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  1. Word Association Game!!

  2. This Or That

    Sunday Comedies or dramas?
  3. Picture Gallery

    So what has happened to the Horse City photo gallery, and how do we access our old photos on this site? Will the gallery be up and working again soon? ~ Mestengo
  4. My Wife Mozelle.

    My condolences to you and your family, PD.
  5. My Wife Mozelle.

    That's a hard road to travel, PD. Peace and strength to you and your family.
  6. Stopped in & Nobody was home.

    Had our family Thanksgiving Day last Sunday when my sister was in town, so today is a rare down day for the BF and me. We'll be taking the pup to the dog park, working out at the 24-hour gym and then making tiny turkeys (Cornish game hens) with wild ice stuffing and asparagus for dinner. Tomorrow when the boarding stable is open again, I'll get my first trail ride in a month. Have to take advantage of the mild weather. Best wishes to you and your family for Thanksgiving -- and every day -- PD, and positive thoughts especially for your wife. And a happy holiday to everyone on HC! Mestengo
  7. (Re)Introduce Yourselves & Herd!

    Thank you, Jan.
  8. The view from a mother's eyes

    Looks like a young man to be proud of, but he's sure picked a bumpy dream to follow -- literally! Please let him know we'll all be cheering him on here at Horse City.
  9. (Re)Introduce Yourselves & Herd!

    You're welcome, Jubal. He is a pretty boy.
  10. Everyone with the kitties!

    If that little orange kitty were with me, he'd get away with verything. I'd never be able to resist that face!
  11. (Re)Introduce Yourselves & Herd!

    Mestengo here. Obviously I was a victim of the great HC name swap a few years back. The BF and I are still in northern Illinois, though we've switched towns a few times in the past 7 years or so. Most of you know, my thoroughbred-mustang cross, BlackJack Bay, passed away back in 2009. My little grade Arabian, Rafiq, is now 13. After 8 years together, he can still be a handful on the trails, but I enjoy his intelligence and affectionate nature. We lost our lovely rough collie, Skye, to cancer in 2015, which was a hard year in general for us. I lost my best friend to cancer and another old horse-related acquaintance to suicide about the same time. Then, my mom in Wisconsin suffered a sudden-onset dementia and later needed surgery for hernia on Christmas Eve. Not to be left out, I ended the year with bruised ribs from being thrown into a wall and started 2016 with a torn knee from a non-horse-related incident. I always say, bad things come in 7's. The one good thing in 2015 was our new smooth collie pup, Evie, who is now 2 years old. She's always such a happy pup. We also have two cats, Gearron, a 10-year-old male, and Shadow, 5-year-old female, both from barn cat litters. Pics are of the current furry family.
  12. Let's All Go to the Fair!

    Thanks, everyone. Heidi, do you no longer have access to state fairs?Are you too far away?