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  1. Footing For Round Pen?

    The whole property doesn't drain very well. There are a lot of useless small ponds that do nothing but breed mosquitos. They need to be filled in an the spring redirected where it was originally intended to go. Where I want to put the pen isn't awful as far as standing water, but I will be putting a drain in soon behind that area that is going to help immensely. So it isn't a permanent problem, but I still want to put in a good base so that it doesn't turn to muck.
  2. Footing For Round Pen?

    I recently moved onto a new property. I'm in the repairing/building stages and I want to put up a round pen to work the beasties in. I'm going to have to build up the base pretty good as the property is wet in general. What is the best footing or footing mix to use? I assume the easiest to get would be a soil/sand mix. Thoughts?
  3. Saddle Suggestions For Small Horse?

    Thanks for the suggestions. She has a lot of trotting blood on her bottom side, so she is small and fast, but has a nice set of withers and good bone. She's also gotten some rib to her after having a foal this year. Smilie, thanks for that article! Rain has a little bit of all types in her. Little bit of show, little bit of working western, and trotting blood. I don't think the fit in itself will be a problem. She has nice withers and I've had my very standard english saddle on her just to lunge in and it seemed to fit. I want to break her to ride this winter and I want her to be comfortable. Her brother's saddle is just too long and heavy. He's a strapping 15 hands though. She was sold as being 14.1 but I sticked her at closer to 14.3. Even though she's only an inch or so shorter than her brother, she's much more feminine. I've been trying to upload photos, but my computer is giving me fits. Will try again in a little bit.
  4. My Husband Bought A New Horse

    Can't wait to see some pics. Love, love, love those baroque breeds.
  5. Can anyone suggest a saddle for my petite, short backed morgan mare? She's 14.2h. Her 15h brother has a roping saddle that just fits him, but it definitely will be too long for her. Should I go with an arabian saddle? Help!
  6. Fly Sheet Questions

    So, I'm sure this has been asked many times before, but I'm wondering which fly sheets you like best and why. I recently moved into a new house and the bugs are HORRIBLE. I get attacked by mosquitoes even in the house. The poor horses don't even want to go outside and these guys are used to 24/7 turnout, so that's saying a lot! I'm working on addressing the drainage issues and coating them with fly spray when they go out. But I would like to look into better protection until it can all be fixed. I never blanket my horses, so I'm not sure how hard they would be on them. However, with a three month old colt in the pasture, let's just assume very hard lol. Brands? Best sheets for small gnats and mosquitoes? Help! Thanks!
  7. Medicine Hat Pinto

    It's always the white horses that are the pigs lol. My mostly white tobiano was the biggest mud hog! Beautiful little mare you have there! I too always loved the medicine hats and the story that went with it. I'll probably never own another paint or pinto, but I still appreciate a nicely marked one, just wish more breeders bred for the mind as well. Sounds like you got one of the good ones; and a good trainer!
  8. Self Vaccinating

    Smilie, correct me if I am wrong, but sleeping sickness is Eastern, Western, and Venezualan Equine Encephalomyelitis. EEE, WEE, and VEE vaccines are readily available.
  9. What Brand Of Feed Does Everyone Use?

    I used to feed Triple Crown and loved it until it was ungodly expensive to get in my area ($26+ a bag!). I now feed Strategy Healthy Edge to the gelding and Omelene and a supplement called Master Mare and Foal (ADM) to the pregnant mare. I use it in small amounts. I'm a big hay and grass pusher.
  10. Self Vaccinating

    I would also do a combo flu/rhino/tetanus/sleeping sickness. Tetanus for sure. I give my guys the combo vaccine, west nile, and the vet comes out to do rabies.You can find out what is appropriate for the area that you live as well. Depending on the brand, I think some will vary, but most are either IM (intramuscular) in the muscle of the neck or the hindquarter. I almost always give ours in the neck and have never had an issue, though you can give one on either side, so that if there is an injection site reaction, you know which one it was. As far as deworming, it should be fine to do at the same time. I would be more concerned about spreading out multiple vaccines than about deworming and vaccinating together. A probiotic/enzyme supplement would probably be of good use after you deworm to help restore the microflora in her gut, and get her started on the road to health. Good luck!
  11. A Few New Photos!

    I'm getting better after having them almost 5 years now lol. I grew up with Quarters and could probably understand the lines more at a glance still! The Command lines are nice in small amounts. They have pretty heads and are a little more refined, but too much and they seem to be too hot. I love foundation Morgans that still look like Morgans and not Saddlebreds. (No offense to Saddlebreds, just a different breed!) Lippits are bred to be as similar as possible to Justin Morgan, so there are some AWESOME ones! Mine are somewhere around 98% foundation. That's why I chose a high percentage foundation stud to breed Rain to. I'd love to see pictures of yours!
  12. A Few New Photos!

    Thank you Jubal! They have the same sire, who has some Command/Mad River Sailor blood through his father. Rio is more western working than Rain, who has a lot of trotting blood on her dam's side. She has Deerfield Challenger and Trophy on her dam's side. Here are their peds: Knight's ped: We were out having some fun this morning :)
  13. A Few New Photos!

    It's been a while since I've gotten any good photos of my babies. No one is ever around when I want to get pictures lol. And my phone is piece of stoneage *fill in the blank* but here are some new pics I snapped in the last month. They've grown up! Rio and I out for an evening trail ride. He'll be turning 5 in July. This is his "ER MY GARD! KOWS!" face. You would think living with cows for 8 months would have helped. Nope. Rain, Rio's half sister, who for the first month of her pregnancy was quite opinionated. She's mellowed out now, but you can see here that she would like to teach that grass a lesson! And for anyone who didn't see the post in Breeding, here's her ultrasound and our baby! The dark blob on the left is the foal! I'm so excited for this foal! Rain is about 2 months pregnant and doing very well. She's back to being her sweet self after the first month went by. Baby daddy, Knight:
  14. Sad News

    Such a tough decision, you have all my sympathies! I recently euthanized my 26 yr old. He was still pretty sound, but mentally was starting to become a problem. My normal, sweet baby over his last year became MEAN... to horses and to people. I was so afraid that he was going to get hurt hurling himself after the other horses. I know the frustration that you feel with her temperament, though with your circumstances, she has always been this way. Only you know what is best. My first instinct would be to see if she adjusts once fully blind, but again, if she is going to hurt someone or herself, it may just not be worth it. There are a few questions I ask myself when I make this decision. (I've had to several times with rescue horses) Is it going to get better? Can I prevent further pain? Has he/she had a good life? I feel a sense of duty towards my horses. In a sad way it contributes to making the decision. I'm not going to push the problem onto someone else. I'd rather they were comfortable at home when it's done. I spend time with them, or turn them out on grass to do what they were born to do. Some of the horses I have gotten have never had that. I've had to put four horses down now, and I don't regret any of them. It tore my heart to pieces everytime, but it was the right thing to do and that makes it easier to live with. Someone asked me once why I put the horses with health issues down when they are having a good day. It's because I've seen the x-rays, the bloodwork, know the diagnosis. It's only going to get worse. I can prevent that pain with the knowledge that I have. I'm going to be darn sure that euthing is the only option, but I'm their caretaker and that's the last thing that I can give them... prevent the pain that I know is coming.
  15. New Beginnings! Hope For A 2014 Foal!

    Yes, all this excitement and now.... the wait. I'm going to have a quite extensive name list by the time he or she arrives!