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  1. Christmas Eve Day

    Honey Citrus Ham in the crockpot, ingredients for butternut squash with cranberries and hazelnuts ready to assemble, and scalloped potatoes ready to assemble and bake. Christmas Eve dinner is coming along nicely. And no need to cook tomorrow! Tracy
  2. Sunday funday

    Horsecrazy, I hope your down quickly and that both baby Livia and your German Shephard improve quickly. Tracy
  3. Saturday Leftovers

    PD, for the most part the move has gone well. I like my new job and coworkers. It's taking awhile to get to know other people around here, and I miss my friends in the Des Moines area. But I'm close enough to go visit occasionally, so I'm not completely out of touch. And from a career perspective, it was *definitely* time for a change. Hmmm, pot roast is sounding good too. Maybe next week! :) Tracy
  4. Saturday Leftovers

    I will actually be cooking "leftovers" today. Not everything that would appear at the family feast, just a few favorites. I'll bake a turkey breast, mash a few potatoes, cook some carrots and green beans, and maybe doctor up some Stovetop stuffing. In the meantime, there is plenty of football on tv. And I'm waiting for the maintenance people to unstick my garage door so I can get my car out before I need to head to work Monday morning. I was hoping to get to a used bookstore downtown today and check it out, but we will see how long it takes to free my car. Not a big deal though, I have plenty of food in the apartment and books to read if I get tired of tv. Not to mention, Leonardo will walk with me as frequently as I want to take him out. Or we can play ball in the house... :) Tracy
  5. New baby

    Livia is precious. Congratulations! Tracy
  6. Happy End of Work Week

    I'm ready for my four day weekend. I have a chocolate rum cake and some dressing to make tonight for my contribution to the family feast tomorrow. Then, the dog and I will be driving to visit family, now about 2 1/2 hours away. I'll be visiting friends too. Just in case, I'll take an overnight bag and some food for Leonardo. :) Have a good Thanksgiving everyone! Tracy
  7. 10/20/2016 Can You Believe That...

    Time flies! I remember when she was in kindergarten. Happy Birthday Shy! Tracy
  8. What's For Dinner?

    Taco casserole.
  9. Good morning. We had our first freeze warning overnight last night. I woke up to a 33 degree morning. The doggie loved it, but I think I'll wait until after work to take Leonardo for a walk. I'm about 2/3 unpacked and getting settled in at the apartment and the new job is going well so far. This weekend, I need to go back to the old apartment to clean. And that will give me a chance to see friends too! Before too long, I'll need to start meeting people here. But for now, just meeting the coworkers is enough socializing. :) Happy Thursday! Tracy
  10. Decorations Are Up! :(

    Yep. Home Depot put theirs up last weekend. I'm not ready! Tracy
  11. Weekend Is Here

    I'm slowly getting unpacked and settled into the new apartment. The dog and kitties are settling in well, even if one of the cats insists on going into every cabinet that I open (and a couple of drawers too). The kitchen is mostly unpacked, so I should be able to cook for the week this afternoon. I'm thinking maybe a batch of chili for dinners and a breakfast casserole. I usually take some frozen meals to work for lunch, maybe supplemented by some salad mix to add volume and veggies to the mix. It's time to get back to unpacking! I start my new job tomorrow morning. Then I have a few more things on my to-do list for the week in addition to finishing unpacking. I crossed state lines in this move, so I"ll need a new drivers license. And I need to register to vote, register the car, and license the dog. The voter registration deadline is Oct. 21, so I have a little time to get that done. And I believe I can do that as I get the new driver's license, so that will be a combined errand. :) Have a good rest of the weekend, all! Tracy
  12. Its Sunday...

    Apartment is arranged in the new city, less than 2 miles from where I'll be working. Nothing fancy, but in my price range and allows pets. And hey, THIS apartment has *central* air and a balcony, neither of which my current apartment has. A/C, yes, but not central... :) Third floor again, so I'll get at least a little exercise going up and down stairs. And I rather like not having anyone above me, even if it does mean an extra flight of stairs. It's a cool, windy, fall day here. Have a good rest of the weekend everyone! I need to get back to sorting and culling through my stuff. Tracy
  13. Mid Week Chat

    Resignation letter is printed and signed and in my purse.... I'm finishing my coffee before heading in to work. I will be able to relax a bit after I get past the stress of telling my boss that I'm done. Then, after work it will be time to move onto the next task. :) The next few evenings will be spent going through paperwork to see what needs to be shredded or discarded or filed and in going through the closet to see what no longer fits and set those aside to donate (or turn into rags if too stained/torn). The only other stressful part of the day will be to tell my bestie that I'm moving a 2 1/2 hour drive away. She will be happy for me, but sad to see me go. Tracy
  14. Last Tuesday Of Summer

    Thanks Jubal. I have a preliminary to do list going.... Tonight, I need to draft and print a resignation letter giving 2 weeks notice to my boss. Next highest priority -- figure out where I'm going to live, sign a lease, and get a firm move-in date. THEN I can start calling utilities to start and stop service, put in change of address notifications where necessary, and arrange a mover. Even if I pack most of my things myself, I will need someone else to move the big stuff. And for my sanity, I'll have movers move most of the stuff. I'll just take a small bag with a couple days of clothing and toiletries, maybe an air mattress, and some critter supplies (food, water, leash, litter box, etc.) in the car with the dog and kitty. It looks like there is a dog park less than a mile from where I work. I wonder if I can also find a pet-friendly, large dog friendly place nearby... :) -T
  15. Last Tuesday Of Summer

    I must be mad! I just accepted a job about 150 miles away from where I live now. So, I now have 2 1/2 weeks to... give 2 weeks notice at work, find an apartment to rent, give notice at my apartment, cull through all my STUFF, pack, and move. On the plus side, the new job will have health insurance and retirement savings, neither of which I have now. And it will pay approximately $10K/year more. This opportunity is definitely worth the hassle. I'll just have a busy few weeks! -T