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  1. Camping trip -Great Smoky Mountains

    Since i've since seen others post the names and location of other camping places, I'll go ahead and post where this was. I just didn't want to violate any rules. The place we stayed was called Orchard Cove Stables in Townsend, Tn . The place is brand spanking new and everything is convenient. You have electric, water, bedded stalls, bathhouse, round pen, covered arena and 3 of the nicest people running it that you would ever want to meet. 3 thumbs up to Orchard Cove Stables. You can ride off the campground right into the park or they have bumper pull trailers your can borrow/rent to trailer to different areas.
  2. Granddaughter on her first ride on the new horse

    Congrats! You sound like such a proud Grandmother. They look marvelous together. Many happy trails to you all!
  3. First Trail Ride On New Mare

    You and Ruby sound like you're off to an excellen start! Great pics of your 1st ride on her. Would love to see pics from your camping trip too!
  4. My other trail horse-Dillon!

    Dillon sounds like he remembered his barrel training! You guys also look like you have a great bond. Cute horse! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Weed and Hobby(:plus a couple of added pics)

    What gorgeous horses and awesome scenery. I just love looking at your pics. Thanks again for sharing!
  6. cowpony01

    Hi there! I wanted to say Thank you for giving me some new tricks to use when camping. I saw in your pics where you placed a can of veggies directly on the grill. I tried it the other night and it worked like a charm! The 2nd thing was using a portable DVD player to watch movies. I never thought of that. I picked up one today to take on my trip this coming weekend! Thanks again!
  7. First Trail Ride On New Mare

    Congrats on your new horse! She's a cutey. Sure looks like you and Mom had a blast. Thanks for sharing.
  8. weekend rides Shawnee Johnson Creek

    Looks like a great place to ride and camp. I loved the lazy river pic. After the temps around here this weekend, I would have been thinking about taking a dip. Thanks for sharing your adventures!
  9. Clarks Fork ride ( beware pic intense!!!)

    Unbelievably gorgeous pics. You have some fabulous riding and what an awesome trail horse you have. Can't wait to see your next adventure may lead you.
  10. LQ trailer - mildew issue?

    In addition to all the other ideas and suggestions, I'd like to throw out the possibility of it being condensation build up between the wall and the insulation. Whatever the cause may be, I hope you're able to fix it soon.
  11. Trail ride at Lonesome D, AR - June 2008

    WOW! The story about your brakes and steering going out had me worried. I couldn't imagine how you all felt. Glad you got things fixed quickly and back on your way. The pics of your ride and camp are awesome. It looks like you all had a phenomenal time (minus the awning incident). The scenery is breathtaking and the people and horses look great. Happy Trails.
  12. New Trailer Puller.......

    Nice! Very very nice. Your older one looks like it's in excellent condiiton. Enjoy!
  13. It's not always as sweet as it may seem.

    WOW, that's alot of poo there! I'm glad to hear everyone stayed aboard and the only victim was your glasses. Great pics and thanks for sharing!
  14. Pacific Crest Trail - Los Angeles County

    It looks and sounds like you all had a grand time. The step overs are interesting and I've never seen those types used out east here. Glad you enjoyed your ride!
  15. anyone own a Sundowner with LQ ??

    Hi TrailHoss, Congrats on your new trailer. It sure is exciting when you buy something like that. I sure hope you have many pleasant years and camping trips with it. Just a thought, check to see who did the LQ conversion on the trailer and do a little googling on them. I'm fairly certainly that Sundowner used a few different LQ companies over the years. Happy Trails and enjoy!