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  1. The Front Porch

    Thanks PD, as step one I will look that up. Then I will get with you if I still have questions!
  2. The Front Porch

    PD - if you find out any details of the cornea transplant, I would sure be interested! I need one also, (to give me better vision) I have Fuchs Dystrophy and it seems to be getting worse as I get older. I am told that the only recourse is a corneal transplant. I know only that you use donor tissue (guess that would be a cadaver cornea!) and not a plastic lens like in cataract surgery.
  3. Texas People #6

    It is not a "wound" any longer, just a mound a dry tissue that peels off the injury site. Much of it has come off. We ponied him out twice and rode him twice while we were out on the weeklong vacation. Then we went to Land Between The Lakes in Kentucky for Memorial Weekend and took him along for a friend to ride. Seems like working is helping it return to some semblance of normal. He is doing good this year.
  4. Texas People #6

    grimmie - Last week we took Traeper back to "the scene of the crime", the Trail ride where he got injured last year. We had no strange horses close to his stall, so everything was good. I believe that I can start peeling some of that mound of dead skin off his injury site now. I didn't want to do it there so I've waited till we got home again to start picking at it.
  5. Texas People #6

    Traeper seems to be doing good with his injury. No more bandaging and we have ridden him around the farm and in the roundpen/arena, no limping. His still isn't pretty. I think that it will never have hair there again, but as long as it doesn't break open we will be good!
  6. Texas People #6

    I wonder if we used the same kind of cream? You just put it on the raw spot not on any healing tissue? That is what we did with our cream. His fetlock/foot is completely healed skin now but that half of it is "way taller" than the other side. Probably always will be! I will try to post a picture but I generally have issues with that. It always tells me my picture is too big. (I don't use photobucket anymore.) well, the photos uploaded, now if they will only post!
  7. Texas People #6

    How long has Paisleys cut been healing? Our Paint caught his leg/hoof through a stall panel. Rubbed all the hide off his right back fetlock. Took 5 MONTHS to heal!!! We just tried to debride it and used Wonderdust, Vetrycin and hemorrhoid ointment on it for the first two months. It still looked terrible and wasn't healing at all. We finally took him to the vet and he put a certain cream on it and wrapped it. (I thought you didn't wrap horses feet and legs for fear of trapping bacteria in! hmm!) We had to treat and rewrap every 3 days. Took 3 more months before it all grew together. ....... and he didn't even have a cut! It just had all the hide tore off and was raw. I have NEVER had as much trouble healing up any kind of damage to one of my horses!!
  8. Ok the news

    Good for you Poco. Stay strong and forge ahead.
  9. The Front Porch

    QueenBaw, I soak the alfalfa cubes just like beet pulp. My older horse doesn't seem to like the hardness of the cubes. If I put them in the bucket with his grain and/or beet pulp he always ate everything else up and left the cubes to nibble at little by little. When I soaked them they loosened up and were pretty much like beet pulp and there is a lot more to them than meets the eye when they are dry! Wet them and it grows a LOT! LOL! When they were wetted down he ate them just like it was beet pulp.
  10. The Front Porch

    I bought a bunch of salt lamps and put them around the house. ( I understand you need one for ever so many square foot). I am cautiously optimistic that they really help with sinus issues. I am allergic to several different kinds of trees and grasses as well as horse dander. My allergy to horses was mostly cleared up with shots but the allergy to molds makes my sinus act up when I try to rake leaves or work in the woods (underbrushing the woods) I do feel that I am much better now that I have salt lamps all over my house. My sinus still drain some but not choking bad like they used to!
  11. Just wanted to say hi!

    I'm happy to report that Lilly is finally doing better! I have now had her about 7 weeks and she hasn't messed in the house in the last couple weeks. She is a really sweet little girl. She is getting more and more attached too me and she and our little Toy Rat Terrier go outside when I do and come back in when I go in. We took a little horse riding trip this past weekend so they got to go camping too. Lilly is learning to relax more and more and to enjoy riding in the truck. I carry a big pillow for my lap (so they will be more comfortable, of course! ) and she took the Princess spot (right in the middle of the pillow) slept happily all the way home.
  12. Just wanted to say hi!

    Rosy, cute puppy. I have had three dachshunds before this one. The very first one practically house broke himself, the next two were hard headed about house training. Max and DJ were both at least 6 months old before they began to be reliable at all. I have hopes for Lilly! She is beginning to get better. Most days (if I am in the house with her) she goes in and out and does her pooping and peeing outside. I thought we were doing real well this week but yesterday we were gone for a while. When we got back she ran in and out. Played in the yard with Peewee and the cats.......................after 30 or 40 minutes she followed Roger into the basement .....and peed on a rug!! I'm sure she will get there eventually but I have to leave her at a pet sitters when we go on vacation the end of September-first of October. I'm sure she will regress after that. (she is a very timid little girl). The pet sitter place is a dog groomer that lets all the dogs run together during the day and only pens them at night. I'm pretty sure that Lilly will be messing in her floor!
  13. Just wanted to say hi!

    If she was a pup, I think I would have better luck, but she is a year and a half old.
  14. Just wanted to say hi!

    Magic and Rosy - neither of those things (pee pads or straight out of crate to outdoors) works for me. I keep Lilly in the crate all night and take her outside first thing to pee ..... she runs here and there, plays has a good time. you can keep her out an hour and she still saves it till she comes back inside! (That was the first 3 weeks...now I have had 3 days (not consecutive) in which she didn't mess in the house (but yesterday, she peed and pooped! grr!) She knows if I raise my voice and speak sternly that I have found pee and she runs to the doggy door! Now if she would only go to the door FIRST!! I tried the pee pads too, thinking that maybe she was used to that................nope, pees where there is floor, not on the pad!
  15. Just wanted to say hi!

    Rosy, my 12 year old dachshund had to be put down (back issues) and I recently bought the next one (she makes my fourth doxie) She was supposed to be house broke to a doggie door.......well, apparently not broke at all! She will go through the doggy door, yes, ( I have one too) but she can stay outside for an hour and then come back in and pee in the floor! It's driving me crazy cause my other dog (DJ) would hold it for 12/13 hours if he needed too! I had no luck at all in getting her to go on command but recently I resorted to swatting her with the fly swatter if I caught her peeing and that has helped a lot. I have had a couple of days where I didn't find any puddles in the floor....... I have my fingers crossed. She is just the sweetest thing. Now, if only she will stop peeing in my floors all will be great!!