very very nearly passed out so C) I don't want to take it until I'm able to handle injections better. However, I do think it's a good idea.
  14. quote: Originally posted by CoolRabbit: My beef is with cashiers (teenage OR adult) that feel the need to comment on everything I am buying. Like asking me if I am having a party because I am buying 6 2-liters of pop and 6 bags of pretzels. Or commenting on how much I like ravioli since I am buying 12 cans (um...I buy large quantities so I don't have to come back to this stupid store so often!). Or the 30 y/o man who winks at the 14 year old buying lubricant to clean a sheath. EHHHH. Switched to Excaliber, from a tack shop, lol.
  15. quote: Originally posted by Wonderbabygirl16: The farrier at the LEC barn is ADORIBLE! Im talking, tall, built, really cute, nice eyes, nice smile, everything. Granted he is probably about 30. But still at least its a little eye candy at the barn! Er... I doubt we're talking about the same guy, but if his first names starts with S, be careful... as he tends to run on the "completely sexually improper" side. In fact my old BO wouldn't let Farrier In Question be alone at the barn with any owner under 18. Just a warning since you're near me, heh.