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  1. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    OMG, how CUTE are all those little ones!!! Aww, I just can't wait! So, any thoughts on how soon a person can ovulate? I read on the internet that it's usually 15 days after the first day of your period. Can it happen sooner? Like, 7-8 days? I felt some little twangs in my right side, just to the front of my hip area, and wondering if that could be it? I have no idea what my normal cycle is like since it was so irregular before BC... Thanks!
  2. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Hi everyone! I haven't been on these boards for months (been GGing! LOL!), but I decided to come back because... Hubby and I are TTC and I remember the vast wealth of info and support you guys are! Well, not necessarily TTC just yet, just stopping preventing it for now. ;) If it happens, it happens. I remember back when we first got married last September. We wanted to have children RIGHT THEN. But I am so glad we waited--that first year of marriage is sooooo up and down! LOL! Plus we just got settled into our new house in the middle of July, and budgeting for a mortgage is something interesting. ;) Thankfully, I have gained many many good skills and have many good resources at helping with life's little charges! We've been wanting to have children so badly (I am 24, hubby is 27), but every time I tried to go off my BC I got really nervous and anxious. This past week, Hubby and I really talked (and I talked to all my co-workers!) and it was the very first time that I haven't gotten any anxious feelings about it. So I feel like we are ready to start! Officially off my BC today, so we'll see how it goes. My doctor says that it could take up to three months for my cycle to get back to normal (I was using the NuvaRing), but it never really was normal BEFORE going on BC, so I wonder what will happen! So, here's to hoping I don't annoy you all with my never-ending beginner questions! *huggles*
  3. Big Brother 10

    I'm watching right now! Totally NOT liking Rinny (or whatever her name is). I am rooting for the great Grandpa!
  4. Come look at what my Daddy built me!

    quote: Originally posted by PacaPaca: That is absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure it'll last many generations. Make sure he signs and dates it! LOL! He never signs and dates anything. He always says he signs it by putting the "wrongness" into it. Haha! He always says, "Don't look too closely" or "Don't take a square to this!"
  5. Come look at what my Daddy built me!

    He used to build things on the side when I was younger (fold up picnic tables, fold up benches, little toy puzzles, etc.) and my mom would sell them at our yard sales all summer. But after that, he just does things for family. He is PHENOMENAL at making clocks, very pretty! Sadly, he is such a perfectionist that it takes him a VERY LONG TIME to finish a piece. I mean, that first picture is from January, and that was after the whole wood-drying process that took several weeks. LOL!
  6. Come look at what my Daddy built me!

    My dad is awesome. He has always loved working with wood, and I remember being very little and sitting out in the garage while he built so many things. When I expressed how much I need a place to put my pots and pans once we moved out of the apartment, he said a Mission-style buffet would be perfect. I did a little research and found some pictures that I loved. I showed him the pictures, gave him the measurements, told him I wanted lots of grain and a dark stain. THAT'S IT. He built this thing from scratch (even dried his own fresh-cut wood!) beginning last winter. I am so happy with it and can't wait to get it in my new house!!!
  7. COUPON QUEENS -- have a question for you!

    Oh, great advice! I get so confused sometimes as I am still learning! Like yesterday, we shopped at Walgreens. For example, I had four coupons for Ajax cleaning product. The q said "limit three". So I assumed one q per product, I could only get three (that was literally all it said!), so I divided up our trip with me having one cart and hubby having the other. When I got to the check out, the lady scanned the q's and said, "You only need one q for each set of three products as it takes off for all of them." WHOA! Now I had a ton of q's left over and we made a second trip. We are completely stocked on several H&B items, yay!
  8. COUPON QUEENS -- have a question for you!

    PR, funny you should mention that... I went to one CVS and two Walgreens. Each one I tried to hand the q's to the cashier before they started scanning, but they said to wait, they would take them at the end. I would think (though I have never worked in a grocery) that it would be easier to ring up the q right after they ring up the product, as you go? I've briefly thought about attaching the Q somehow to the product as I get it off the shelf, so they could match them right there and scan right there as well. I figure it would save my troubles as well. I missed today that the cashier didn't scan my Resolve Carpet Cleaner q, and I didn't see until we were out at the car that I was charged FULL PRICE (3x the q price!) for those two items.
  9. COUPON QUEENS -- have a question for you!

    P'VILLE -- THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE TGG! It's awesome! I already took my first trip to a store (CVS) with my list and q's, and I am hooked! Shelf Price = $48 OOP = $21 Savings = $27!!! Sure, doesn't look like a lot, but I was afraid to go all out at first. Plus, I only had one week's worth of q's to handle. Luckily, I started at the beginning of the month and thus got the P&G q's! Off to Walgreens and Meijer this afternoon!
  10. WHOA! new pics pg 3

    Oh Chino! How handsome he is!!! I lurk on the mommies board and have been very worried about you! CONGRATS!!!
  11. COUPON QUEENS -- have a question for you!

    fsf, what a DELIGHTFUL idea of helping out the local veterans! I also read somewhere online that military families out on a base can use expired coupons for up to 6 months after they expire for us. What a neat idea! What great advice everyone! It gives me more and more confidence that I too can save money to utilize on more important needs such as our new mortgage!
  12. COUPON QUEENS -- have a question for you!

    Yes, it is expensive, but what a great investment! You're lucky that you have one during college. Soooo many things you can freeze all schoolyear long! So I totally signed right up for that Grocery Game! How cool! She basically does all the work for you. I am going to wait until we move to subscribe to a Sunday newspaper with the coupons. Wouldn't be worth it to subscribe right now when we are likely closing next week, LOL.
  13. COUPON QUEENS -- have a question for you!

    WOW, phenomenal advice everyone! I will definately check out that Grocery Game, thank you veyr much for the link! It's amazing to see what you guys are saving! Makes me excited!!! Mars, great idea about purchasing whole sides of meat. Fortunetly, hubby's family raises Angus beef and good pork, and their gift to us each year for his birthday and our Christmas is a side or whole (or whatever we need) of one or the other. Thankfully, we just invested in a small deep freezer last winter so we have a place to store it all! Off to check out The Grocery Game!!!
  14. COUPON QUEENS -- have a question for you!

    Ooo, that is very good advice, D! I never thought about that, about buying just because I have the coupon. Thanks! Thanks Spacy, too, about checking the actual stores online. I didn't think about that!
  15. If THIS doesn't make you smile...

    Wow, I can't believe how much she looks like you, SC! What a cutie patootie.