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  1. Cheese With My Whine? Cap Chat!

    I've been very MIA for the last bit, but RS I so get where you are right now. Being an adult is no fun, and moving a horse is stressful. I just finished up my first semester of grad school. It was exhausting, but it's so satisfying when you feel like you're heading in the right direction. Regardless, the next 4 years feel like they're going to last forever. On the horse front, I moved my horse to the area after 2 horseless months at school. I thought I wouldn't have time to ride, but I quickly figured out that I would rather be stressed and exhausted than without my horse. Best decision I ever made, but it's so difficult making all the connections that I had at home. I didn't know a single horse person here that I could turn to recommendations of farriers/vets/trainers. It was took a bit of trial and error, but I feel like I've finally sorted things out. That's a huge weight off my shoulders. Happy horse, happy student! Adjusting to life after college isn't easy, and it isn't any easier when there's added stress from our horses. You just have to keep moving forward and realize that it will all somehow come together at some point.
  2. Ulcer Recommendations?

    Thanks for all the suggestions! The saddle fitter actually highly recommended the Canadian Omeprazole Paste (and that same website!). Our vet started her on ranitidine, and she'll do another treatment when she moves. I have to call and see if it's safe or worthwhile to treat her with the paste in addition to the ranitidine. We are treating without scoping, but one treatment with ranitidine was enough to convince me she had ulcers. Well, that and what the chiro and saddle fitter were finding as far as back pain. Right now she's still on night turnout (3pm-7am), with 3 servings of hay throughout the day when she's stalled. When they switch to day turnout, she is still out for most of the day with as much or more hay. She's also had quite a case of rain rot since I left for school, so I've been eyeing the SmartOmega 3. It's stressful enough being away from your horse, let alone when you know they aren't feeling 100%. I have great people taking care of her until she makes the move, but I just wish I could have her here now. Trying to figure out what might work for me horse is quite an education! Thank you!
  3. Ulcer Recommendations?

    Hey guys, We began treating my mare for ulcers over the summer after consultation with chiro/vet/saddle fitter. So far, so good, but she's moving to join me at grad school in a few weeks. She'll receive another round of treatment beginning shortly before she moves and carrying through some time after the move. However, I'm interested in learning more about my options to maintain her long term health. I remember there being a few people on this board who have dealt quite a bit with ulcers (KrazyTBMare maybe? I seem to remember you having tons of experience with your mare). There are so many option for supplements, etc., and my head is just spinning trying to figure out what to do.
  4. Trailer Hauling Tips?

    Besides the training tips above, you might want to add mirrors. A friend of mine has a horse who can get anxious during solo trips, so she added shatter-proof mirrors in front of him and to the side (where the divider extends up near his head). It seems to work well for that horse- might be worth a shot.
  5. Breeches For Short People?

    I was just shopping around and came across these- Under the customization they have a short option!
  6. Horse Show Dad

    As a kid, I probably would've been terribly embarrassed if he were my dad! But now, I think it's pretty funny. It's cute that he gets that into it! As a comparison, my mom usually stands there with her hands covering her eyes when I'm in the ring.
  7. Coats For Men

    I event, so all of the guys I see showing have a single vent dressage coat. I think he'll be just fine!
  8. Pictures!

    You have a beautiful horse, and I always love seeing pictures of the two of you! Your stock tie pin is completely awesome lol.
  9. Marly Xc Video!

    Haha I love how enthusiastic he is! Those ears never move. Big props to you on giving him exactly the type of ride he need. You've done an incredible job with him, and you have a lot to be proud about.
  10. Canter Problem?

    Get him out in a big open field? That worked for a horse I rode who literally had to be tought how to canter. He had a little more oomph outside, and being out in a big field allowed him to go for a long straight run without worrying about corners. It's a good way to get them moving forward and build up some strength. Check saddle fit while your at it. It's weird how he can be fine on the lunge, but suck back with a rider. Maybe get a chiropractor out as well. He may not be incredibly sore, but he may be out in some way from all of that slow, behind the leg work of his previous rider. Good luck with the pony!
  11. Few Riding Photos

    I just wanted to chime in that I also have a mare who's bit of choice is the baucher. She's a fan of the steadier feel of this bit as well. Your mare looks gorgeous! I've enjoyed watching your success through this board. You've both come a long way!
  12. My New Horse Mac!

    Wow, he's pretty!
  13. Spur Help :)

    I was planning on contacting them. It's like the entire exterior finish on the spurs is bubbling. Not really what I was expecting from them, as I love all of the other stuff I've bought from them.
  14. Spur Help :)

    Agreed with the others, Prince of Whales are a good pair to start with. I started with 1/4" almost nothing spurs, and now use 1 1/4" PoW. I've had really good experience with the cheap all-in-one spur package from Dover, etc. It's usually under $20 for spurs and straps. I recently spent more on a new pair of Herm Sprengers, and they're already corroding. So annoying!
  15. Anyone A Mouth-breather?

    I make the weirdest faces when riding. Especially flatwork. I tend to move my jaw around when my mare locks hers, like I'm trying to chew for her. [Crazy] Hey, at least we get extra protein from catching all those flies in the summer lol.