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  1. Naming a new horse :)

    Oh, love your mustang, for sure. Wonderful horses, mustangs.
  2. Naming a new horse :)

    Buckshot due to her markings. Little Sure Shot after Annie Oakley. Or something Native American since apps were the horses of the Nez Perce tribe.
  3. Puppy search

    They are beautiful, smart, good natured and reasonably mellow. Since they seldom have the hunting/kill drive, they are safe with poultry, rabbits and other pets. That being said, there are many wonderful breeds and mixes to choose from. The key is to find which one works best for your family and situation. I am sure you will love whatever pup you bring home. Be sure to share pics since we all love puppies!
  4. Puppy search

    Evie is not as much of a water dog as a Chessie, but she dries fast and enjoys the lake at the dog park. Good luck with whatever pup you choose.
  5. Puppy search

    Howdy! I'll chime in here. We've always had collies. They're smart, gentle with everything, and good watch dogs rather than guard dogs. They come in both a rough and a smooth coat, with the smoothies better able to tolerate the heat and having more of a drover function. Our last collie, Skye, was a tri rough. Our current collie, Evie, is a tri smooth. Despite both being from show/companion bloodlines, they showed strong herding instincts when tested. Collie rescues are a good place to try, or I could ask Evie's breeder for a recommendation in your area. Evie's parents just had a litter, but they are up in Wisconsin and may all be spoken for. M.
  6. Jacob the orphan kitten UPDATE 4/24

    Oh, what a cutie!
  7. This Or That

    Sunday Comedies or dramas?
  8. Picture Gallery

    So what has happened to the Horse City photo gallery, and how do we access our old photos on this site? Will the gallery be up and working again soon? ~ Mestengo
  9. My Wife Mozelle.

    My condolences to you and your family, PD.
  10. My Wife Mozelle.

    That's a hard road to travel, PD. Peace and strength to you and your family.
  11. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    Had our family Thanksgiving Day last Sunday when my sister was in town, so today is a rare down day for the BF and me. We'll be taking the pup to the dog park, working out at the 24-hour gym and then making tiny turkeys (Cornish game hens) with wild ice stuffing and asparagus for dinner. Tomorrow when the boarding stable is open again, I'll get my first trail ride in a month. Have to take advantage of the mild weather. Best wishes to you and your family for Thanksgiving -- and every day -- PD, and positive thoughts especially for your wife. And a happy holiday to everyone on HC! Mestengo